This Heavy Weight. (1969)

Documentary №6791, 2 parts, duration: 0:16:58, black-white
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Konovalov V.
Camera operators:Mikhaylov L.


About the the World Weightlifting Championship in Warsaw in 1969.

Temporary description:

Poland. Moments of the competition world and European championships, held in Warsaw. Soviet athletes V. Krischitin, V. Smetanin raise the bar in the arena. Soviet athlete, Olympic champion Boris Selitskii raises the bar. A. Zhabotinsky Soviet athlete trains before a performance; train athletes of various countries. Athletes from Poland, Japan, the United States, other countries are raising the bar in the arena. Awarding of winners of the championship.

Reel №1

Championship participants - MS.

Coach prepares Japanese heavyweight to enter the platform - MS.

Athletes make approaches to the bar - MS.

Bar on the platform - CU.

Athlete raises the bar (Rapid).

Viewers - MS., CU.

A little boy waving - CU.

The audience applauded - MS., LS.

Read the cameramen and photographers - MS., CU.

In the lightweight stands Soviet athlete Vladislav Krischishin: raises the bar - LS.

Takes post Soviet athlete Vladimir Smets - LS.

Pole Walter Sholtysek takes weight, another failed attempt - MS.

Rewarding athletes on the podium at the 1st and 2nd places, Soviet athletes.

Soviet athletes Ian Talte Boris Semitsky - winner of the Olympic Games in Mexico City - PRN, MS.

B. Selitsky raises the bar - MS. (Rapid).

Japanese athlete sits Outi.

Outi snatch takes the bar - MS.

B. Selitsky takes no weight in the two approaches.

Japanese athlete Outi congratulate the victory - MS.

Competing athletes second heavy weight.

Leonid Zhabotinsky takes weight, American Joseph Dube wins the bench in LA Jabotinsky 15.5 kg, L. Jabotinsky is trying to close the gap, but the weight does not take.

Soviet weightlifter Stanislav Batishchev snatch takes post.

S. Batishcheva awarded a gold medal.

American J. Dube raises the bar.

In the locker room sitting captain of Poland, the world record holder in the lightweight Waldemar Bazhanovsky - MS., CU.

B. Bazhanovsky raises the bar several times.

Bazhanovskomu allow to breathe ammonia.

Girls in the audience applauded vigorously athlete.

Awarding of winners: 1 st place - B. Bazhanovsky.

Spectators sing in the hall.

Soviet athlete Viktor Kurentsov to warm up - MS., Impact, departure.

Judge - CU.

Seven-time world champion, PhD Arkady Vorobyov V. Kurentsov accompanies the platform - MS.

Victor takes three Kurentsov post.

Ian Malta from Estonia prepares for performance

World record in triathlon in the first heavyweight champion Robert Bednarski (USA) signs autographs before a performance, practice.

Victor says Kurentsov upcoming fight with Talts Bednarski (synchronous) - MS.

Reel №2

The fight between the athletes of the first heavy weight Talts Ian and Robert Bednarski (USA) - bench press, snatch, jerk.

Jan Talts three times coming to the bar.

R. Bednarski-goal in the third approach does not leave.

The president of the Weightlifting Federation American Clarence Johnson authorizes Bednarski fourth crediting approach in which he raises the bar, but do not lock it.

The judges argue.

Spectators argue.

R. Bednarski welcomes visitors - LS., MS.

Rewarding Ian Talts that appellate judges declared the World Champion.

R. Bednarski award (2nd place), V. Kurentsov (third place).

Rod - CU.

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