Young Europe №5 (1942)

Footage №68019, 1 part, duration: 0:12:16, black-white

Reel №1

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Italy, Stadium "Forum Mussolini".

Military training of young fascists.


Boys 12-14 years, students of schools of Adolf Hitler.

Guys jumping from a height.

Classes in the study of physics.

Classes in sculpture, painting.

The guys are boxing.

Classes in music, playing violinists, flautists, trumpeters.

Senior students in black uniforms.

Classroom guys consider globe.

The celebration at the school.

Buglers, on mountain pennants SS. Presentation of the insignia.

The best student receives a sword with oak leaves.

Germany. "The organization of German Girls", Department of "Faith and Beauty".

In the sewing shop sewing clothes for children affected by the bombings.

Clothes fitting.

Sewing machine treadle.

Presentation of puppet theater for children whose mothers are employed in military production.


Drills for young sailors.

They charge the ship's guns, make a volley.


Children are engaged in a glider circle.

Boys 12 years preparing to launch a glider, one of them commands.

Glider in the sky.

Plane in the sky performing turns, landing, boys running toward him.

From the aircraft leaves the famous aviator bomber Major Baumbach.

He plays in a child tells them about polektah over Africa, London.

Multskhema ships in combat stance.


Boys pull along the ground to water assault boats, drained the water, rushing.

Boats to disperse crash into the sand, young people jumping on the beach.


Newsreel "Drum morality."

The plot of the rules of conduct in wartime.

A well-dressed young man in the dining room is outraged by the fact that it's going to serve only after listening radiosvodki from the front (of the battle in Krasnodar, Novorossiysk).

His being kicked out of the dining room.

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