Monthly Chronicle. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1

USA. Demonstration at Madison Garden in Washington on the occasion of the anniversary.

The riots, police intervention.

Inaugural Meeting of the President delivers a speech.

Attempt Jew Grünbaum on the president.

Police arrested Grjunbauma.

Mountainous landscape in Bavaria.

On snow-covered trails workers with sledge rise to the place of harvesting.

There they are clearing the snow, take away timber, ship logs.


Many monkeys.

Visitors throw them pretzels.

Some monkeys jump them into the pond.

Island Dresson.

Lighthouse standing in the sea linked to the mainland by cable car.

The airfield near Rome.

Competitions in airmanship.

One part of the Japanese Air Force.

Aircraft on takeoff.

Bombs place Shang-Dinh

Key words

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Reel №2

German soldiers on the streets of one of the Czech cities.

Military parade.

Population welcomes participating in the parade.

The Nazi flag over the city fortress.

Hitler with the citizens of Czechoslovakia.

In Prague, Hitler went to the town hall.

The population welcomed it.

Hitler with German soldiers.

The first parade of German troops in Prague.

It contains high-ranking Czech person.

Aircraft over the city.

Hitler arriving by train to Berlin.

He met Goering and Goebbels.

Hitler listens to a speech Goering.

Evening Berlin.

Fireworks over the city.

Hitler in an open car.

Crowds greet him.

Hitler on the balcony next to Goering.

Below - the raging crowd

Key words

Germany, Hitler, the soldiers, the parade, gos.simvoly, Czechoslovakia, gos.deyateli

Reel №3

Spain Madrid.

Hunger in the city.

Empty trenches, bunkers, ruins.

The members of the liberation organization.

White flags on balconies of houses Madrid.

Franco's troops.

The walls painted oprtret Franco.

National flags.


The people welcomed the liberators.

The fourth German warship "Tirpitz" on the stocks.

Shipyard, port.

Welding an "Tirpitz".

Launching: festive rally Orchestra.

Hitler comes to take the ship.

Voskhoditna festively decorated podium.

Admiral Hassel.

The ship is coming off the stocks.

View of the ship from different points of the port.

View shipyard.


Key words

Spain, the war, Franco, ruins, famine, gos.simvoly, Navy, plant, port, rally

Reel №4


The destroyer, the team on deck.

Caravan of small boats.

On the ground - Hitler and his entourage.

He arrives at the "Sharhorts" before the sailors systems.

In the town of Wilhelmshaven on board a small ship appears comfortable Hitler, he was talking with the passengers.

Include Darlington competitions on board, dancing.

Past the ship floats submarine.

Borough Hellgoland.

Holiday House.

Hitler zdorovyvaetsya hand with the locals.

On board the ship restaurant, lounge, library, a dance hall, an orchestra.

The ships go by "Robert Ley", Hitler greets him

Key words

Germany, Hitler, Navy, vacation, dancing

Reel №5


Heinz Castle have invented many years ago the aircraft.

He sits in the suspension seat and the plane takes off.

The audience enthusiastically watching.

Horst Wessel.

Airplane doing a pirouette.

Air parade.

The soldiers watched the plane in the sky.

Take off the bombers.

The fighters in the sky.

On the airfield anti-aircraft guns.

The aim on the ground struck.


USA. Major Gestring - athlete in diving.


Sharks, dolphins.

Underwater giant tortoise.

United States, Chicago.

Fire Giant square granary.

Crumbling walls.

Spain Madrid.

Login Franco in the capital.

Franco and Haldane / Minister of Foreign Affairs / on the podium.

The parade of 250,000 people.

German and Italian military units are also involved.

Marching sailors

Key words

Germany, hits, personalities, Air Force troops, the United States, sports, sea animals, fire, Spain, gos.deyateli, personalities

Reel №6

Military parade on the podium Franco demonstration of military equipment.

Aircraft over the city.

For the signing of the German-Italian agreement in Berlin comes the Italian Minister Granchino.

He is met by Ribbentrop, was built honor guard.

Ulitstsy decorated fascist Standart.

Hitler Youth.

The motorcade turns on Unter den Linden.

Granchino lays a wreath at the monument to fallen German soldiers at the memorial on the Unter den Linden.


Parade in honor of the Italian miinstra.

A military band.

The girls of the Hitler Youth.

Children welcome Granchino.

For Granchino signing the contract is sent to the Reich Chancellery.

Before signing the Hitler appears in the hall.

He is present at the signing of the contract.

Hitler and Granchino on the balcony in front of cheering crowds, near Goring

Key words

Spain, Franco, parade, Germany, Hitler, gos.deyateli, gos.akt, monuments, the laying of wreaths, Hitler Youth, Children

Reel №7


Construction of a highway in a mountainous area.


Working with picks apart the blockage, construct a wall that protects the motorway from avalanches.

Construct a tunnel.

USA. In the town of Kopin River miners' strike.

The authorities have resorted to the help of the military, which forced workers to work.

Holiday homes, motels and shelters.

Summer camp of the Hitler Youth in Carinthia.

Leisure teenagers running race.

Military exercises: boys scout the area, officers led by the teachings.

Study attack, battle, melee on the field.

France Paris.

Eiffel Tower.

French President to the podium.

The military parade, which is attended by troops of the French colonies, and British troops.

Parade in the air.

Go soldiers of the Foreign Legion.

England London.

Demonstration in support of the policy of the British government propagandyyy

Key words

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Reel №8

Tank units go on teaching.

Loading powerful tanks on trucks and transfer them to the place of exercise.

Out on the combat position.

Italian minister Granchino arrives in Barcelona, ​​the population welcomed it.

Granchino travels to San Sebastiano place to negotiate with Franco.


Folk Festival in the town Shophayde.


Participants in national costumes.

Young people having fun, dancing, singing.

Goering bring beer.

Spain, bullfights.

Bull rushes to the podium, the audience flees in horror.

On the field a lot of people, all teased the bull.

Harvested hay mowers.

Competitions in swimming in the outdoor pool.

High-board diving

Key words

Spain, personalities, military equipment, gos.deyateli, dances, festivals, sports