The life and scientific achievements of Pasteur. (1910)

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French scientist Pasteur was born in 1822 in the small town of Dole du Jura.

PNRM. through the town, the house near the river, the Cathedral, narrow street, carrier unloaded from the cart.

The re-enactment of life Pasteur family.

The head of the school in Abuah Pasteur convinces his father to give his son a higher education.

Pasteur - teenager Pasteur - the student is studying the structure of crystals.

Strasbourg, where Pasteur receives a scientific mission.

View of the city.

In 1954, Pasteur - Professor in the city of Lille.

Pasteur conducts classes with students.

Experiments with bacteria Pasteur began with fermentation phenomena.

Pasteur and his students study the processes of decay.

The mold vessel.

Pasteur proved that by bacterial activity of plants and animals corpses rot and turn into simple nitrogenous substances, serving a valuable fertilizer for the fields.

Experiments with bacteria Pasteur helped British scientist Lister introduce antiseptic / disinfection / hirugicheskie in operation

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In 1962, Pasteur was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences.

Members of the Academy at the table.

French winemakers have suffered heavy losses from acetic fermentation, which was subjected to a grape wine.

Winemakers are rolled into the yard huge barrels.

Pasteur after extensive experiments found that to prevent the acetic fermentation of wine must be heated to 50-60 degrees / pasteurization, heat to kill germs /.

Experience Pasteur with intoxicating mash to produce beer.

Mulberry / Mulberry /, whose leaves feed the silk worms.

In France, there was the death of worms by special bacteria that appear on their body.

The invention Pasteur to determine the disease.

Landscape with mulberry trees.

Factory processing of silk cocoons.

Women clean cocoons.

Looms go thread, yarn, fabric

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Subsequent experiments Pasteur were sent to fight anthrax, which destroyed livestock in huge quantities.

Sheep lie on the ground.

Anthrax microbe under a microscope.

Pasteur applied Ram vaccination vaccine / poison weakened anthrax /.

Veterinarian puts a prick rams.

Animals with a vaccination alive.

Chicken Haller.

Lay chicken.

If the chicken to inoculate the vaccine, it will remain healthy.

For his dostieniya in science, Pasteur was awarded the Order of the "Legion of Honor"

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Reel №4


Pasteur has been the problem of the treatment of rabies.

On the table lay a rabbit tie.

Doctor vpriyskivaet rabies poison in the spinal cord.


First experience with the vaccine on a boy bitten by a rabid dog.

The experience was a success.

The queue to the doctor for vaccination.

Ambulance Pasternak Institute in Paris.

The doctor puts the patient vaccinated against rabies in the stomach.

Students prepared Pasteur vaccine against diphtheria, vinegars poisonous snakes.

Pasteur died in 1895 and was buried in his institute.

The crypt with the body of Pasteur

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