Life in Moscow and in the village. (1913)

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Reel №1


Theater square.


Panorama of the Theatre square from left to right.

Grand theatre,Department store "Muir and merilis" /cum"/ a Small theatre.

Across the square tram rides,ride sleigh.


Panorama from right to left: the Trinity tower, the Kremlin, the Kutafya tower, the Aleksandrovsky garden.



Iberian gate.

Chapel, to drive her sleigh.


Spasskaya tower,St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Red square,Historical Museum.

Iberian gate.

Panorama of the Kremlin wall, the Spasskaya tower.

Spassky gate.

In the Kremlin travel to and sleigh.


Basil's Cathedral.

Panorama left on the building of Gum


A stone bridge.

Pan left to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior

General view of the Kremlin from right to left.

The policeman on the street.

Shop "Brew water".


Bird series.

Children,sellers,buyers /a lot of white spots/.


On the counter and the shelves of many samovars of different types.

The peasant ranks.


Goes good with a bag.

Trade of products.


Farmers plow horses.

The farmer pours. scoop water into the troughs for the cattle.

Cows drink..

Horses come to drink.

Apple picking with the help of special gear poles with baskets on the end.

A group of boys carrying baskets of apples and poured into the piles.

Planting Apple trees and watering.

The women sit on the field and weave ropes from straw,turning them into balls.

The owner looks after the work.

Girls with rakes are.

Dragging collapsed tangles of cords, and cast into a heap.

Loading the sheaves onto the wagon.

Carry on thrashing,to lay into the grinder,the shovel straw.

Men loading bags of grain onto the wagon.

Take away the straw.

Stacking straw.

Treatment of the wound on the foot of a man.

The young lady is a nurse.

The doctor looks at the teeth of a man.

Miss with two young master and two dogs.

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