China. (1930 - 1939)

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Director: Vuljf-Diter Kastell /Wulf Gastell/

Operators: F.Lampe

Reel №1

Flying in an airplane of the German trucking company "Lufthansa" over China.

Shanghai kvataly old and new city, modern transport and rickshaws.

Shanghai port, a large boat at the pier.

The loaders are on the backs of drawers, with loads of rocker.

Movement along the street by car.

Map, China border.

Areas of Germany and China / graph comparing /.

View from the plane on the river Yantszitszyan and the surrounding landscapes.

The aircraft sits on a snow-covered field, taking off again.

Panorama of the city from a height of Nanjing.

Mountains and mounds under Xi'an.

Xi'an City, views of the city, traffic, pagodas, rickshaw.

Shooting rickshaw.

Street vendors with products and craftsmen.

Wagons and carts on horses, donkeys.

Top view of the huge pagoda


Types of terrain towards Lanzhou Loess Plateau, Chinese settlement.

The valley of the Yellow River.

Caravans of camels in the suburbs, behind the Chinese riding on a donkey.

Boats on the river.

A man walks to the river, carrying on his shoulders a large array of Bamboo

Key words

China, the city, attractions, transport, port, aviation, transportation, water, work, mountain, river, craft, trade China, the city, farmers, animals, river, water transport

Reel №2


The man turns the grille, attached to her skin, which allow the improvised raft to float on the water.

He throws the raft in the water, swimming, driving a paddle.

Vintage water harpalinae wheel to irrigate the fields.

Chinese children in front of the camera.

The iron bridge over yellow river, built by the Germans.

The Streets Of Lanzhou.

Rickshaws lined up waiting for customers.

People walk near the pagoda, past the old city gates.

Top view of the Buddhist monastery of lamas.

Sichuan province and its capital of GEG-van.

The landscapes, the vast rice fields.

Yunnan Province.

Sacred mountain of the Yu-Ni-Shan.

The highlands, altitude two thousand metres above sea level.

In the mountains, flocks of sheep graze.

The city Nanhao, traffic, Chinese donkeys.

Chinese child in traditional costume.

Street trade.

Working rickshaws.

The street carried a herd of cows.

The different types of pagodas.

The plane flies over the ground

Key words

China, city, urban transport, transport of water, river, bridge, children, convent, agriculture, nationality, mountains, sea, animals, Pets, manufacturing, aviation