Sight 05.04.1999 (1999)

Telecast №68492, 1 part, duration: 0:39:42
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Bodrov

Reel №1

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Discussion of the difficulties of movement in the territory of Yugoslavia, in connection with military actions.

An excerpt of the concert in 1998 with the participation of Yuri Shevchuk in memory of those killed in Chechnya.

Alexander Lyubimov tells about the bombing of Belgrade.

Reporting from St.

Petersburg to dismiss American teachers BSTU "Voenmech" name Ustinov.

Rector Yuri Savelyev explains the reasons for the dismissal of teachers.

Teacher Jeremy Guin answers related issues.

Yu.P.Savelev talks about sanctions against the university.

The students' opinions about the situation.

Yu.P.Savelev read out an order for the restoration of the teachers in the posts.

Meeting members of the social-political movement "Student" on the basis of BSTU "Voenmech", discussion of a trip to Belgrade for humanitarian purposes.

Students visiting program, continued talking about the trip.

The causes and consequences of armed conflicts.

Reflections on the moral and ethical standards.

What exactly is going to help the young people of Yugoslavia.

Discussion of NATO.

The story of the student action in St.

Petersburg, a tribute to the victims.

Search simple solutions - the need or whim.

What is patriotism, and what he expresses.

Teleconference with Belgrade correspondent Andrei Kirisenko talks about the current situation in the city.

The story of Andrei Tarkovsky and his film "Stalker".

Homeland director: city and village Yurievets Zavrazhnov.

Villagers share memories about the director.

Memorial Day in the Tarkovsky Museum.

V.S.Terentev remembers and talks about other communication of the film "Stalker" with world events.

Yurievets, locals say about the movie and its connection with the search for meaning in life.

Director Tatiana Zhilyanina talks about the museum.

Panorama of the city.

Sergei Bodrov tells the account number for the transfer of funds to victims of the bombing.

An excerpt of the concert in Belgrade.


Shevchuk YY - Rock musician, songwriter, actor, artist, music producer, leader of "DDT" group, People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan. YP Savelyev - Russian scientist raketostroitel, doctor of technical sciences, professor, rector of Belarusian State Technological University "Voenmech" name Ustinov, social and political activist. Kirisenko AV - The director of television and documentary films, author and director of TV programs, master of sports of international class (MSIC) for practical shooting, Advisor to the General Director of Concern "Kalashnikov". Anokhin AY - PhD in philosophy, social and political activist.

Calendar: 1998

Locations: St. Petersburg [814] Ivanovo region [776] Belgrade [975]

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