Tuberculosis and hunt for victims. (1910 - 1920)

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Reel №1


Frightening spread of tuberculosis in Europe compels professionals to take urgent measures.

Scientists believe that insects, especially flies, are ranoschikami bacilli.

From the patient's pulmonary tuberculosis bacilli rasprostranyayutsya in the air by cough.

Labolatornye experiments with bacillus tuberculosis patient.

X-ray of the lung tuberculosis patient.

Tuberculosis is fully capable of hitting all of the human body and deformed limbs.

It is especially dangerous bone tuberculosis.

However, the most common form of the disease is tuberculosis, respiratory tract, leading to deformation of the human body


The titer of the need to combat tuberculosis.

A map of Europe.

Data on dead / country /.

The dynamics of tuberculosis from 1875 to 1914 g.

Dannye for 1914-1918., Indicating a sharp increase in the incidence of tuberculosis

Portrait of Robert Koch.

Tuberculosis bacillus under a microscope.

pathways tubercle bacilli in the human body, particularly the lungs, in the diagram.

Pulmonary Kavarna / Scheme /.

Model of lung of the patient.

Driving spread sticks sick man


Propagation of sticks derived from a patient in his saliva into the special broth.

The penetration rod in the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract, the lymph, blood and all organs / Scheme /.

Dummy brain afflicted with TB bacilli, models of kidney, larynx, spleen


Radiograph tubercular patient.


Patients and healthy bones.

The patient with pulmonary tuberculosis before the camera.

The chest of the patient and a healthy person

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Reel №2


Tuberculosis and physician detection of animal health.

The doctor taps the bronchi of the patient and listens through a stethoscope to his lungs.

Collected the saliva of the patient in vitro reagent white sent for laboratory testing.

Another way to determine the disease is X-ray.

There are also counseling centers and outpatient clinics where doctors perform routine inspections.

For detection of the disease is vaccination Pirke children in three places elbow.

Early identification of the disease helps to cure it as soon as possible.

For this there are special tuberculosis sanatorium in the mountains.

Patients treated with natural air there, take the natural oxygen baths, lying under the pine trees.

When treatment is also used artificial solar lamp Hanau.

There are children's tuberculosis sanatorium, which are treated as children with bone tuberculosis.

Leisure and outdoor games children


Penetration sticks in milk from a sick animal.

Milk store.

Sold by pouring milk.

You should always boil milk, including those obtained from healthy animals.

The need for strict adherence to purity.

Milker washes the cow, and then milks it.

Boil milk.

The need for compliance with particular caution when feeding infants


The need for compliance with the rules of personal hygiene and care when dealing with healthy people sick.

Sick in bed.

Prohibition slobber fingers while flipping pages.

In the picture: the girl slobbery fingers turning the pages.

Prohibition of spitting on the sidewalk.

In the picture: A child takes off shoes father's feet, where the patient's saliva tuberculosis


The need to fight for the purity.

A woman washes her hands.

Nedopustiost spreading scarves and other things patients.

The need to take sick individual rooms and necessarily separate bed and separate spittoons


The patient lies in bed.

The need to wash clothes patients only in hot water and the laundry separately from healthy individuals.

Women wash clothes children with handkerchiefs sick husband


The need for boiling clothes with tuberculosis.

The need for a complete disinfection of patient rooms.

The man washes the floor and walls of the room.

The need to disinfect linens and blankets.

Driving disinfection things fumigatory.

Sterilized items are removed from the chamber


The value of prevention of tuberculosis.

The need for content in the clean streets, the elimination of residential basements and attics.

Documentary footage of such dwellings.


Children playing in the trash



Games in the sun.

Healthy children in front of the camera.

The titer of the need for personal hygiene in conjunction with the "hygiene of the masses"

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Reel №3


Tuberculosis and healthy person.

How to prevent the disease.

Cases of tuberculosis infection by infectious milk cows.

Milk should be boiled thoroughly washed in clean containers.

Infection can occur from breast milk, and nursing mothers Cough and kisses from a patient with tuberculosis.

Do not use handkerchiefs patients.

TB patients must be completely isolated and toilet articles it should be purely personal.

TB patient Lingerie Wash strictly separate from the rest of the laundry.

In the room after the tuberculosis patient should be made fully disinfected and sanitized his bedclothes.

Contribute to the spread of tuberculosis infection devoid of light solneyanogo residence, musty rooms, underground dwellings, a crowd of people in a stuffy room, urban landfills.

But the fresh air, prevention and hygiene especially in institutions resist disease.

Crowds of children greeting waving at the camera and looking into the lens

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