Emperor Nicholas II's visit to Helsinki on February 25. (1915)

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Operators: Oskar Lindelyof, Oscar Lindelof

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Russian empire.

Grand Duchy of Finland, Helsinki, February 25 / March 10, 1915. PNRM .: near the train station on the square are vehicles of His Imperial Majesty's garage.

Nearby are the drivers.

Passes Police Officer Nikiforov.

To him comes the chief of police A. Malmgren.

In the foreground - the car (shooting through the glass of the car).

Entrance Station.

In steps is the Minister of Marine, Admiral IK Grigorovich, talking with a naval officer, sits in a car drove up, he went.

In steps down officials, it gives the honor guard of His Imperial Majesty's convoy.

In steps down a group of naval officers.

Past the entrance of passing cars.

According to the chief steps down military camp office of Major General Prince Orlov.

Beside him down Baltic Fleet Commander NO Essen, salutes Cossacks Convoy.

The car at the entrance to the station.

Around the car are officials Formation persons naval officers.

From the entrance goes Emperor Nicholas II accompanied by Secretary of the Navy Admiral IK Grigorovich, chief Marshal PK Count Benkendorf, military persons and suites.

Among them, the commander of the 6th Army general of artillery KP Van der Fleet (with a gray beard).

Emperor Nicholas II and the Chief Marshal Earl PK Benkendorf sit in the car, the car drives off.

Past standing at the entrance to the officials, individual suites, military vehicles passing of His Imperial Majesty's garage.

The stairs descend suites face war.

Among them, the Life-surgeon SP Fedorov, Major General DN Dubno.

Pass along the facing rows of deputations from schools.

The staircase descends Emperor Nicholas II in naval uniform, accompanied by Chief Earl Marshal PK Benkendorf, suites and military officials.

At the forefront Colonel with a camera in hand and a photojournalist, shooting lead.

Emperor Nicholas II and the Chief Marshal Earl PK Benkendorf sit in the car, the car drives off.

Emperor Nicholas II was accompanied by a retinue of persons and war emerges from the Lutheran Cathedral of St.

Nicholas sits in the car with him sits Chief Marshal Earl PK Benkendorf, the car drives off.

Imperial cortege of cars passing by standing on the street townspeople, soldiers, students of educational institutions.

One can see the ships of the Baltic Fleet, at Helsingfors standing raid.

The station building.

On the steps are officers with cameras.

From the entrance goes Emperor Nicholas II in the retinue of persons.

Present Minister of the Navy, Admiral IK Grigorovich.

The officers salute.

Among them, a white armband Life-surgeon SP Fedorov.

At the gates of the mansion are police officers, citizens.

Police officer salutes to passing vehicles imperial cortege.

The last car in the back seat sitting comrade Interior Minister and Commander of the Special Corps of Gendarmes, Major General VF Dzhunkovsky, gesturing.

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Russian Empire, Finland, Grand Duchy of Finland, in 1915, the government, celebrities, police, navy, army, convoy, road transport, photo art