Footage №31333 (1940-1949)

Footage №67708, 2 parts, duration: 0:20:05, black-white

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Visiting King warship

Parade at the stadium.

Sports horse winner with the cup.

Firefighters on the machines.

Dancing with swords, dancing in costumes, masks


Arrival by plane high-ranking family



Soldiers rush on motorcycles.

Houses in the water, a fence.



Travel on the street car with government officials.

Visit children's home



Women in traditional dress, the crowd

On the chairs sat a woman in a black dress.

The banner with a swastika.

Carry a coffin.

Speeches from farewell.




The coffin was carried in her arms, loaded into the machine.

The car rides a formation of soldiers.

Eternal fire bowl.

They carry a coffin mounted on a pedestal.

In the background flag with a swastika.

Wreath with ribbon: Adolf Hitler.

Awards on a cushion.

Soldiers on guard

Boat at sea.

A few people fishing on Spinning

Key words

Turkey, Navy, monarchs, visit
Parade, stadium, sports, animals, pets, fire, fun, carnival
Holland, aviation, family, Gos.deyateli
Holland, flood, plant, soldiers, vehicles
Germany, Gos.deyateli, shelter, children
Parade, warlords, women
Women in mourning, funerals, wreath-laying ceremony, fascists, Gos.simvolika, eternal fire, reward soldiers
Sea water transport, fishing

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Radio masts, radio in homes, coffee shops, at work,

Field with bread stacks.


Statesmen in front of the reporters.


The crowd in the street.

Pulls car.

Police officers on horseback.

Listen to the radio.


Demonstrators with banners


Arrows surround France.


Workers listen to the radio


Soldiers near the monument.

Triumphal Arch.

Eternal flame.

Soldiers crosses on cemetery

Battle position shooting.

Destroyed buildings.

Ubitye.mogilnye crosses.


Dead soldiers in the ditch.

The troops with cannons, cavalry



Triumphal Arch.

French flag

Military at the map to discuss a plan of action.


Tankers run the machines.

The officer received orders from headquarters.

The wireless operator puts on a map marks

On position.

The officer monitors, shouting through a megaphone.

A gun

The officer explains the effect of the projectile young fighters.

They charge the gun muzzle.

One looks through the periscope.

Trays shells.

Multskhema projectile effect on aircraft

Multskhema projectile effect on the aircraft.


The guns open fire.


Karat, applied arrow out of the place

Blow up the plane.

The soldier with the report goes to the wheelhouse.

Radioman deals arrow on map

Key words

Radio, population
Agriculture, Food
Gos.deyateli, press, radio
The population, the police, the demonstration, radio, Gos.simvolika
France, port workers, radio
The soldiers, the monuments, the eternal fire, cemetery
France, war, destruction, radio, fortifications, troops, weapons, cavalry
France, soldiers, Gos.simvolika
War, troops, tanks, natural phenomena, and captains, communication
War, generals, soldiers, weapons
Military leaders, war, soldiers, weapons
War, weapons, soldiers
War, aircraft, explosion, communication, soldiers

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