Chronicle Russian №19291 (1914-1922)

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The opening credits there.

Nonequal Chronicle mounted without complying with the chronology.

Inscriptions in French and one in French titre.

Slovak Republic.


March 23 ( April), 1917 NDP: The funeral of victims of the revolution in Petrograd, April 5, 1917 The street is the funeral procession - a demonstration.

Ahead are a red flag.

On the banner the inscription: "The Russian social dem.rabochaya party..

The Central Committee.

Workers of the world unite. "

Should a large group of the Military Medical Academy.

Funeral demonstration moves parallel to the Summer Garden Field of Mars.

Along the process movements are rows of soldiers.

Carry a banner: "freedom fighters."

There is a delegation of women.

In the picture, as the Engineers' Castle.

Round banner decorated with a garland of "eternal memory."

Dashnaks Group carries the banner "Eternal memory to those who died for freedom.

Rev.partiya Armenian Dashnaktsutyun. "

They carry a banner with the image of Liberty and the inscription: "Eternal memory to the fighters for freedom."

Carry a banner: "Long live the Constituent Assembly."

Go listeners Military Medical Academy, carry a banner: "Long live Free Russia".

Go the students of the Military medical school.

Go and are members of the funeral procession. "Eternal glory to the eternal world of heroes who have fallen for freedom."

In the frame of the trees bordering the Field of Mars, visible Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood.

PNRM. left him at the Field of Mars with excavated mass graves are participants of the funeral procession with flags on the background of the Engineers' Castle.

The larger plan only on the background Horse Guards' barracks.

Banner: "The eternal memory of the freedom fighters", in the foreground are carrying the coffins of the fallen heroes.

Parading soldiers.

PNRM. Military orchestra, PNRM. by soldiers vskinuvshim gun, a signal to farewell volley.

The priest in the frame.

Two bypass military ranks of soldiers.

March 1917 The news of the February Revolution at the front.

The rally at the front.

It moves the crowd with fluttering red flags.

Waving flags and hats.

Go on a snow-covered field.

The flag of the inscription: "Long live Free Russia".

Medium shot of soldiers, waving flags and hats.

Russian empire.



August 1914 Champ de Mars.

Mobilization of horses.

Cossack with a measuring instrument accepts horses for the needs of the army.

Are the military and civilians.

In the frame as the Marble Palace, Horse Guards barracks.

Trinity Bridge / view / in the foreground unsaddled horses.

Pan movement right up to the Summer Garden.

Russian empire.



August 1914 Mobilization spare ranks.

On the street passing the Guard cavalry.

On the sidewalk are soldiers and passers-by with knots.

The boy in the picture is waving his cap.

Russian empire.



Palace Square.

July 20, 1914 on Palace Square are participating Slavic demonstration with banners in the Serbian language: "Long live Serbia!", "The hour has struck the Slavs." PNRM. right on the big standing in a long line demonstration.

In the frame of the lower part of the Alexander Column, the General Staff.

Medium shot of a large balcony of the Winter Palace.

Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna on the balcony of the Winter Palace.

Announcement of the highest manifesto declaring war Germany.

PNRM .: facing demonstrators waving caps.

Visible part of the banner: "God Save the Tsar." PNRM. Left: Admiralty seen.

Again, a balcony with the Emperor and Empress, they go from the balcony.

Another balcony with a group of courtiers.

Crowds of people on the background of the General Staff.

Slovak Republic.


Autumn 1917 Anti-war demonstration.

The demonstrators carried anti-war slogans.

On Nevsky columns are soldiers, the orchestra in front of them, carried banners: "Long live the people, extends his hand to peace", "war - the destruction of the world - Creativity".

There is a huge number of soldiers, horse riding.

Banner: "Beats hour advance peace in the world."

Of 1914-1917.


The officers made a speech before the formation of sailors on the deck of the ship.

RSFSR. Autumn-Winter 1922 Volga.

A refugee camp.

Camel, boys.

Market traders, merchants, children.

The farmer holds a handful of grain.

The health worker vaccinates.

The journalist Arthur Ransome and cameraman George Ercole on the railway platform.

The farmers sit in the fires.

A table with a samovar, sitting, women and men.

Woman something cooking in an iron pot over a fire.

PNRM. by people sitting around the campfire.

Caption: "The dead and live next to each other," that is. k.

Camp is located near the cemetery.

Cemetery with crosses.

RSFSR. Railroad station.

It is necessary to train teplushek.

People go.

Standing group of ragged children.

The crowd in the market.


Merchant soap.

Obelisk to Freedom

RSFSR Medvedinovka, autumn-winter 1922 North Russia in particular is suffering from hunger.

The harsh winter is very difficult to work transport.

Village in the snow.

People go, moving sled with a barrel.

Are the ragged children.

There is a boat.

With the ship standing unload bags.


The street passing sledge carts, laden with sacks of grain.

Cinematographer George Ercole (fat man with glasses) behind the camera shoots basking homeless by the fire.

Portraits homeless.

Snowdrifts on the street.

People go on the sidewalk.

Women clean the snow.

Children ride in a sleigh.

Many carts and people.

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