Ten Gold Medals. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tulubeva Z.


The film is about the first European Championship in Athletics held in the closed premise. The Championship was held in the gym "Stadthalle" in the capital of Austria - Vienna.

Historical background

In March 1970 took place on 1 st European Championships in Athletics in a closed room. The Soviet athletes won the championship at 10 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

Temporary description

Building a sports hall "Shtadthale" in Vienna (Austria). Opening of the 1st European Championships in Athletics Indoor and delivers the President of Austria F. Jonas. Competition sprinters; first finish V. Borzov, winners of the race on a pedestal. Competition high jump for women, the winner of C. Popescu (Romania), I. Gusenbauer (Austria) on a pedestal. Competitions athletes in running for 800 meters, first finish M. Sukkar (Austria). Competition in the long jump for men, on a pedestal - a gold medal Soviet athlete T. Lepic. The competition of athletes in the shot put, on a pedestal - won gold medal N. Chizhov (USSR). The competition in the hurdles; on a pedestal - A. Hitrin (USSR) and K. Balzer (GDR). The competition for pole vaulting; jumping and overcomes the bar European Champion F. Trakaneli (France). Competition athletes in running for 60 meters and in combination relay, on the podium winning the race Telets SA (France), R. Meissner (GDR), V. Berg (Netherlands). The final race of athletes at 400 meters, finishes Soviet athlete A. Brtchikov. Competition in the long jump for women on a pedestal - a Romanian athlete V. Viskopolyanu. The competition of athletes in the triple jump, jumping winner of a Soviet athlete V. Sana'a. The competition of athletes in the high jump, winners in jumping in, Gavrilov (USSR) and others on a pedestal. Winners in the men's relay on a pedestal.

Reel №1

Flag of the European Championships in Athletics - CU.

The building of a sports hall "Stadthalle" in Vienna - LS.; Championship flag in front.

Parade of the 1st European Championships in Athletics in a closed room in the "Stadthalle» - LS. PNRM.

Sports delegations from different countries in the parade.

Team Austria in the ranks.

The team of the Soviet Union.

Austrian President Franz Jonas opens the championship.

Final race of men in the 60 meters, finishing first Soviet sprinter Valery Borzov.

European champion Borzov after a victorious race - CU.

Borzov, who was awarded the gold medal of the European Champion on the podium - MS., CU.

Women's high jump: jumping Austrian athlete Ilona Gusenbauer 1 m 82 cm

1 m 82 cm takes I. Blagoev (Bulgaria), Rita Schmidt (GDR), Cornelia Popescu (Romania).

1 m 88 cm takes Ilona Gusenbauer.

European champion I. Gusenbauer on the podium.

Running the 800 meters ahead of Maria Sikora (Austria), followed by Sophia Kolakowski (Poland) and Lyudmila Bragin.

First finish Sikora, second AL Bragin.

European champion M. Sikora after a victorious race.

The men's competition in long jump.

Jumping Igor Ter-Hovhannisyan.

Shoot photographers.

Jumping long Tonu feoffee from Tallinn - PNRM.

Jumping Olympic medalist Klaus Beer.

Second jump T. liege.

European Champion T. feoffee on the podium - MS., CU.

Competition in shot put.

Nucleus pushes Mariita Lange (GDR).

Hope Chizhov pushes the nucleus at 18 m 60 cm

European Champion 1970 N. Chizhov on the podium.

Final barrier running at 60 m: six lanes running USSR champion Leah Hitrin on 4th - Olympic champion Karine Boltser (GDR).

K. Boltser, winner of the gold medal, and L. Hitrin, silver medalist on the podium.

Pole Vault: Wolfgang jumps (GDR).

Swede Kjell Isaacson takes a height of 5 m 25 cm

Jumping 20 years Trakanelli Francois (France) takes a height of 5 m 30 cm

Running the 800 meters - LS.

On the podium in the hall sits F. Trakanelli.

Final run for 60 yards - LS.

On the far lane runs Renata Meissner (GDR).

On the podium Renata Meissner - gold medal, Silvana Telets (France) - silver medal, Vandenberg (Holland) - bronze medal.

The final race of 400 meters: Alexander finishes Bratchikov (USSR).

European champion Alexander Bratchikov on the podium.

Long jump: jump European champion in Athens Miroslav Sarna (Poland).

Jumping Heidi Rosendahl (FRG).

Olympic champion jumps Viorica Viskopolyanu (Romania).

Competition in the triple jump: jump athlete.

Jumping Olympic champion Viktor Sana'a.

B. Saneev after the jump - CU.

Jumping men in height: Golembovsky (Poland).

Jump Skvortsov and S. Mospanov.

Jumping Gerd Dyurkop (GDR).

Unsuccessful jumps Spaniard Luis Garriga.

Ion Serban of Romania is trying to take the high (unsuccessfully).

Height takes Valentin Gavrilov (USSR).

Gavrilov after the jump - CU.

Gavrilov on the podium.

4x200 m relay: Ludmila finish Samotesova (USSR).

4x400m relay: Alexander finishes Bratchikov (USSR).

Soviet athletes on the podium.

Soviet athletes on the podium.

Gold Medal of the European champion - CU.

Medals won by Soviet athletes at the European Championships in Vienna.