Installation of the German chronicles №14102 (1920-1929)

Footage №68076, 1 part, duration: 0:08:18, black-white

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame



New radio station before opening.

radio mast

SShA.Nyu York.

Removing popular with New yortsev statue of Diana.

Dismantling the statue.


Statue in the air.

The descent of the statue on the ground


The riots in Beijing.

Demonstrany on the streets

Clash of the aircraft for research purposes with the wall.

The moment of collision.

Aircraft Wreckage

Germaniya.1 of May in Berlin.

Demonstration of workers.


Poster "Lenin points out the way."


Propaganda Machine.

Calls to vote for a list of N 5 / CPG /


Soldiers in helmets, bred on the streets of Berlin in the case of "communists Statements".


The procession goes past the soldiers.

Meeting in Trent Park


Prayer for the restoration of the monarchy in Germany.



Participants prayer

Frantsiya.1928 g.

Miting Communists near Paris.

Speech female candidates from the PCF Madeleine Charpentier.

Participants of the rally.

The Secretary-General of the PCF Semar front of the camera.

He greets the participants of the meeting


Vodding Berlin.

Demonstration of young workers.

The demonstrators.

Older fighters.

The demonstration goes through the streets.

Poster presentation on the evening of the Max-Helcia representative of "Red Wedding".

The demonstration with placards.



Demonstration of the Social Democrats.

The protesters are on the streets.

The Social-Democratic leaders.

Social-Democrats rally


Process shahtintsev / Only titer, there is no picture /

The signing of the pact Miron representatives of the countries of Western Europe.

Uchatsniki ceremony

Stresemann front of the camera


Pre-election fight in Berlin.

Nazi Propaganda truck.

Truck economic party.

The cart, decorated with posters of the KKE

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