The German city No. 5448 (1920-1929)

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Map of Germany /1918/.

It occurs on the Rhine.

The ancient Church near Barringerite /HP century/.

General appearance.

The ancient streets Nderenergi.

Map of cities in the basin of the Rhine.

Changes in the map corresponds to the historical stages of development of Germany.

Map of the Rhenish principalities 1789 Map of the Prussian possessions.

Map of government districts /regierungsbezirk/ on the Rhine.

Map of Prussia 1866 Map of cities on the Rhine.

View of the Rhine river.

On the river floats boat.

In the background is the bridge.

Castle on the Rhine.

Residence of the Archbishop.

Interior view of the tower where you placed the shelter youth.

The landscape on the Rhine.


View of the city

Key words

Germany, river, attractions, church, bridge, pool, transportation, water, castle

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View of the city.


Tug pulling a barge.

The bridge over the river Moselle.

Views of the city.

Town hall /1789 y/.

The landscape in the river valley


Ancient castles,towns.

Processing of the vineyard on the hillside.

View of Traben-Trarbach.

Workers roll carts with wine barrels,carry them to the trucks.G.Oberlahnstein near Koblenz.

View of the city.

The husbandman cultivates the grapes.

Work in the vineyard.

View of the castle, ELTZ.

The area in CIMT.

The ancient houses.

The landscape around the city.


On the river ferry boat.

Along the shore is a train.

Divorce is a pontoon bridge.

Pass through the opening of the court.

The opening closed,on the bridge resumed movement

Key words

Germany, river, transportation, water, bridge, Church, attractions, plants, workers, mountain, railway

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Old stone bridge over the river Trier.

General view of the city of Trier.

North gate of the epoch of Roman rule.

Ancient ruins.

Ruins imperatorskih term/Palace/.

The archaeological excavations.

Discovered remains of ancient Roman statues.

School Irrele.

General appearance.


Children leave from the new school.

Children dancing in the square.

Distribution of gifts to children.

Children on the river Bank.

The Surroundings Of Gerolstein.


At the foot of the mountains at home.

The mountainous landscape.

View of the town of Manderscheid.

Mountain valley.

The lower and upper castles.

The River The Eifel.

The dam on the river.

On the river floats the boat.

Diagram of the dam

Key words

Germany, river, bridge, landmarks, school, kids, archeology, mountains, castle, transportation, water, monuments

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Ancient Roman buildings.

The Kurhaus with its Park.



Machine with tourists.

View of the city.

Spraying vineyards.

Workers sprayed the vineyard.


General appearance.

Map Of The Rhine.

The scheme of thresholds and waterworks.

River in the district of Loch.

The Church in Andernach.

View of the Siebengebirge hills /seven hills/.

The rock dragon.

The city of Bonn.

City University.

General appearance.

View of the city of Cologne.


Opera house.

Gate Hagelstein.

High-rise building.

One of the streets.


A view of the bridge from the top,the distance of Cologne Cathedral.

View of a tall building

Key words

Germany, attractions, cathedral, river, bridge, buildings, church, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, mountains, theater, plant workers

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Driving land Rhineland.

Data on land reclamation.

Celina near the town Veeoze.

Plowing the land.


Map of the Rhine.

The scheme works on strengthening the channel when Frederick William I / 1765-1785 /, as well as in subsequent years,

Key words

Germany, agriculture, river

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The scheme works to strengthen the Rhine shore.

The scheme of regulation of the water regime in 1 in.

The scheme of the Saar region and its roads.

Data on the work of the Bonn mining Department.

The history of the construction of the Cologne Cathedral in the charts.

The scheme of the unfinished Cathedral.G.Kaub on the Rhine.

General appearance.

Of the building.

A Monument To Blucher.

The scheme of the construction phases of Cologne Cathedral before the 1880 the expenditure on the construction of the Cathedral.

The scheme of the Cathedral.

The interior of the Cathedral

Key words

Germany, river, building, Cathedral, monuments

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Germany."Catchof" Aahana.

General appearance.

The pump room with mineral water.


The residence of the Prussian government.

Academy of fine arts.

The Landscapes Of The Lower Rhine.G.Zons.

General appearance.

The ancient walls of the tower.

Castle Moyland in Kleve,castle Haag near Geldern.

General appearance.



Ancient tower.


The court building.

Chapels"God's mercy".

The view of the river.

Under the bridge a barge.

Diagram of the Lower Rhine at the confluence of the Ruhr.

Changed the mouth of the Ruhr.

View of the Ruhr at the confluence into the Rhine.

Ships on the river.

The growth pattern of navigation.

Shipyard on Rare.

The court is not the river.

The tug with the barge.

Industrial landscapes of the Ruhr area.

Work on the press.

A powerful magnet.

Freight trains.

Industrial landscape in the district of saarbrücken.

View of the town hall.


At the monument there is some kind of ceremony.

Street,festively decorated with flags.

Holiday on the river Saar.



Key words

Germany, river, Gos.uchrezhdeniya, castle, church, water transport, household appliances, Gos.simvolika, festivals, monuments, shipyard

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