Sight 11/11/1988 (1988)

Telecast №68781, 1 part, duration: 1:38:04
Production: VID
Anchor:Vladislav Flyarkovskij, Irina Volkova, Aleksandr Politkovskij

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Supports group "Pilgrim."

Videopismo of the Voronezh area: turn before the petrol station.

People discussing restrictions on gasoline issue (not more than 10 liters).

Guests of the studio - Valery Savitsky lawyer and columnist for "Literary Gazette" Alexander B. Borin.

Presenters discussed the dismissal of questions.

Irina Volkova about the problem, "the little man psychology" in general in society.

The meeting with the deputies of the Supreme Council, to discuss the new electoral system.

Acting Exchange in September 1988: how to increase the prestige of the theatrical professions.

Interview with the former first secretary of the regional committee of Komsomol Victor Gubin on the need for change in the Komsomol organizations.

"CB" is a group.

Interview with Academician Sakharov about the upcoming conference in the United States.

Work in the fund "For the survival and development of mankind."

Academician of his work in the field of nuclear weapons.

Speaker Group "ADO".

Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of Internal Affairs of Lviv Rodyanskogo V.S.Andryushkiv talks about his article about the nationalist movement in Western Ukraine in the 1940s.

Discussion raise funds for a monument to the victims of repression.

The topic of conversation in the studio - Stalinism and its consequences.

Do I need a public trial of the people Stalin.

The problem of social apathy of society.

First All-Union Festival of Documentary Film in Sverdlovsk.

Director Robert Khisamov of the film "Scary" game "young".

Hard naturalism life.

A fragment of the film.

Preview of the movie "Publication" (1988, directed by V.G.Volkov).

Supports group "DDT".

Meet at the gate of the Crimean television in Simferopol.

Woman tells of a son with disabilities.

Life in terms of lack of funds.

For assistance to the authorities to address useless.

Comments Anna Politkovskaya.

Announcement of the social and political action "Week of conscience."

The plot of the activity of pseudo-reporter of the program "The View" in Drohobych and Truskavets.

Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Affairs V.I.Dashko dedicates these correspondents in the details of the investigation.

How and why did not verify the identity of the person.

Based on what he believed.

Comments on the situation of the market director and chairman of the executive committee V.A.Burovin B.D.Petrovsky.

The head of the circus studio "Cascade" N.H.Dobrovolsky: false correspondent helped solve a number of problems.

First Secretary of the CC LKSMU R.T.Matskiv announced plans to hold a meeting with the youth.

Steve Martin: clip "This is - a professional" with excerpts comedies.

Anna Politkovskaya of the people wanted, telephone numbers.

The plot of the Simferopol co-op "pipeline."

Interviews with workers on the implementation of government orders.

Working conditions in the cooperative: the ratio of loads and salaries.

Colin James Hay: clip "Someday".

Continuing the theme of cooperatives in the studio.

Cooperative Production "Thrift", which specializes in the processing of recycled materials: tile from recycled money.

V.P.Flyarkovsky guests discuss new laws.

V.M.Savitsky on enhancing the role of the court in the state.

Total imperfection of the judicial system.

Contradictions departmental instructions adopted laws.

The civil rights of the population.

The plot of the Archangel squadron.

New commander V.M.Popel: interview about the work of Aeroflot.

Changes in the economy.

Interviews with members of the detachment commander of the election.

Presenters and guests answer questions from viewers.

Video archive: presentation "The Beatles" group.


VM Savitsky - Doctor of Law, Professor, Head of the Department of Justice issues Institute of State and Law. AD Sakharov - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor, academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences, a prominent public figure, Hero of Socialist Labor. Shevchuk YY - Rock musician, songwriter, actor, artist, music producer, leader of "DDT" group, People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Martin SG - American actor, writer, singer, composer, producer. Haye KD - Australian singer, songwriter, actor, leader of the group "Men at Work". McCartney DP - British musician, producer, artist and co-founder of the group "The Beatles", a public figure. Lennon DU - British musician, producer, artist and co-founder of the group "The Beatles", the actor. Starr R. (R. Starkey) - British musician, songwriter, drummer of the band "The Beatles", the actor. D. Harrison - British musician, writer, producer, guitarist of the band "The Beatles", the actor.

Locations: Voronezh region [775] Moscow [820] Ukraine [229] Sverdlovsk [876] Crimea [981] Arkhangelsk region [768]

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