Yesterday and today. (1930 - 1939)

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Reel №1


Propaganda films glorifying Nazi Germany.

Fires of the 1st World War, ruins of buildings.

Port, stand trial.

Locked gates in Lüneburg plant.

Go work, spinning the wheel of the machine in the workshop.

The smoke from the factory chimney.

Speech by Hitler in the shop of the plant, calling for raising production.

Those workers.

Working press, excavator digging the ground, the crane lifts loads, work at a construction site.

The new bridge, a new road


Old Village, dark stables with horses.

Selling cows for debts.

Speech by Hitler.

A field of wheat, farmers mow wheat, haystacks, spilling grain.

Gate with a swastika, a garland of flowers.

Hitler comes to the village, he is greeted by farmers.

New farmhouses


Old City Yard-well, the children in the yard.

Slums, workers barracks gryaz.1935 year.

From Hitler Youth detachment camp out with banners.

Hitler speaks to the young people at the stadium.

Tourist base for young people.

Girls dancing in the dance.

Tent camp, teens on otdahe.

Going in circles, in a carpentry workshop for the machines.

Marching workers' front with shovels


Unemployment in Germany dofashistskoy.

The documents put a stamp.

Inflation, devaluation of the brand.

Denominations in a million.

The rich in the restaurant, plays jazz, fast dance.

Nazi Germany - a work handing out tools is detachment with shovels.

Speech by Hitler at a construction site.

With stocks coming off the ship "Wilhelm Gustloff", Hitler was at the opening.

Steamboat K.D.F. with workers on board tour.

Beggars dugout workers, families with children, cook a campfire, women collect coal.

The fascist leaders - Goebbels, Goering, Hess - the crowd, is collecting donations.

Public soup, handing out food.

Speech by Hitler.

Train with weights to different parts of the country


Riots and demonstrations.

Acceleration demonstration fights.

Hitler at a rally in front of the Reichstag.

The aircraft in the sky.

The consequences of the Treaty of Versailles.

Disarmament in Germany.

The remains of the aircraft.

The ruins of factories, abandoned guns.

Armored car layout.

Allied occupation forces in Germany.

Koblenz, the barracks of the British troops



Anschluss in Austria.

German troops enter Austria, residents welcomed them.

Hitler's Speech

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Reel №2


The crowd, show Hitler.

Map of Europe, stand out of the country on the border of Germany, inhabited by Germans.


Destroyed factory, dirty shop.

The juxtaposition of old and new shops.

Needs of the peasants, people with possessions, cattle, carts leave the village.

The border passage to Germany.

Go women with children, carried out the old woman, old man carries on his shoulders, to the hands of the sleeping child



German troops enter Austria.

Smiling faces, the Germans happily meet.

German soldiers with machine distributes flags with a swastika.

They're coming trucks with soldiers, they throw flowers.

Hitler rides in an open car.

It opens the gate with the inscription Vildenau.

Gothic cathedrals.

Hitler in a car passing on the street.

The crowd pulls his hands in a Nazi salute.

Hitler is near Goring.

A crowd of women are crying for joy.

Goering pats children on the head, hands out candy.

Girl with flowers suited to Hitler.

Tribune, the local fascists greet Hitler.

The motto: One People, One Reich, One Fuehrer.

Hitler in the car going down the street, occasionally stopping and talking to people

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