Eastern front (1941-1945)

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Reel №1

Face of Bolshevism.

Moscow, Lenin statue in front of the building.

The poor hut on the outskirts, in the background large modern houses.

The outskirts of Minsk, dilapidated shacks, one goes grandmother.

Mud huts, shacks, put together out of plywood, covered with straw roofs.

Residents in rags, barefoot.

The impoverished environment of the hut, on the sick child crawling flies.

Rihitichnye children.

German troops break the barrier at the border.

Soldiers cheerfully go under the road at the march.

The dusty road.

Map border of the USSR, Finland, Ladoga.

Shoot gun.

The German looks through binoculars at the sky, fly planes.


Ran the German soldiers firing anti-aircraft gun, PNRM. on the field, the burning forest.

Flying bombers, dogfight, traces of tracer bullets, burning plane.

Go German tanks, trucks, guns drawn on.

In the sea battle German vessels.

Aircraft bombed from the air ship.

Map of the USSR, Latvia, Minsk.

Scheme to promote Latvia, Leningrad, Moscow.

Take off German bombers, PNRM. in the countryside.

Above see the road with cars, flying a huge number of bombs.

PNRM. by standing on the ground aircraft guns.

German guns firing at Soviet bastion.

PNRM. through the town, fires.

Soviet soldiers surrendering, waving white cloths.

German officers.

Supports the destroyed bridge, fires.

The Germans attacked, they are in Brest.

City residents are returning to their homes from the nodes.

Belarus, Brest, Brest region executive committee building, is a German sentry.

Germans go to Bialystok on dirt road.

To construct a pontoon bridge across the river, the soldiers are waiting and resting, are forwarded.

Aircraft bombed the railway station.

After the fight, shoot guns, explosions.

One can see the burning houses.

Falling studded factory chimney.

Wounded Germans.

Soviet prisoners

Key words

Germany, the USSR, the world war 2 troops, bombing, prisoners, fire, bridge, military equipment

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

There is a huge column of Soviet prisoners.

The Germans enter the burning village.


Cabin for the fences.

Go German tanks, guns horse-drawn, the German cavalry.

Shoot a gun on the horizon can be seen the city.

German crawling across the field, explosions.

Attack of the Germans on the dot with bazookas, being captured Soviet soldiers.

Broken fittings bunker.

The funeral of a German soldier on the cross helmet, comrades farewell to the dead.

The tank is suitable to the bridge.

Shoot guns, tanks are on the wheat field.

The attack of German tanks.

Broken Soviet tanks, Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Across the river is visible city, broken railway bridge.

Shoots mortar.

The Germans look at the bridge, the distance can be seen the churches of Riga.

The Germans cross the river in boats.

On the shore of concentration of troops, tanks trafficked ferry.

German troops in Riga, the population welcomes them.

Latvians with the national flag, smiling.

German soldiers are on the streets, boy photographing them.

Armored vehicles.

Latvian girls in traditional costumes.

German soldiers are resting, sleeping on the ground, on the machines in the field kitchen.

Horses graze the grass.

The soldier is writing a letter.

With the help of well crane take out the water wash.

Distribution of lunch in pots.

Take off the German aircraft.

Visible road with Soviet columns.

Pilots are scheduled route.

German cyclists, infantry machine.

Soldiers smiles, sounds march.

Planes in the air.

On the ground, the Soviet airfield with planes, bomb it.

German tanks cross the river

Key words

World War 2, prisoners, military equipment, funeral, military, people, aircraft, bombing

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Germans are moving in the direction of Bialystok, shoots artillery.

The skeleton of the house fires.

Assault with a banner, a soldier cuts the barbed wire.

Runs through leoschku, go to the village.

Wounded Germans, they tie up.

Tanks are on the road, shoot a machine gun.

Soldiers running across the field, with a German machine-gun belt around his neck.

Germans go to the village, burning houses, one-story stone houses, the cobblestone street.

The Germans moved forward dashes killed.

Night Scene, fires.

Go tanks vspihivayut lights lit tree.

Broken Soviet equipment.

Map, German traffic pattern from Bialystok to Minsk.

Go German tanks on the dusty road, the Germans in goggles.

Infantry tank crews waving hands.

Tanks on the field, the windmill is visible, burning houses.

A field of wheat, illuminated by Soviet tanks.

Shoots a German gun.

PNRM. aerial, terrain, roads.

The German looks in telescope.

Shoot with rifles, machine guns and mortars.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Lights truck.

Railroad crossing, there is a tank.

Tankers with a pop gun.

Soviet soldier Asian type surrenders

Key words

World War 2, artillery and military equipment, troops, prisoners of war, wounded

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Germans look to surrendering captured Soviet soldiers.

German machinery on the road.

Minsk, German soldiers on the streets, cyclists.

The ruins of the city, the skeletons of houses, broken monument to some military, a huge fallen statue of Lenin.


From Minsk the German army comes to Smolensk.

The road Smolensk-Moscow.

Go trucks, residents with scrub.

German anti-aircraft gun on the sidelines.

Derezina river, bridge, boats.

Germans restore the broken bridge, are machine guns.

The soldiers eat on the road, watered the horses.

Resting at the bench, sleeping in cars, on the ground.

Pig wanders near the armored vehicles.

Soldiers plucked chickens, peeling potatoes.

Soldier shear friend.

Wash the car, horses.

Soldiers go on a pontoon bridge.

Artillery has Vitebsk.

Top view, the bombing.

Smolensk, ruins of the city, the Germans are on the cobblestones.

The operator removes the hand-held camera, the soldiers go behind the house.

Shooting in the streets, the Germans steal the bridge.

Flies a German bomber, top view, the pilot looks at the map.

Night Scene, bomb explosions. rocket.


Focus on Kiev, Uman, Odessa.

German soldiers in gurzovikah, riding on the wheat field on potholes.

Lemberg, German troops in the city, residents welcomed them.

Ukrainian nationalists waving their hands in greeting.

Ukrainian girl talking with German soldiers.


The signalman is to coil restores the telephone.

Shoot guns

Key words

World War 2 soldiers, military equipment, the bridge, the prisoners, the troops

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

German aircraft bearing the emblem of the kite.

German soldiers enter the village, go along the fence.

Ukrainian city.

On the road past the church are horse-drawn carriages with cannons.

Neselenie standing along the road.

Local resident hangs a Nazi flag.

Past field tested by German troops.

Germans restore the bridge.

Go to Bessarabia.

Local resident pours a bucket of water to the Germans in the flask.

The slogan on the road: "Glory to Hitler-Glory to Ukraine!" Residents welcome the Germans.

In the area of ​​Germans and locals, the Germans are treated to cakes.

Girls with the soldiers.

PNRM. around town.

The German troops are on the road by a pointer to Morantsy.

Children, women in the road.

The soldier drinks water, man talking with a German soldier.

Took out the water from the well, to wash.

Women catch the pig, the soldiers are helping them.

Woman baptizes passing Germans cross overshadow people themselves krestynm banner.

Locals digging the earth under the direction of the Germans.

Road, smashed Soviet guns, prisoners.

In German the tank inscription: 2nd regiment of them.

Goering. 06.29.41. On the streets of the city.

It should be a Soviet tank.

Armored vehicles on the dusty road.

Bombed by German planes.

Air fight, burning plane, flying bombs.

The projectile enters the plane, he turns and falls.

Shoots a German gun.

Soviet soldiers surrendering.

Captured, Asian person, a Jew with glasses.

Lights tank.

Troops enter the Ukrainian village.

Ruins of houses, broken wires, lying dead horse, riderless horse, dead in the streets.

German soldiers collected in a field of poppies, placed on the graves of their comrades.

on the Minsk direction.

Dirty road cars get stuck in the mud.

Construction units dub road.

The soldiers haul the bike in the mud by hand, tractor pulls car, ride on potholes

Key words

World War 2, the troops, the prisoners, the soldiers, the people, the military equipment, the Air Force bombing of the USSR

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View from the air bombardment.

Frustrated train, broken path.

Broken Soviet aircraft on the airfield.

Broken Soviet equipment: tanks, parts, tracks.

Bomb craters.

Germans visiting the Soviet tank, the tanks in the water near the shore, broken guns, trucks, busses, armored cars.

On the way, riding tanks, tankers look at the column of Soviet prisoners of war, the Asian face.

The prisoners were being driven across the bridge.

Extra camp of Soviet prisoners of war, they are sitting on the ground.

Individuals of Caucasian and Asian tapas, ugly face.

Stalinsk, burning houses, fires.

ON station.

Church, interior view of the church, which was constructed during the Soviet era garage.

Children's home, on the beds are malnourished children, rickety. flies crawling on them.

Naked baby on earth.

The building of the GPU render the bodies of dead people, women cry.

Traces of bullets on the walls of the prison.

Endure the corpses of victims of repression.

Most rank stacked on the ground the corpses of civilians, women cry.

People are beaten "agents" of the Bolsheviks, the Jews.

Ugly types andegrauna Jews.

A map of Europe.

In the Soviet Union are arrows from Finland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, implying the rise of the struggle against Bolshevism.

Writing in the fascist army of volunteers in the occupied territory.

Volunteers record office in Norway, in Belgium.

At the Paris Congress held under the slogan of the struggle against Bolshevism.

French legionnaires.

Anti-communist Legion march in black uniforms in Belgium.

In Spain, the Phalangists marching with slogans "against Russia."

Legionaries in Denmark, train with legionnaires.

Boots of German soldiers marching along the dusty road.

Go German soldiers riding machine

Key words

World War 2, bombing, troops, soldiers, military equipment, prisoners, children, shooting, volunteers, congress, jail

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