Footage №31415 (1940-1949)

Footage №67736, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:46, black-white

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Cultural relations with the Soviet Union.

Posters on the demonstration of Soviet films, sale of Soviet book, on the cover of Lenin and Stalin portraits


The funeral of a statesman


A man sitting at the table, made a speech.


Radio station.

The family at the dinner table listening to it on the radio

The soldiers dragged the gun through the mud, slush.

Imports include it in the bunker, the mouth of the gun, looking out of the bunker.



The destruction after the explosions, bombings.

Frustrated by tram.

Men sweep out the trash.

The pit from explosions


Competitions on camels.

The spectators in the stands watching of binoculars, take pictures.

Competitors with numbers on his chest.

Go race.

The winner of the jumps on the camel's back.

Bulletin boards where fixed number of the winning camel

Key words

Spain, culture, literature, photo, Lenin, Stalin,
Egypt, funeral Gos.deyateli
Family Radio
Soldiers, weapons, natural phenomena
France, war, destruction, urban transport, explosion, landscaping
Egypt, sports, animals

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


Fishermen catch fish nets on two large boats




Combat ships at sea.

Planes are flying over the city, over the sea.

Three smoke trail from the aircraft


Winter town.

The street going luge, sled painted.

Begin competition luge carried away on horseback


Championship Gymnastics.

Athletes perform on the massive exercise.

The audience, girls in national costumes


Diver in goromozdkom suit down on the water.

Then it rises to the top

The infirmary in the desert.

Tents with a red cross.

aircraft raids explosions of the tents popping up and people rush in all directions.

Rush ambulances.

Plaque is terminated, all returned to the tent.


The minaret converted into a hospital, traces of destruction by bombing.

At a Muslim mosque traces of bullets.

Women stand in a long dress

Key words

Japan, fisheries, transport, water
Circus, sport
England, Navy, Air Force, Sea
Holland, natural phenomena, sports, animals, pets
France, sports, women, youth
Navy, Sea, divers
Desert, war, medicine, injured, Air Force
Temple, medicine, destruction, war, women

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