The Train to the Revolution.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Mikosha V.

Script writers: Mikosha V., Firsova D., Moskovskiy P., Lytkin V., Semenov V.

Composers: Savelev G.


The film tells about the February Bourgeois Revolution in Russia in 1917.

The revolutionary events of 1917


Reel №1

Newsreel 1917:

In the First World War soldiers greet each other, learning about the February Revolution in Russia - different.

Operate military telegraph and telephone operators, passing messages about the revolution in Russia.

Running a printing press to print the paper with the message of the February revolution.

Imperial army soldier reads a newspaper peasants.

In the streets people read newspapers with reports of the February revolution.

Photos of different population groups.

Portrait of Lenin and Krupskaya.


Zurich and the house where he lived in exile, Lenin.

Lake Zurich, view of the marina.

The streets of

Zurich, the city clock tower.

Newsreel 1917:

Popular jubilation in the streets of Petrograd and Moscow after the February Revolution, the abdication of the throne of Nicholas 2 and exit from the underground Bolshevik Party.

Are soldiers, workers with revolutionary slogans.

Soldiers removed from the home banner of "Supplier of the Imperial Household," break out of the prison window bars.

The funeral of the victims of the February Revolution in Petrograd at the Champ de Mars.

Mourners pass the money to help the families.

The members of the Provisional Government: Skobelev Guchkov Lions - and representatives of the St.

Petersburg Soviet of Workers 'and Soldiers' funerals.



Photo of Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich.

The members of the Provisional Government, Prince Lvov, Prime Minister Guchkov, Milyukov Rodzianko Kerensky.

Photos - Session of the Provisional Government in the Tauride Palace.

Photos - Foreign diplomats, including British Ambassador Byukenen, the Deputies in the Tauride Palace.


Byukenena daughter in the car at the Tauride Palace.

British congratulate Russian soldiers with the victory of the revolution.

The oath of allegiance to the revolutionary forces in the Provisional Government, the priests go for the oath ceremony.

Imperialist war invalids are on the Red Square, where the ceremony of the oath.

Reel №2

Photo Krupskaya.

Multrabota - Map of Europe with the designation of Imperial Germany, Russia, England and France.

Photos J. Armand, Kollontai, VA Karpinsky, J. Hanecki, Lenin.

Street of Zurich, Lake Zurich - LS. (From different angles).

PNRpo roofs of old houses.

Newsreel 1917. :

Moscow in the days after the February Revolution, the people on the streets, are soldiers, workers, and drives a cab driver, a tram with passengers.

The people on the streets of Petrograd, people read the leaflets, newspapers.

Pictures of people reading.

"Pravda" of March 23, 1917.

Published a letter from Lenin "The first phase of the Russian Revolution" (the first letter of the five "letters from afar", sent by Lenin from Switzerland).

Zurich streets, old houses, cobbled streets.


Steam train rides, rapidly spinning wheels of the train.

Passenger train enters a tunnel.

Landscapes of Switzerland (from the train).

The train passes through the city Tayigen, Gotmadingen.

Local people wave their hands, watching the train.

Photos supporters of Lenin, with whom he had secretly moved from Switzerland through Germany to Russia - Krupskaya, G. Usievicha, J. Armand, O. Ravitch, M. Goberman, E. Usievich, M. Tskhakaia, F. Platten.

Railway, train rushes.

Newsreel 1917:

Germany - a beggar on the street, playing the organ grinder, a woman with children sitting on the sidewalk, children play in a dirty yard line for bread.

Bread lines in Russia.

Passenger train arrives at the Berlin station in Berlin, the.

Deserted streets of Berlin in the days of the strike.

Bread lines in Germany and Russia.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

Footage World War 1 - the soldiers in the trenches.

Mobilization in different countries.

Trains with soldiers on the way.

Picture of Lenin.

Reel №3

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

World War 1: Due to an explosion in the front, the soldiers in the trenches, there comes the cavalry, shoot guns, go on the road wounded soldiers.

Priest (priest) blessed by soldiers before battle.

In the military office work bookkeeper.

Russian soldiers on amassing fraternal cemetery crosses for new graves.

The soldier is dead comrades, military field hospital in the dugout, to the hospital are wounded.

Train rides, scenery, taken from the train.

Photo of Lenin.

Soldiers in the trenches of rest, smoke, talk.

The soldier sitting against the wall of a ruined house.

Russian soldiers at the front to receive mail.

Soldiers inspect the clothes in search of lice.

Soldiers have dug feeding pigeons.

Signalers pull link.

Soldiers mint different things out of the cartridge shells.

In the ruined house soldiers playing the piano.

Russian soldiers dancing in the woods, playing leapfrog (freeze frame).

Shooting guns, the soldiers in the trenches during artobst RELA.

The soldiers are trying to raise the fallen horse, harnessed to a cart.

Fraternization Russian and German soldiers at the front.

Photo of Lenin.

Rails, open semaphore, train rides on TERRITORY Germany.

The manuscript of the "April Theses" of Lenin.

Manufacture of weapons and ammunition at different factories in different countries in the period 1914-1917gg.

Portraits arms suppliers Putilov, Krupp.

Gun on a railway platform.

The descent of a warship at a shipyard in England.

Warship (Dreadnought) in the sea.

Caravan of military ships at sea, a column of military vehicles on the road.

Soldiers at the front unload ammunition from the machine.

In a camp bakery baked bread loaf slices officer, gives its soldiers.

Refugees with children on the roads in different countries.

The child asks the mother has.

In the city, children are taught to use a gas mask.

Children in uniform in order.

The Queen bypass the female soldiers.

German general bypass the old, was drafted.

Presents awards for valor widows of soldiers and officers.

Absent other wedding groom, located at the front (France).

Disabled veterans weave baskets, sewing boots, armless disabilities dig.

England - A woman riding an elephant plow the land, the elephant pushes the car to the wood.

Turn to the pawnshop.

Boarding the train of refugees, the soldiers at the hands of the transfer of elderly women.

Ashes and ruins in various countries.

Reel №4

Landscapes of Germany (from the train).

Passenger train on the way.

German port of Sassnitz.

Trains at the port.

Passengers at the port.

Loaded on a train ferry "Queen Victoria".

Captain gives the signal for departure, the ferry into the sea.

Partee seagull in the sky, the passengers on the deck during the voyage, the captain of the ship on deck.

Lighthouse and pier Trolleborg Swedish port.

Ferry "Queen Victoria" is a port.

Passengers on the deck of a rest, read newspapers.

Photos Ya Ganetsky and head left Social Democrats, the

Malmo O. Grimlund journalist, whom Lenin had met during the journey from Shvetsarii to Russia in March-April 1917.

Port Trolleborg - embankment building.

Landscapes in Sweden (with the train).

Windmill in the field.


Malmö - a monument, Adolf Square.

House, where to stay and met with the local Social Democrats, Lenin.

Passers-by and children in the streets and squares.

The restaurant "Savoy" in which Lenin met with the Swedes.

Empty room of the restaurant, dishes of silver.

Old buildings, the clock tower in Malmo, Station (departure) passenger train on the way.

Lenin speaks with American journalist Eyre.

Revolutionary F. Platten in the train on the way to Russia in 1918.

O. Grimlund a train - in a compartment in the corridor.

Spring landscapes of Sweden, the passenger train arrives to Stockholm.

Passengers out of cars.



Stockholm newspaper "Politiken" on April 14, 1917.

A portrait of Lenin in the newspaper.

Photo - Swedes read the newspaper.

The text of the memorandum J.

Byukonena, in which he writes about Lenin and the relation to it the German government.

Photo by J.


French Ambassador to Russia M. Palaeologus, who wrote a memorandum about Lenin.

The clock on the City Hall in Stockholm, the platform of a train station is suitable.

Photo - "spies" await the arrival of the train.

Passengers descend from the train station square.

On the platform are greeters Lenin Swedish Social Democrats - Mayor Lindhagen, editor of the newspaper "Politiken" Carleson, writers Nerman T. and F. Strom, etc.

Photo of Lenin and his companions on the trip - O. Ravitch, Krupskaya, M. Tskhakaia, J. Armand.

Photo - Lenin and others pass by vokzhala to the hotel "Regina".

Photographers and cameramen shoot meeting Lenin in Stockholm.

Photographer V. Malmström, who shot Lenin.

Hotel "Regina", photo numbers.

Pictures Nerman, Lindhagen, Carleson, that Lenin held a meeting in Stockholm and signed a joint communique.

The newspaper "Politiken" with the text of the joint communiqué.

Reel №5


Photo Hotel "Regina", which stayed Lenin.

The building of the Russian Consulate in Stockholm.

Russian refugees distribute food in the courtyard of the consulate.

Streets and buildings in Stockholm, shops, people on the streets.

Photos "spies" who followed Lenin during his stay in Stockholm.

Photo of Baron Palmstierna, wrote in his diary information on the killing of Lenin when moving them abroad to Russia.

The train departs from Stockholm station.

Photos of Mr.


Photo of Lenin with the autograph.

Border post on the border with Russia.

Bridge over the River Tornio, connecting Finnish and Swedish coast.

Customs on the bank of the river.

Russian soldiers with disabilities cross the bridge to Russia, convoys going across the bridge (this bridge Lenin in 1917, crossed the borders of Russia).

Customs in

Tornio, owned then Russia.

Train rides, children run along the railway.

Train rides.

Photos Krupskaya, G. Usievicha, J. Armand, O. Ravitch, M. Gober mana Usievich E., M. Tskhakaia - CU.

Russian newspaper "Pravda" and the other in March 1917.

Fotogografii members of the Provisional Government.

Newsreel 1914-1918.:

The fighting of the First World War - the bombs fall, sinking an American ship off the balloon, people jump into the water from a sinking ship off the plane, a gas explosion, gun.

Play fanfaristy drummers.

Lying dead soldiers.

The ruins of the city.

Footage and photos - trumpet locomotive, train rides, the soldiers in the trenches, Close-ups of soldiers, peasants, demonstrations in various cities of the February revolution.

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