Young Europe No. 4 (1940-1945)

Footage №67887, 1 part, duration: 0:12:38, black-white

Reel №1

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Views of Tokyo, children run across the street.


Children are engaged in physical activity.


Military training of the Japanese youth.

The boys are moving in a circle, there are rows on the turnstile.

Stroy Teens in uniform,teaching the struggle for the banner.


Girls dancing folk dance in traditional costumes


Youth friendly Slovakia assists in the victory over the Bolsheviks.

The work of Slovak youth on the roads.

The boys are digging the ground, taking her in the car.


A non-commissioned officer, holder of the Iron cross, who arrived on vacation from the Eastern front, engaged with the kids skiing.

He arranges for its students race for "the Fox", which acts as himself.


Master carves wood shoes.

A knock at the door.

It comes to guys, congratulations on 91 years old.

The old master has nearly 400 customers.

When the Fatherland is in danger, he does not remain aloof.

Girls ' choir, the master giving a cake and flowers.


Hitler youth help adults on the railroad.

They are at the locomotive plant.

The guys in the shop, is the repair of the engine.

The guys at the engine, climb into the cab.

Fireman throws coal into the furnace.

The train on the way from the cockpit of the boys look happy.


German girls help women in caring for children.

Girls carry the stroller with the kids to the Park.


Competition girls swimming in the pool.

The record supports the swim.


Baltic sea.

Young people together with the fishermen out to sea.

The guys hoist the sails of boat.

The winch lifts the net, the fish on the deck.


Young people at work in the mine.

The descent in the cage down, going through the tunnel with shovels.

Drilling of coal, dump the coal onto the conveyor, trolley, carry.

Propaganda story about the need to do good for the country cases for example, a young seller of an antique shop.

He engaged in speculation of goods, shikuet in bars with the company, going to go relax.

The conductor holds him and puts a hammer in hand.

Work on the machines.

A young Nazi with an appeal to the audience that every work must be socially useful.

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