The world. (1920 - 1929)

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Reel №1

USA.Information about surface and population.

Scheme of "old and new" light.

The statement about the "community" of all American countries.

The representatives of the different races of the world

Key words

United States, non-governmental organizations

Reel №2

USA.Representatives of different races /continue/.

Mixed race.

The yellow race.

Scheme of division of the old world.

A brief history of the "world body".

The steppe and desert areas.

Fertile areas.

Scheme of the origin of cilivization in the oases.

Information about ancient cultures.

View of the pyramids in Egypt.

Ancient sculptures.

The territory of the Greco-Roman civilization.

The scheme of division of the Roman Empire.

In the diagram below:areas inhabited by Hittites,Jews,Phoenicians

Key words

USA, sculptures, nationality, culture, Jews

Reel №3

USA.Schematic maps of medieval Europe and Asia.

Movement of Europe and Asia.

The movement of various peoples in the diagram, /from ancient times to 34 ad/

Key words

USA, nationality

Reel №4

USA.The continuation of the scheme of movement of peoples from 34, to the middle ages.

Diagram of Christianity and Islam.

The diagram "spheres of influence" of Islam,Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

The scheme of movement of peoples before 1500, the Image of ancient buildings.


The facades of the cathedrals.

Church in Suceava /Romania/.

Wooden churches and structures in Eastern Europe

Key words

USA, nationality, religion, sculpture, Church, Cathedral

Reel №5

USA.Scheme of travel to the era of the "great geographical discoveries":Columbus,Vasco da Gama,A. Vespucci conquistadors.

Information about the industrial revolution.

Schematic illustrating the history of discoveries and inventions 1 in.

View of blast furnace ", Bolthole" in Vienna.

Hut in Slovakia in the Balkans and Siberia.

The scheme of the"heart world"of Europe,divided by the industrial West and the agrarian East

Key words

USA, science, travel, personalities

Reel №6

USA.The importance of Vienna as a centre of exchange between East and West /schema/.

The types of Austrian cities.

Credits about the convenience of geography.

The position of the vein,its value as a "Museum of individualities",center for the spread of Christianity and education.

Portraits of scientists and educators

Key words

USA, science, research

Reel №7

USA.The structure of the"world body".

In the diagram, the value of travel and exchange of information.

Data for English and Spanish speaking sector.

The scheme of concentration of the world's economic potential.

Portrait of a worker.

Captions about China and the value of Confucianism.

A Portrait Of Confucius.

The caption on the problems of India.

A Sculpture Of Buddha.

The credits on the proportions between races and cultures.

The scheme of distribution of the world's population civilizations.

Titles about racial and religious differences in China and India,illustrated with diagrams.

The caption on the distribution of the white race in the world.


Key words

USA, nationality, religion, culture, sculpture

Reel №8

USA.The continuation of a scheme on the distribution of the white race in the world.

Data on the distribution of peoples and Nations in Eastern and Western Europe.

Information about climate,natural conditions of Central Europe

Key words

USA, nationality, science

Reel №9

USA.Information about sotave of the population of the main Western European countries.


TTR on the importance of Vienna as a transport hub.

Communication scheme in Europe.

Map multiethnic region of the Banat/Romania/.

Map of industrial areas of Poland.

Caption on Central Europe as the "heart of mankind".

The caption on the significance of the League of Nations.

The caption on the significance of Vienna as the political center and the "bridge"between Eastern and Western Europe.

The Streets Of Vienna.

The titer of agricultural character of Eastern Europe.

Diagram of a typical Slovak house.

Its interior

Key words

USA, science, nationality, agriculture

Reel №10

USA.The view of the Slovak village.


The scheme of the Slovak home.

Home of the Eastern Slavs.

The titer of the penetration of the West"primitive cultural ideas of"Bolshevism."

The credits on posledstvijah world war 1.

The credits on the value of the "Institute of cultural studies"/1915/ and "cinema Institute" in Vienna/1918/,the so-called"Foundation for the practical activities",which are three faculties of the so-called"World University."

Call for support of "World University",composed of bourgeois of a number of countries to join the ranks of his "students" and making monetary contributions.

The conditions of membership.

The composition of the Central European Committee of the World University /scientists,artists,composers,statesmen of the bourgeois countries/

Key words

USA, population, science, research, farmers, film, art, State.figures