Horst Wessel. (1933)

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Reel №1


Photograph By H. Wessel.

The stormtroopers in the honor guard


The Funeral Of H. Wessel.

The removal of the body.

The removal of the wreaths.

Wreaths in the building.

Honorary exports.

A hearse.



Passers-by escorted the coffin, arms outstretched in a Nazi salute.


A hearse enters the cemetery.

The convoy attack.

The coffin removed from the hearse.

The coffin was carried stormtroopers.

The coffin is lowered into the grave


On 22 January 1933 At the grave of H. Wessel..

Hitler opens monument to Wessel.

Hitler in the cemetery.

Hitler and Goebbels among stormtroopers.


A memorial meeting.

Hitler speech.



The marching of stormtroopers in the street.

Wreaths on the grave.

Police on the street.

The passage of the storm troopers on the streets.

The crowd on the sidewalk.

The caption on the meaning of"activities" Wessel "new Germany"

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Reel №2


In the second part are cut-off from the first part / repetition of the same plans and frames /.

The GFF has similar material under the name "Horst Wessel's funeral in N 4954

Key words

Germany, the funeral, the Nazis