Generation / Generation (2015)

Documentary №68559, 1 film, duration: 0:50:19
Production: MASTER
Director:Gureev M.
Screenwriters:Gureev M.
Camera operators:Timohin E., Mavletdinov I., Lando S., Gureev M.


This film is about a generation that found itself and implemented in the new Russia, but then it all began - in the USSR.

Movie №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photographer Artem Zhitenev at the table with a camera - taking pictures.

Says the artist Vasya Lozhkin (shooting in the artist's studio).

Close-up - a panorama of men sitting on a park bench.

Chronicle of the 1980s - members of the government, party figures (Ustinov D. F., Shevardnadze E. A., etc.), a solemn meeting at the factory on the occasion of Brezhnev's birthday L. I. A girl walks down the street.

On the street there is a terrible figure of an old man with a tray.

Vasya Lozhkin's painting.

Street, there is a man with an old bicycle.

A man in a suit is playing a tune.

Says Vasya Lozhkin.

In the frame is the artist Nikolai Kopeikin.

Frames with paintings by Vasya Lozhkin.

Says Vasya Lozhkin.

Lozhkin's painting.

Says psychiatrist Mikhail Marshev.

Rehearsal of musicians, Marshev talking on the phone.

Says Marshev.

Musicians are playing.

Says Marshev.

Live concert - "Vasya Lozhkin and some people" perform.

The chronicle of 1977 - the parade on Red Square, people with flags, banners.

Vasya Lozhkin sings.

Chronicle of the 1970s - a parade, a demonstration on Red Square, Brezhnev L. I., Kosygin and others are standing on the podium, demonstrators are walking.

"Vasya Lozhkin and some people" perform.

Says Nikolai Kopeikin.

Says Vasya Lozhkin.

Says Artem Zhitenev.

The composer Anton Silaev speaks.

Says the artist Biljo A. G. Says Mikhail Marshev.

The concert, the musician at the console, creates special sound effects.

The chronicle of 1982 - the funeral of Brezhnev, on the podium of the mausoleum are members of the government - Kosygin, Chernenko, etc.

A girl on stilts gets out of the car, puts on a red dress.

Frames with paintings by Nikolai Kopeikin.

Says Kopeikin.

Says Marshev.

In the frame is the poet, singer and musician Vadim Stepantsov.

Concert of a rock band.

Chronicle of the 1980s - flags of 15 Union republics are flying.

Concert of a rock band.

Says Lozhkin.

In the frame - Dmitry Shagin (mitek) sings.

Paintings from the exhibition "witchcraft artists".

Says Kopeikin.

The concert of the group NOM. Chronicle of the 1980s - Gorbachev, Ryzhkov and other members of the government on the podium of the mausoleum, demonstration on November 7, flags, banners, Gorbachev waving from the podium.

The concert of the group NOM. Chronicle of the 1990s - Yeltsin and his bodyguard Korzhakov, get out of the car, communicate with people, election events, a poster with Yeltsin "Elections-96", Yeltsin in a crowd of people.

The concert of the group NOM. Biljo says.

Marshev is in the office, talking on the phone, a friend and a patient come into his office.

Says Marshev.

Concert, Marchers and musicians perform, play and sing the blues.

Close-up - a panorama of men sitting on a park bench, a woman is sitting next to them, covering her face.

The street, fences are installed, repairs are underway, there are builders, utilities.

Large - a statue of a woman (modern).

Lozhkin is in the frame.

Marshev sings.

Says Zhitenev.

Concert, Vasya Lozhkin plays and sings.

Performance on the street - actors on stilts in costumes.

Says Zhitenev, shows different photos with Yeltsin.

Concert, Vasya Lozhkin plays and sings.

Says Marshev.

Exhibition of paintings, art objects, visitors, artists in the frame. frames with different paintings.

Says Kopeikin.

Kopeikin's painting from the cycle about elephants.

Says Kopeikin.

Says Zhitenev, shows different photos with Putin, Medvedev.

Cardboard images of different characters in the form of matryoshkas are flipped through.

Night, some kind of event, bonfires are burning in barrels, people drink, smoke hookahs, communicate.

In the frame - Vadim Stepantsov.

People around the campfire, a panorama of motorcycles, the clubhouse.

Stepantsov says.

Musicians play jazz, Silaev is a soloist on the trumpet.

Says Silaev.

Old Arbat, musicians, actors on stilts, in costumes, etc. are walking down the street.

Says Zhitenev.

Zhitenev is sitting in the car, holding a camera in his hands, getting out of the car, walking down the street, taking pictures of people on the Arbat, artists and musicians (different photos of Zhitenev are shown in a mix).

Says Shagin.

Exhibition - frames with paintings, visitors, photographers, artists, etc.

The musician of the band NOM sings.

Says the musician, leader and founder of the NOM group Andrey Kagadeev.

The concert of the group NOM. Biljo says.

Shots with different Biljo cartoons.

Biljo says.

Says Zhitenev.

The door to the recording studio opens.

Silaev and the sound engineer are sitting in the studio listening to the recording.

Large-screen monitor, hand on a computer mouse, sound recording equipment.

Marshev sings, musicians play.


Kudelin A. V. (Vasya Lozhkin) - rossijskij hudozhnik i dizajner, muzikant Ustinov D. F. - sovetskij voenachaljnik i gosudarstvennij deyatelj, chlen Politbyuro CK KPSS, ministr oboroni SSSR Shevardnadze E. A. - sovetskij i gruzinskij politicheskij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj, ministr inostrannih del SSSR, prezident Gruzii Kopejkin N. - rossijskij hudozhnik, kinorezhisser, muzikant Kosigin A. N. - sovetskij gosudarstvennij i partijnij deyatelj, predsedatelj Soveta ministrov SSSR Brezhnev L. I. - sovetskij gosudarstvennij i partijnij deyatelj, Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS Silaev A. - kompozitor, muzikant Biljzho A. G. - rossijskij hudozhnik-karikaturist Chernenko K. I. - sovetskij partijnij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj. Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS Stepancov V. Yu. - rossijskij poet, pevec, muzikant Shagin D. V. - sovetskij i rossijskij hudozhnik, kinorezhissyor, aktyor, chlen tvorcheskoj gruppi «Mitjki» Gorbachev M. S. - sovetskij partijnij i politicheskij deyatelj, Generaljnij sekretarj SSSR, prezident SSSR Rizhkov N. I. - sovetskij i rossijskij partijnij i gosudarstvennij deyatelj, predsedatelj Soveta ministrov SSSR Eljcin B. N. - sovetskij i rossijskij politicheskij deyatelj, prezident Rossii Kagadeev A. V. - muzikant, lider i osnovatelj gruppi NOM

Calendar: 1980 1977 1982

Locations: Moscow [820]

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