In Holland. Dorne is the residence of Wilhelm II (1920-1929)

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Titer: Im Herzen Hollands liegt Dorn, seit Weltkriegsende der Wohnsitz Wilhelm II. Mandrel.

On the streets of the city tram rides.

Titer: Das Torgebaude von Haus Doorn.

General view of the manor house - the residence of the German Emperor Wilhelm II in exile.

He drives a cart.

The doorman at the guard booth salutes.

A view of the passing vehicle through the arch.

Oby view of the manor house, park, trees.

Titer: Im oberen Stockwerk des Turmes liegt das Arbeitszimmer Wilhelm II. Emperor Wilhelm II and his wife for a walk, feed the ducks swimming in the pond with bread.

Titer: Zu Gunsten notleidender deutscher Frauen und Madchen wurde die "Herminenhilfe" gegrundet. "Herminenhilfe" - the organization help the afflicted girls and women.

Charity Bazaar.

Empress Augusta Victoria behind the counter.

On the counter displayed for sale items: a bust of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the book "Bülow and the Kaiser."

Titer: Die Lieblingsplatze der ehem.

Kaiserin Auguste-Victoria, wo sie viele Stunden ihrer Leidenszeit verbrachte.

Favourite places Empress.

Park Empress Augusta Victoria, PNRM .: trees.

The tomb of the Empress.

Memorial plate, covered with snow.

Suitable man cleans snow from the plates, NDP: Auguste-Victoria Garten.

Wooden garden furniture.

PNRM .: trees, wooden outbuilding.

Titer: Am 11 April 1921 schloss in diesem Eckzimmer die Kaiserin die Augen fur immer.

PNRM .: manor house, where the April 11, 1921 died the Empress Augusta Victoria.

Titer: Nach alter hollandischer Sitte ruht auch der Taubenschlag von Haus Doorn auf Walfischrippen.

PNRM .: Tower, pigeons on the roof.

PNRM .: storey brick house, a car passing by.

From the door of the manor house goes Emperor Wilhelm II, accompanied by his valet.

Emperor Wilhelm II is in the car, said something, looking into the camera.

General view of the manor house, from the entrance of the car drives off.


Emperor Wilhelm II, together with foresters involved in the sanitary deforestation.

Emperor Wilhelm II converses with a man.

Emperor Wilhelm II in the car, wiping his face with a handkerchief.

The alley of the park are the Emperor Wilhelm II by the arm with his wife, Augusta Victoria.

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Germany, Holland, monarchs, landscape, monuments, charity

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