Sight 04.08.1995 (1995)

Telecast №68457, 1 part, duration: 0:54:24
Production: VID
Director:Sergej Kurakin
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov
Camera operators:Aleksandr Zhukovskij, Kirill Kornilov

Reel №1

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Signing the agreement with the Chechen Republic of the Military issues.

video chronicles the events in Chechnya.

Guests in the studio - Interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov and Arkady Volsky.

General Prosecutor of Chechnya, Usman Imaev gives an interview about the conclusion of peace, the control of warring factions in Chechnya, a system of notification and communication with field commanders.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Anatoly Kulikov and Arkady Volsky on the order of disarmament of Chechen armed groups and signing agreements order a ceasefire, the political consequences of the agreement, the withdrawal of military units from the territory of Chechnya, Chechen collaboration with the command of the military and political situation in Chechnya before the start of hostilities.

Chechen Prime Minister Salambek Hajiyev gives an interview on the international challenges of the Russian and Chechen civilians affected by the fighting, on the need to disarm fighters and the withdrawal of troops, the attitude of the Chechen authorities and federal forces, rampant criminality in Chechnya.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Anatoly Kulikov and Arkady Volsky on the military situation in Chechnya, established before the start of hostilities, opportunities Ministry troops, their interaction with army troops into Chechnya, storming of Grozny, the fight against looting and other criminal phenomena in the armed forces, the number of criminal cases.

Aslan Maskhadov, gives an interview about the talks with the command of the Russian troops in the fighting in Chechnya, the provision of assistance to the wounded, exchange of prisoners, the need for peace talks, political disagreements in the negotiations, the need to define the legal status of Chechnya.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Anatoly Kulikov about Maskhadov, meetings with him, his role in the peace negotiations.

Commander of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry General Anatoly Romanov says about his contacts with Maskhadov and work together with them in the negotiations.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Arkady Volsky and Anatoly Kulikov about the level of crime among the Chechens and Ingush, on the inadmissibility of Claims Russian and Chechen peoples, Chechen field commanders, not to obey the orders of the ceasefire, the disagreements within the Chechen armed groups.

Field Commander Vahid Murdeshev spoke on the conduct of their negotiations with the Russian commanders to cease hostilities, blames the constant violation of the armistice the Russian side.

Ruslan Labazanov gives an interview about the futility of the peace talks because of a lack of authority from Imaeva and Maskhadov, a complex military-political situation in Chechnya, the need for resolute action by the Russian government.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Anatoly Kulikov on the military situation in Chechnya, the armistice violations, the establishment of cooperation between the Russian and Chechen commanders of Labazanov position in the current situation, on the causes of the tragedy in Budennovsk, on the need to strengthen the protection of strategic facilities.

Arkady Volsky says the words of Dudayev on holding a series of terrorist attacks in Russia, the responsibility of the parties who signed the agreement on the role of Khasbulatov in the negotiation process.

Ruslan Khasbulatov, gives an interview about the events in Chechnya after the signing of peace agreements, ways of their implementation, the elections in Chechnya, about their possible involvement in them.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Arkady Volsky and Anatoly Kulikov on the possibility for Khasbulatov become president of Chechnya, a high ranking Khasbulatov in some areas of the country, need to unite the anti-Dudayev forces, state-building in Chechnya, the appointment of the authorized representative, the speedy end of the war in Chechnya.


Anatoly Sergeyevich Kulikov - state and political figure Arkady Volsky - public and political figure Ruslan Khasbulatov Imranovich - state and political figure Anatoly Romanov - commander Maskhadov Aslan Aliev - Chechen statesman Imaev Usman Kasimovich - Chechen politician Hajiyev Salambek Naibovich - Chechen politician petrochemist Labazanov Ruslan Khamidovich - Chechen political and military leader

Calendar: 04.08.1995

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