The truth and the right (1920-1929)

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The old man in a toga-the leader of the masons speaks to them about that world domination you can capture, promoting democracy, the"new" morality, supporting the Versailles diktat, inciting hatred between the different parts of Germany, undermining financial stability.

Agents of the Freemasons are giving instructions to "his people".

Financial chaos in Germany.

Inflation generated by borgovini and speculators.

The astronomical rise in prices.

Speculators on the stock exchange.

Luxury toilets give speculators.

In the caption, attacks on chademana promised life "in beauty and dignity."

New aristocrat in a luxurious bed.

The ball of the Nouveau riche speculators

Key words

Germany, propaganda, money, entertainment, personalities

Reel №2

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Demonstration of workers,trying to save the Fatherland.

He spoke, a lawyer of the winter,which requires the payment by the Reichsbank of their debts.

The workers listen to him.

The crowd supports the speaker.

Winter acts in the country.

Listeners golosui and podderjivaut winter.

A message about winter's claim against the Reichsbank.

Meeting the Imperial court.


The text of the document sent by masons to the judges.

The claim of winters ' was rejected by the judges-in the hands of mainosta.

People leave the courthouse.

Winter saulat that now the word of the people

Key words

Germany, the demonstration, the workers State.figures, personalities, banks, court

Reel №3

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Winter to pursue the "unknown enemy".

Winter in the chamber.

The trial of the winter on charges of fraud.

Prosecutor mocks the winter.

Winter orders to bring him a supply of money is a money machine - a million odnomernoi bills.

The Prosecutor demands the death penalty.

Lawyer - excuse, in order not to create martyrs.

Sentence: a year and three months in prison, 20 thousand stamps fine.

Winter is removed from the court building.

Winter in the car.

The arrest of the winter after the rejection of his appeal.

Workers, outraged by the verdict Winter.

Dicrete announces the closure of half of the company.

Working in the yard discuss this decision.

A group of workers headed by Wilhelm goes to the Director.

They need to call the "Savior" of winter.

Work asks: what made the party?

Caption: "socialist economy Boz again destroys Germany, no matter who is in power - the liberals or the radicals".

The message of the newspaper: winter released"

Key words

Germany, the court, personalities, media, workers, civil society organizations

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Picture of the ruin of the German people.

The recent confiscation of cattle from peasants.

The peasants in despair: the Bank took everything they have.

The farmer wants to kill himself.

Wife leads him to the priest.

Together they discuss the situation.

The priest says that the day will come when the hype of the people will come to an end.

Wife who died in the war asks for help.

She is denied.

She tells the children about what they throw on the street.

Germans abroad are going bankrupt, lose their savings

Key words

Germany, the peasants, clergy, women, children

Reel №5

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On the deck of the ship.

The man, a German woman tells of the loss of plantations in Bombay.

The captain of the ship requires women to exchange its existing impaired pounds per German mark.

She is accused of fraud.

At home.


Shelter for the homeless Germans.

People on the beds of straw.

Dying man.

This graph Bodner.

The woman, the widow of the deceased, the Countess asks help: in fact, on the advice of Count she put all your money in the bank.

Countess answers that the graph and family devastated.

Earl tells his sister that he took off his uniform of an officer of persecution and became an artist.

He complains about the persecution of the nobility.

Earl's sister asks him not to mess with the counter-revolutionaries, for now, "the saviors of the homeland called traitors, liars and warmongers."

Lawyer Winter reflects in search of an exit.

He leafs through the book

Key words

Germany, the crisis, water transport, unemployment, shelter

Reel №6

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Winter speaks at a rally in front of the Imperial court.

He calls to break the fetters requires you to put in the dock "genuine liars".

The conspirators Mason confer.

Secular living.

Plutocrats require the destruction of winter.

It is entrusted to no one the young man.

A young man arrives at the plant, where it occurs with another mosnum.

They decide to plant a bomb in the car of winter.

Their conversation listening to the old scavenger.

He goes to Carl Mueller-Trustee of the Union "Truth and right".

The old man talks about the upcoming pokuseni in winter.

The conspirators in the car, Mueller holds one of them.

Winter behind a Desk.

He receives a threatening note.

A meeting of the Masonic Lodge.

Young person-conspirator according to the ritual laid in a coffin

Key words

Germany, meeting, industry, State.figures, personalities, working

Reel №7

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Winter suggests that inflation created a dark international forces, " Masonic lodges, which are the Jews."

Masons confer.

Winter accuses Ministers and senior officials of belonging to Freemasonry.

The ceremony of the Freemasons.

The masons carried out of doors the coffin.

Raise the cover.

From the grave stands a young Mason is a terrorist.

The head of the order welcomes it.

Young Mason swears.

The head of the box puts him with his sword.

The young man wearing the garb with a hood.

Illustrations to the words of winter on the annexation.

A map of Germany which shows the cut out of the territory.

Destroyed industrial enterprises.

Winter talks about German customs.

A procession of people in traditional costumes, musicians.


Speculators on the stock exchange.

Fashion show - luxury plutocrats.

The need of the people: turn to the pawnshop.

People hand over their belongings.

Among the things is wedding dress.

A woman rushes into the water.

The commotion on the train: someone jumped

Key words

Germany, the crisis, the Jews, Gos.deyateli, personalities, industry, music, people, Exchange

Reel №8

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A young man faint from hunger.

The corpse of the drowned on the shore.


Winter says about the dominance of marches and processions.

The procession of the SPD,the procession of conservatives,a procession of Communists.

Winter says that marches and solemn feasts do not give bread.

Ignition in Oldenburg.

Rooms "volkischer Beobachter" with a message about the murder of the national socialists.

The indignation of the people: popular demonstrations.

Winter of the world and requires a popular referendum to establish the "dictatorship of reason".1926 year.

Demonstration against the Treaty of Versailles.

Thousands had gathered.

Winter delivers a speech demanding "bring back our old Germany".

Show the members of the "Steel helmet", the "Brigade Erhard","Ruthless"- the extreme right-wing militaristic organizations.

Winter continues it.

The audience applauded.

Slogan: "the People,the state system."

The dispersal of the Patriotic demonstrators "rot Front".1927 year.

Rally.pnrm. to sit in the hall.

The arrest of Dr. winter.

It is pulled from his own bed.

Three weeks later.

Winter gets the news of the death of his wife, Anna winter.

The prison in Bautzen.

Winter behind bars.

On the screen the question arises: "Who will save Germany?"

Key words

Germany, strike, demonstration, rally, people, personalities, prison, State.act, the press, propaganda, public organization

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