Spain. (1937)

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Reel №1

A documentary film about the events in Spain during the first year of the Civil War.

The Spanish Civil War (July 1936 - April 1939) - the conflict between the Second Spanish Republic and the left-wing political groups (Republicans, Loyalists) on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the right-wing nationalists (the rebels), led by pro-fascist General F.Franko that as a result of the military action eventually eliminated the Spanish Republic, and overthrew the republican government.

Madrid, February 1936 The city is preparing to vyboramv Parliament.

Everywhere pasting posters.



The majority of votes from the Popular Front (newspapers with articles about the election).

The festive jubilation outside the government house.

People in the trees.

Full stadium people.

People rejoice the victory of the Republicans.

City streets.


Presidential palace.

The motorcade.

army Parade

Key words

Spain, 1936, elections, politics, personalities, demonstration, parade

Reel №2

(First half without a phono).


Soldiers tray boxes of ammunition to the trenches.

The soldiers in the trenches.

Waiting, watching through binoculars, load a gun.

Front line on the map.

View of the area from above.


The soldiers dragged the door of their building fortifications, sawing wood.

Read newspapers, write letters, shave.

Hiking hairdresser.

Roll radiotranslyator.

Soldiers clean weapons, study arms.

View of the city.

Defensive wall.




Soldiers shoot from shelters.

soldier's letter to his father on May 7, 1937.

Kind of ruined Madrid.

The old woman on the background of a ruined house.

School of the line of fire.

Popular Front Soldiers learn.

Distribution of newspapers.


Key words

Spain, in 1937, civil war, front, arms, soldiers, destruction

Reel №3

Speech political worker in front of the soldiers.

Life and leisure of soldiers.

Women at work, in the factory of machines.

Everything for the front.

Loading of coal and ore wagons.


Vessels with fish.

Farm life: plowing on cows.


Olive groves.


Peaceful life on the west coast.

Children lead dances, rejoice.

Lunch in the kindergarten (school).

Ruined city.

Trophies (ammunition, cartridges).

Young people in the queue to write to the Popular Front for the army.

Women and children, adolescents.

Defile of the Popular Front Army.

General of the Army on a visit to the troops.

Types of Spanish Army weapons

Key words

Spain, in 1937, civil war, soldiers, factory, manufacturing, industry, agriculture, education, destruction, trophies, Army