shunting service. (1920 - 1929)

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The difference from the shunting service obchno way: 1.Manevrovye compositions do not have tail signals 2.Strelki are not fixed and are freely mobile state; 3.Vagony connected only one hitch.

Example shunting movements.

Start of maneuver, maneuver end: cars fuel delivery to the place of storage to the place of formation of trains

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Germany, Railway

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Repair work.

Loading cars.

Lokomotiv takes away part.

Shunting slide.

The car is lowered from a hill.

Classes for shunting service.



Tests listeners.


Setting the brake shoe

Key words

Germany, maintenance work, railroad, professional education

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car braking.

Railway workers have cars.

They are trying to move the car.

Head shunting.

He raspedelyaet their subordinates at work.

Head supervises staff.

Fragments of putting listeners exams

Key words

Germany, railway workers

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The dismantling of the train.

Directions disbandment shown in the diagram.

Work maneuverable locomotive.

Lokomotiv distributes cars in directions

Key words

Germany, Railway

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Disbanding train / extension /.

The cars are distributed in different directions.

Formation and trains reformation.

Cars from different directions are displayed on the locomotive shunting path for the formation of the composition.

Work with arrows maneuvers / Scheme /.

The lack of secure arrows.

The car moves with the help of a crane.

The cars in the depot

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Germany, Railway, exercises, equipment baht

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Shunting working on the tracks.

Reminder to read instruktsiyayu on the prevention of accidents when shunting / 1925 /, as well as a book hand signals.

Working hand transmits signals of different type


Meaning shunting service and its objectives.

Disbanding train /sm.5-yu h ./, reformation train /sm.5-yu h. /.

Work shunting passing exams.



Safety rules for shunting not run across the road in front of a moving structure, do not walk between the rails, do not climb on the roof of the car, do not jump on the train, do not crawl under the cars


Work on the exam.

Reminder that osuschetsvlyayutsya maneuvers only under the supervision of the Chief Responsibility face-agile service


Illustration of safety rules violations.

The chief gives instructions shunting work.

Work on a special trolley moves the carriage.

Move the car with the help of a horse.

Indication of error in the production of these works

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Work distribution slides.

Illustration of the diagram / top view and side /.

The cars go down the hills and spread over the relevant areas


Location staff during maneuvers with the distribution slide


car type that can not be down the hill.

Work does by appropriate marking.

Uncoupled from carriage composition.

Job slides / paper frame /.

The cars come down the hill and spread in different directions.

Reminder of the need to comply with regulations.

Tasks shunting staff

Key words

Germany, Railway Germany, Railway, maneuvers Germany, railway workers, maneuvers