Train A. P. E (1942)

Documentary №67945, 3 parts, black-white
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Reel №1


Documentary about a train fascist organization APE / Help, propaganda, army / on which gifts were delivered to the Italian soldiers at the eastern front.

Receding into the distance rails.

There is a train.

Parcels for the soldiers and their contents: bags, bottles and cigarettes.

Packing parcels on the base.

Women stacked packages.

Teens on the packaging of parcels.

Off to the train station, the crowd with placards and slogans.

Departure of the train from Milan.

Border station Brenner.

The population welcomed the train.

Secretary of the Fascist Party Vidussoni embraces boy from the crowd, smiling.

Soldier waving from the train window.

The soldier typing in the car.

Outside the window flashed landscapes of Germany and Poland

The station building at Brest-Litovsk.

Past APE train passes a military compound with the soldiers.

Jewish woman sweep the station, remove debris from the tracks.

Go to the platform trucks and soldiers.

Baranovichi Station.

On the platform are German soldiers with the dog.

German officers and nurses go to the train APE. Nurses and soldiers train together sing the popular song "Lili Marleen".

Sisters distribute water to the soldiers.

Soldiers with accordions accompany singing.

Pass the Italian officers.

Those singing soldiers.

The train moves on.

Outside, the Belarusian village field.

Soldiers in the car playing checkers.

Minsk Train Station.

On the platform are Vidussoni officers

Key words

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USSR, railway, civil society organizations, women, Jews, and captains, pets, medicine, music, musical instruments, entertainment, fascists, 2 World War

Reel №2

Past the ruined building is a cart with two men at the curb are car.

The soldiers are prisoners.

Ruins of houses on the outskirts of the city.

The train goes on.

Stantsiya Pukhovichi.

German soldiers on the station.

The fence are the locals, teenagers, all barefoot.

The faces of the people.

Two women carry on trolley bag.

Village houses, drove truck.

The guys on the street, the girl pours out the water column.

Residents in line for milk. pnrm. through the village

Train hits the road.

Again flashed the village.

Dropped a rail train, a comment on the actions of the guerrillas.

Railway bridge over the river Berezina, the speaker mentions in connection with that of Napoleon.

P OESD rides to Gomel.

Station, trains on the tracks.

Oil tankers.

In the courtyard of the haystack. pnrm. the ruins along the road.

Local residents watch the train.

The overturned locomotive.

The train continues the path.

Glimpses of scenery, stations, wagon train on horseback.

NDP. at the station "Birch".

On the train, plane flies


Arrival to Kharkiv.pnrm. the city from the train.



Women traders with baskets on the steps of the house,past the German soldiers.


At home,a cafeteria,a grocery.

Go women,the old woman with the units and baskets.pnrm. the city from the river.

The view of the Kharkiv tractor plant,the remaining the back.

The train on the way,glimpses of the Ukrainian village.

NDP.on the station building"Sobinka"


Meeting the train by representatives of the Italian command,General, Garibaldi.

A guard of honor.

Unloading parcels,load them into the trucks.

Hospital for Italian soldiers.

Vidushi with accompanying persons visited the wounded in the wards,handing out parcels.

The wounded open their gifts


Vidushi flying the aircraft in combat units.

The views from the plane: river,bridge.

Industrial landscape of the Donbas town.


Vidushi jumping out of an airplane.

He is in the Italian part,smiling,joking,throwing the soldiers of the parcel.

A visit to another hospital.

Photo of Il Duce on the table near the wounded man.

Pictures of soldiers

Key words

Soviet War 2 world, the destruction of the city, peasants, soldiers, railway, children, prisoners, women, people
Soviet War 2 World, railway, soldiers, bridge, river, peasants, the Air Force
Italy, Ukraine, World War 2, the railroad, the city, the people, women, trade, elderly
Italy, the railroad, the wounded soldiers, medicine, hospital, humanitarian assistance, the Nazis, the war 2 world, military leaders, personalities
Italy, world war 2, military leaders, personalities, the soldiers, the hospital, the wounded, the city, aviation

Reel №3

The ital.

Italian troops on vacation, sitting on the ground, singing.

Vidushi among the Alpini.

Bivouac in the field, arrows equipped campground.

The steppe ride trucks with soldiers.

The local population near the hut.

Cars arrive in the Italian military unit a few kilometers from the front.

Stroy of the Alpine shooters.

Vidushi welcomed them.

A military band played.

Dugouts in the forest, there come the soldiers.

Military post, a soldier throws a letter into the box.

Tents in the woods.

Troops digging, installing a fence made of logs.

Vidushi stands in front of them, presenting gifts.

Vidushi with soldiers passes on the message


The river don-the front line.

The position of Italian troops on the right Bank.

The construction of shelters.

Soldiers digging.

Vidushi examines the dugout.

View of the front line at dawn from the breach.

Carts on the road,drive past the Church,hut with metonymy residents.

Vidushi says goodbye to the soldiers.pnrm. from the top of the don,can be seen at home.

Vidushi is the trench presents gifts to soldiers of the regular part.

Stroy Italian soldiers.

Vidushi parade.

Faces of the soldiers.

Sounds March

Key words

Italy, World War 2, the troops, population, Gos.deyateli, personalities, orchestra, wood, strengthening, post office
Italy, world war 2, army, soldiers, people, river, strengthening, tsroitelstvo, Gos.deyateli, personalities, military equipment, roads, church

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