About Dr. Goebbels. (1935)

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Reel №1


The arrival of the party to power.

Funeral Majkowskis, are columns of Nazis, led by Goring.

The coffin is lowered into the grave.

Goebbels said the Eulogy.

The opening of the square named after Horst Wessel.

Goebbels delivers a speech.

There are two women in mourning, the inhabitants of the city.

Hitler youth squad.

The swearing-in of established of the Nazi party.

Goebbels, speaking before the crowd in the square, night scene.

The party district of Berlin, 1935.

The rally of the Nazis in the square, lines, faces of the soldiers.


Party veterans.


The Nazis March.

Goebbels speaks.

The party district of Essen, 1935

Of the Soviet Union.

Red square in Moscow, there is a military parade.

Area moving tanks, fly planes


Industrial landscape of Germany,smoke from factory chimneys.

The Nazis March.

A huge grandstand with figures 1925-1935.Speech By Goebbels.

German factories,work Steelworkers.

The ranks of the workers.

The Standard Of"Essen","Ruhr".

The view from the podium on the field.

The building of factories in Essen.

Goebbels delivers a speech on the tasks of the national socialist party,the criticism of the Bolshevik policy,the trampling on culture and family values

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Reel №2


The Youth Of Germany.

Holiday colaborate 1933.

The monument stands Goebbels.

Groups of youth with a torch.

May 1 1933 in Lustgarten.

Goebbels on the field.

It is about German youth.

Young people,students heed of the question.

The rally at the stadium are rows of Hitler youth.

Goebbels delivers a speech,then gets in the car.

Young men surround the vehicle,Goebbels, in a white tunic,shaking hands.

Welcome young fascists of Italy.

In the hall there are tables prevedono Goebbels delivers a speech,declares health resort in honor of Mussolini.

The Minister sits at the table with youth,they have dinner,talking


May 1, 1934 in Lustgarten.

Banners on the working youth of Germany.

A crowd of young people in the square,Goebbels speaks.


Goebbels speech on labor in the hall.

Among the students Dr.

Young people.

Arriving in Germany overseas Germans.

Goebbels with accompanying persons pass through the ranks of youth.

Goebbels speech in Berlin.

Faces of boys

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Reel №3


The German working class.

May 1, 1933.


Goebbels delivers a speech in the hall,he talks about workers.

In the stands behind him is Goering.pnrm. the hall,the faces of the workers.

Plants Simmens.

Banners at the entrance to the plant,"Together with Hitler against the arms race in the world."

The building of the "Universum-film"/UFA/.

Icon on Lasmane working with the word "Yes" 12.11.1933.Clock,buzzer sounds.

The whistle of a steamer.

Pipe plants.

Workers are digging the ground.

The car Hitler drove up to the plant.

Goebbels stands in the shop of the plant with the speech of the German working


Completion of construction of the Ministry of propaganda.

Forests on the building,raise a flowered wreath with the Nazi symbol,the swastika flags.

He had a glass in his hand,proclaims a toast,throwing the glass.

The speech of Goebbels on the street.

Talking about the national work.

The slogan:"German people-German work."

Hall,a military band played,the musician beat the drums,play drummers,buglers.

Goebbels speaks from the podium,then takes place among colleagues


National movement"Strength through joy".

Goebbels delivers a speech in the shop of the plant.

Excursion steamer with workers floating on the river.

They raise their hands in a Nazi salute.

The German city along the banks.

Large rafts,floating working together with rafters.

Goebbels stands in the shop of the plant.

May 1, 1935,receiving workers ' delegations in Berlin.

The plane lands,go down the workers ' representatives from Munich.

Meeting on the airfield,the passage through the guard of honor.

Goebbels stands in the hall.

Sitting at tables working delegation,male and female


The burning of books.

A huge bonfire on ploddy,fascists thrown into the fire of the book of anti-fascist orientation.

Night of the shooting.

Goebbels speaks about the Jewish culture near the fire.

Singing fascist songs


May 1, 1935.

Movies and literature.

Goebbels stands in the hall in front of members of a culture.

Talking about the movie,about the work of Director Leni Riefenstahl.

Among listeners in the first row of Hitler,Goering,Hess.

A monumental culture.

International kinemages 1935.

Speech By Goebbels.

Theater festival in Hamburg.

Hall of the Moscow Conservatoire,an orchestra,Goebbels sitting in 1 row,listening.

Goebbels speech on propaganda.

Goebbels speech at Heidelberg.

Night,squads of soldiers with banners,Hitler youth with torches.

A huge bonfire in the center,the singing

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Reel №4


Culture and spiritual life.

The speech of Reich Minister of propaganda Goebbels in the audience about the culture


The opening of the House radio in 1933.

Goebbels delivers a speech on the square in front of the building.

Academy of the German Reich,Goebbels speaks at the podium in the hall.

Goebbels talks about the history of German literature.1st anniversary of the culture of the Reich.

Goebbels speech in the theatre,the audience and the tiers.

Goebbels, the musicians of the orchestra speaks.

The audience in the hall.

The orchestra plays "Hallelujah"

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Reel №5


Broadcasting 1935.The slogan:"12 large German stations in life."

Berlin,1935.16-25 August,broadcast from the radio House.

Speech By Goebbels.


The growth of radio from 1932 to 1935.


RAD soldiers with shovels listening to the radio.

Goebbels at the industrial exhibition


Books of the fascist leaders.

Book Siraha "Hitler youth - idea and implementation", Hitler's book "Mein Kampf".

Goebbels stands in the hall, sit the military and civilian.

The soldiers read books, cover books Goethe's "Faust".

Children read in the library.

Worker reading a book during the break

Germany.2 anniversary of culture of the Reich.

Goebbels speech about the culture.

The hall is Hitler.

Goebbels on new architecture.

Models of buildings,symbols.

A huge area of the column.

The audience raising their arms.

A lot of construction of roads.

Goebbels technical exhibition,his book on the stand.

The opening of roads.

Goebbels speech in the hall.


Workers barracks in the winter,the worker carrying a log on his horse.

Faces of the workers.

Movies,posters of workers.

Library,book about the German colonies

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Reel №6


Social life.

Social conditions for women in Germany.

Goebbels stands at the microphone on the podium.

The layouts of the houses,apartments,amenities for women in the economy.

The exhibition,woman in national dress spinning,weaver for the machine,demonstration of work.

Layouts,photos about German family,working women.

Medical posters for pregnant women,prizes to increase fertility


From Home radio leave the car.

People on the sidewalk, blind with the dog.

Distribution of gifts 1934, people go with packages.

Poster "Winter aid".

Decorated Christmas tree on the street, night.

Goebbels speaks to a crowd of people.

Children receive gifts.

Goebbels is involved in the action, handing out gifts to the children, smiling.

The total stake.

Santa Claus with gifts.

A girl reads a poem. "Winter help" 1935. German city councils.

Passers-by with children.

Goebbels stands near the big Christmas tree says about children.

Smiling children's faces. pnrm. the cities of Germany, to the Alps.

Church bells ringing.

Goebbels handing out presents, the little boy was crying.

Goebbels gives the girl a box of chocolates.

He at the table with children and parents


German crescenta.

Farm holiday in 1935.

Delegations of peasants in Hannover.

Goebbels is taking the peasants in the hall with tables.

Speech of the peasantry.

All clap,shake hands.

Goebbels sits at the table,talking to peasants

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Reel №7


The international policy of the Reich.

Foreign journalists in Geneva.

Journalists with Goebbels walk in the Park.

Goebbels stands at the table near the building, made a speech about the politics of America, President Roosevelt.

The return of Goebbels in Germany.

The arrival of the aircraft at night.

Meeting Goebbels, he gets in the car


An interview with Goebbels takes Rolf Brandt on the League of Nations.

Goebbels in his office at the table.a detailed conversation between them


New 1935.

Gebels speech at the table.

Goebbels speech in the Saar.

The Liberation Of The Saar.

Goebbels in the Reichstag.

Night,on the square, the people,stand with torches.

The port of Hamburg.

Goebbels speech in the hall.

Cabin boy,the sailors on the ship.

A ship in port,the work is going.

A ship at sea

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Reel №8


American Chronicle "Paramount News" about the elections in Germany.

Headline in the newspaper: "Hindenburg Hitler background".

Berlin vyybirayut president.

The crowd in the square.

Speech by Dr.


Car near the hangar, journalists go to the car.

Goebbels smiles, shakes hands.

A speech about Germany.

The noise of the engines.

Goebbels says goodbye, board a plane, "Lufthansa"

Key words

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