The Indians of Peru (1998-2000)

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Scene №1 The Indians of Peru

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The man floats in a boat among the reeds, swim to the shore.

A man collects cane, view of the river and mountains.

The man floats in a boat, towing a bundle of reeds.

Panorama Mountains.

Oleg Aliev and the locals are about to Lamas, loaded with luggage (filmed from behind), one of the Lamas tries to escape.

Aliyev is ahead of the caravan of llamas.

Aliyev and locals sail down the river in a motor boat.

Panorama of the forest on the river bank.

Aliyev with the conductor goes through the rainforest, swamp overcome.

Tree frog crawling on a tree branch.

The Indians are prepared to collect the poison tree frog, stretch her body.

The process of collecting tree frog poison for the manufacture of a hallucinogenic substance used by hunters tribe.

Native American causes the poison on the body tribesman and cauterize the place smeared with poison.

Injun under the influence of the poison tree frog.

The Indians applied war paint before the hunt, face women and men on the face and body.

Aliyev with the Indian-conductor goes through the woods with a gun in his hand.

Native American shoots an arrow at a monkey sitting on a branch, the monkey falls, the Indian finishes it with a stick.

Aliyev and Indians coming to the village, set in a large hut, interior view of the hut, the women cook, taste it and spit back.

Indian treats Aliyev local drink.

Indian hunts in the rainforest with the help of a brass tube, killing a parrot.

Leopard on the tree (close-up).

Woman floating in a canoe on the river.


Oleg Aliev - documentary filmmaker, director, traveler

Calendar: 1998-2000

Locations: Peru

Seasons: Summer [824]

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