circus actor (2006)

Film №68415, 1 film, duration: 0:26:48
Production: MASTER
Director:Golikova A.
Camera operators:Korobkov I.


Circus performer, trainer Daria Kostyuk talks about the circus, about how she came to her profession. The film also shows fragments of circus performances and rehearsals

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Circus performers - parade alley.

Circus, the audience applauds.

The artists leave the arena, go backstage.

Large - a woman does makeup, eyeliner.

Large - the muzzle of a panther.

Circus performer Daria Kostyuk at the circus arena, together with a trained panther, talks about the circus, about herself.

Large - panther.

Various rehearsals in the circus, cleaning of the arena, the auditorium.

Aerialists work under the dome, jugglers rehearse.

Different shots of circus performances - aerialists, clowns, an elephant in the arena, etc.

In the frame is Daria Kostyuk at one of the performances.

The corridor of the circus, the equilibrist in the arena, the bear jumps, the rehearsal hall, the performance of clowns, trained cats.

Kostyuk is at the rehearsal of his number.

Close-ups of a smiling costume at a rehearsal.

Says Daria Kostyuk.

The dome of the circus, a panorama of the arena, where artists rehearse on horseback.

Different shots of the rehearsal - jigging, tricks, etc.

Horses behind the scenes.

Large - horse legs in the arena.

Says Kostyuk.

In the frame - fragments of Kostyuk's performance, the audience in the hall.

Says Kostyuk.

Kostyuk and a circus performer go down the stairs, walk through the corridors of the circus, shots with circus performers behind the scenes.

The rehearsal hall is a dance rehearsal.

Rehearsal in the circus - a little girl in the arena.

A trampoline is installed on the arena.

Panorama of the orchestra.

A gymnast in the arena is engaged with a little girl.

Gymnasts on the arena perform jumps.

Large - a panther on the knees of a suit.

Says Kostyuk.

Gymnasts and jugglers rehearse in the arena.

A gymnast performs a jump with insurance.

Rehearsal of aerialists.

Says Kostyuk.

The foyer of the circus, people are walking, taking pictures, a costume is passing by.

Says Kostyuk.

Different shots in the foyer of the circus - adults, children, trained animals, a Costume passes by - goes into the interior of the circus.

Circus performance (filmed from behind the scenes) - riders on horseback enter the arena.

Says Kostyuk.

Performance on horseback, Kostyuk in the hall - watching, applauding.

Large - clown.

Fragments of various performances in the circus - gymnasts, trained animals, clowns, jugglers, aerialists, etc.

Kostyuk is in the dressing room, washing his hands in the sink, talking to girls.

Kostyuk and other girls make up before the performance, communicate, laugh.

Close-ups of costumes, girls.

Kostyuk is wearing makeup in front of the mirror, talking to other girls.

Large - gymnastic rings.

Kostyuk in the arena is engaged in rings.

Says Kostyuk.

The costume is pulled up on the rings.

Says Kostyuk.

The arena, the artists at the rehearsal.

Artists are dancing on the arena (rehearsing), Santa Claus and Snow Maiden are also rehearsing on the stage.

Rehearsal of gymnasts.

Large - panther.

Circus workers lay a covering on the arena.

A costume on a horse, at a rehearsal.

Says Kostyuk.

Large - legs in stirrups.

Kostyuk is in the arena, watching a rehearsal of equestrian artists.

The corridor of the circus, a man in a concert suit runs with a bear.

Large - a large box is taken to the arena.

The trainer is rehearsing with a monkey.

Rehearsal - a bear cub stands in the hands of a trainer, another trainer feeds him condensed milk.

A man in the corridor of the circus stroking a dog.

The monkey is in the arena, the trainer picks it up and leaves.

Kostyuk at a rehearsal with dogs and bears. (different shots with animals).

Says Kostyuk.

Large - grid, searchlights.

A circus performer climbs up a rope ladder.

Large - grid, spotlight.

Circus performers at a rehearsal.

Aerialist rehearsing under the dome.

A little girl in the circus arena, playing with toys, with dogs.

Big - dogs, girl.

A woman is engaged with a young gymnast, a girl is crying.

Kostyuk rehearses on hanging canvases.

Says Kostyuk.

Circus act - there is a mannequin in an open box, it is closed with blinds.

Says Kostyuk.

Arena, circus act - clowns work.

Says Kostyuk.

Cutting shots from rehearsals - a juggler, a trained cat on a ball, dancers in exotic costumes, a juggler with plates, a costume at the arena.

Circus act - gymnasts on roller skates, Santa Claus communicates with the audience and other circus performers.

Circus performers at the rehearsal - say goodbye to the audience, go backstage, the curtain closes, then everyone returns back to the arena.

Close-up - the face of the Costume in the semi-darkness.

Kostyuk is backstage, talking to a colleague.

Says Kostyuk.

Large - The costume is made up, paints the eyes.

Kostyuk is in the dressing room at the table by the mirror.

Large - The suit is powdered.

Fragments of a circus performance - a costume number.

Says Kostyuk.

Fragments of a circus performance - a costume number.

The audience applauds.

Kostyuk is given flowers not in the arena, after the performance.

Says Kostyuk.

Rehearsal arena - circus performers work.

Different shots with gymnasts, jugglers, etc.

Krupno - Kostyuk shows his teeth at his panther, kisses her.

Kostyuk and the panther leave.

Key words

Circus, arena, arena, gymnasts, circus performers, dressing room, circus act

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