The Austrian Emperor Charles (1910-1919)

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Reel №1

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The wedding of Emperor Charles.


General appearance.

The arrival of the train.

Officers, civilians face.

Prince Charles with his bride.

Carl on the balcony of the residence.

Day sveiby 21 Oct 1911. Boys.

The procession of officers and soldiers.

The Prince of Parma and of don Jaime of Bourbon.

Ladies, children.

Archduchess Valeria Gisela, Blanca.

Approaching vehicles.


Civilians face.

Kaiser at the wedding of Archduke Charles.

The elderly Franz Joseph talks with ladies of the court.

Franz Iosif with the bride of Charles.

The couple of newlyweds.

After the wedding on the terrace.

Carl and his wife.


Carl looks through binoculars at the mountainous landscape.

Carl talks to soldiers of the Dragoon regiment in Brandice.

Karl on horseback.

Karl prays for success of his troops.

Karl and the officers on deck.

The Imperial couple in Gyongyos.

Carl talks to youth.

Carl with his wife in Vorarlberg.

They welcome girls.

Carl and his wife in Krakow

Key words

Austria-Hungary, sovereigns, personalities, marriage, armies, mountains, young people, military leaders, women, railway

Reel №2

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The Liberation Of Czernowitz.

Kaiser salute the residents of the city.

Car in flowers.

Carl gets out of the car.

The burgomaster of Czernowitz delivers a welcoming speech.

Girl presents flowers to the Archduke.

Carl's car on the street in Czernowitz.

Carl voennyi watching the action through a telescope.

Karl in the city gerca.

Carl talking with the officers.

Karl on horseback.

Icebreaker messaging service officers.

Carl takes the salute of the guard of honor.

Carl awards officers.

The destroyed building.

Barricades in the streets.

Captured by the Italians

Key words

Austria-Hungary, the monarchy, the people of the State.figures, the population, warlords, rewarding, prisoners, destruction

Reel №3


Celebrations on the occasion of the coronation of Emperor 27.12.1916 g.

Torzhestvenny entry into Budapest.

The crowd on the steps of the cathedral.

Gathering invited.

Guests come from coaches and cars.

From the car leaves the emperor and his wife.

Royal insignia contribute to the cathedral of St.


Festively decorated streets.



The carriage with the symbols.

The ceremonial escort.


Coronation 30.12.1916.Kronprints with his wife and their attendants, seated on the coach.

Coaches passing through the streets.

The royal couple coming out of the carriage.

The archbishop and the emperor wearing a crown with a cross in his hand.

Archbishop reads the oath, Carl repeats it.

The archbishop and the emperor removed to the Cathedral

Key words

Austria-Hungary, the population, sovereigns, personalities, celebrations, transport, the Ministers, the Cathedral, the oath

Reel №4


Queen Zita and Emperor Charles after the coronation travel to the Royal castle.

Boarding the coach.

Coaches follow in the streets of Budapest.


The Bulgarian Tsar Ferdinand with the Queen.

A walk in the Royal castle.

Relatives and courtiers leave the Cathedral by Matthias and head to Trinity Church,where the Emperor must pronesti oath under the open sky.

The exit of the Church.


The Emperor/king of Hungary/ Karl in the crown of the head of the procession.

The portal of the Church of the Trinity.

Carl waiting for the arrival of the retinue.


The nobility.

Loyal demonstration.

Shooting from above.

The king at the head of the procession.

The procession goes through the bridge

Key words

Austria-Hungary, monarchs, personalities, transportation, church, festival, oath, military leaders, clergymen, Gos.simvolika demonstration

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