Evangelic Christians-Baptists in the USSR. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Danilov L.


The film is about life of baptists in the USSR, about their foreign relations, about the activity of the All-Union Congress of Evangelic Christians-Baptists, which took place in the city of Moscow.

Religion | Foreign policy

Social life | Policy

Reel №1

The film tells the story of the Baptists in the USSR, of their foreign relations, of the All-Union Congress of Evangelical Christians baptis Comrade, which was held in Moscow.

The main content - General Secretary of the All-Union Council of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in the USSR AV Karev says (synchronously) on the history of the brotherhood of the Baptists.


Kharkov - the streets, rooftops (shot from above).

Vigil in Kharkov community on the occasion of Christmas: people praying, singing the chorus.

Service is elder brother Shapovalov (sinhr.).


Multrabota - piece of the picture Veronese.

Said Shapovalov (sinhr.).

Listen congregation sings the chorus.


Moscow, Kremlin, Moscow streets.

Moscow Church of Baptists.

Displays the "All-Union Council.

Moscow community of Evangelical Christians-Baptists en. "

Meeting of the Council.

The presidium Ivanov, Timchenko, Karev, Mickiewicz.

Page of "Brotherly bulletin".

Meeting "spiritual songs", the Bible.

Exam on Biblical courses - examiners ask questions, meet the course participants (sinhr.) plays organ, sings the chorus.

The rite of ordination.

Krieger brother prays (sinhr.), listen up.

Dedication to the elders.

Krieger brother prays (sinhr.).

Krieger brother initiated into elders (in German).

Uzbek village Dzhetysay, chapel German Mennonites, who are members of the Church of Evangelical Christians-Baptists, people go out of the house.

The house podezzhayut motorcyclist, bicycle dist.

A sign in German.

Sunday worship him CET-Mennonite congregation listening.

Reel №2

The main content - was


Isakikievsky cathedral, city street, embankment, Anichkov Bridge, Piskarevsky, fragments of monuments to you Piskarevsky.

From the Leningrad Baptist Church.

Sung by the choir, conductor.

The ritual breaking of bread.

Praying in the church.

Fadyuhin brother prays (synchronous), listen to the faithful.

Rite with a cup of wine, women and men drink from the cup, praying, singing chorus (simultaneously).

The meeting of the Presidium of the Council of Evangelical Christians-Baptists.

The presidium of the Council members: Karev, Ivanov, Mickiewicz Zhitkov, Timchen Co., Krieger.

Karev said, listen to the members of the Council.

Congress of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in Moscow.

Listen to the Hall of the Congress.

From the platform supports his brother Ivan (sinhr.).

Plays the organ, the choir sings (sinhr.).

From the podium stand Ivanov Perepelyuk (sinhr.).

Listen to the Hall.

Members of the Congress to the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Alexei Kosygin telegram gratefully Soviet Government vu.

Acts Karev (synchronously).

Listen and record in the hall of the congress.

Illustrative footage - nuns in the mountains, a protest demonstration (?), Hands holding a cross on a chain, people pray in an Orthodox church, burning candles, the obelisk fell (?), The clouds in the mountains, bell.

Reel №3

The main content - The meeting of the Congress of Evangelical Christians-bap Teesta.

Brother acts Timchenko (synchronously).

Listen to the Hall.

Speakers - brother Mayboroda (synchronously), his brother Ivan.

Listen to the Hall.

Sung by the choir, conducted the choir, played the organ.

Tallinn Church Baptist Christian believers, says Holy Church ter brother O. Tyark listen believers.


Says pastor Estonian Baptists O. Olvik (sinhr.).

Listen to the faithful.

Organist, conductor, choir sings.

Faces of the faithful.

Delegation of Baptists and Mennonites U.S. and Canada visiting the Kremlin.

Liturgy, the rite of baptism.

Says Brother Bychkov (synchronously).

Sings the chorus, watching veruschie.

The rite of baptism.

Says Brother Zhitkov (synchronously).

Watch the faithful.