Dignity (2013)

Documentary №68556, 1 film, duration: 0:26:05
Production: MASTER
Director:Gureev M.
Screenwriters:Gureev M.
Camera operators:Timohin E., Shuljga S.
Sound producer:Brus V.


Dignity in life and sport. How to keep it? How not to change yourself, despite any trials.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Timur Yukhadi in his room - talks about the various nuances of the search for deposits.

MSU, Faculty of Geology, audience - students before the lecture.

The audience, a view of the teacher at the department, a blackboard.

Large - Timur writes in a notebook.

Students sit at their desks, take notes, listen to the teacher, and so on.

View of the interactive screen - the teacher makes notes that are shown on the screen.

Large - Timur is at a lecture, listening to a teacher.

A sports complex, athletes walk, in the foreground a young man reads a textbook on higher mathematics.

Sports hall, athletes are at the start of the race.

A female athlete is warming up.

Timur is in the gym, before training.

Athletes start - they run a sprint.

Timur Yukhadi speaks.

Photos from geological expeditions in which Timur Yukhadi took part.

Timur Yukhadi speaks.

Photos from the expedition in Chukotka.

Timur Yukhadi speaks.

Large - Timur's face.

MSU, corridors of the Faculty of Geology - Timur walks along the corridor, crosses the foyer and enters the auditorium.

Paralympic athletes are coming down the stairs - fencing coach Mikhail Alexandrov helps an athlete in a wheelchair down, followed by a man on crutches and a woman with a wheelchair.

Says Mikhail Alexandrov.

Mikhail Alexandrov is in the hall, talking to his ward in a wheelchair.

Sports hall, training is underway, Paralympians are warming up, fencing, etc.

Gym - athletes warm up, train, runners on the track, sprinters start, etc.

In the frame is coach Mikhail Alexandrov, giving instructions to athletes in wheelchairs.

Training - an athlete in a wheelchair fencing with a coach, children are warming up in the foreground.

Large - the face of a wheelchair athlete.

Large - wheelchair wheels.

Close-up - a man and a woman are talking.

An athlete in a wheelchair, together with a coach, is practicing strokes, other wheelchair athletes are standing nearby and watching.

Says Mikhail Alexandrov.

MSU, Faculty of Geology - a view from the window of the territory, buildings, a panorama of the audience, students sitting at their desks, in the frame - Timur Yukhadi.

Gym, athletes train, warm up, runners on the track - Timur sits on a bench, then gets up and goes to the center of the hall.

Different shots of the training process in the gym.

Timur Yukhadi speaks.

Large - Timur's face.

Timur Yukhadi speaks.

MSU audience - students at their desks, reading, discussing, etc.

Large - Timur Yukhadi is standing with his back.

Fencing coach Mikhail Alexandrov is sitting on the couch.

There are fencing masks hanging on the wall.

Says Mikhail Alexandrov.

Training of Paralympians - athletes fencing in wheelchairs.

A man in a wheelchair helps a girl set up a stroller.

In the frame, female fencers are sitting on a bench.

Gym, runners training - Timur Yukhadi is sitting on a bench with other guys, watching the race.

Building children in training.

Wheelchair athletes in the gym, at fencing training.

Says Paralympian athlete Sergey Barinov.

The sign on the door is "Gym.

Fencing", athletes in wheelchairs in the hall can be seen through the slightly open door.

Says Barinov.

Photos from Barinov's archive - trainings, competitions, awards, etc.

Timur Yukhadi is in the gym at training.

Timur is at MSU, in the audience - the lecture is over, all the students are leaving.

Close-up portrait of a scientist on the wall in the classroom.

Students leave the classroom.

Timur Yukhadi speaks.

Says Mikhail Alexandrov.

Key words

Sports, higher education, MSU, gym, fencing, Paralympians, wheelchair athletes, training

Locations: Moscow

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