The Victory of Socialism in the USSR.. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Zhukovskaya I.


On the implementation of the plans for the construction of socialism in the USSR.

History | Domestic policy

Reel №1

Newsreel, 1925: a general view of Red Square (above).

General view of the Manege Square (above).

Tram on the streets of Moscow.

Distribution of newspapers tram passengers.

Face newspaperman.

View of the Moscow Kremlin's Spasskaya tower.

Photo 14 delegates of the Congress of the RCP (b) in the meeting room.

Newsreel, 1925: 14 delegates of the RCP (b) listening to the speaker.

View of the presidium of the congress.

The delegates vote.

Demobilized Red Army before leaving for the construction of the Magnitogorsk combine.

People with things and tools in the hands run along the railroad car.

Construction of the blast furnaces of the Magnitogorsk plant in 1928.

A general view of one of the blast furnaces built plant.

Laying rails Turksib.

Camel sniffs rails.

General view of the construction of the Dnieper.

Bow on the Turksib.

The first train, the opening movement along Turksib.

Face builder Turksib.

View of the locomotive coming along Turksib.

Industrial landscape.

The production process in the iron foundry one of the plants.

Persons working foundry.

The first tractor, released the Stalingrad Tractor Plant, leaves the plant.

Agricultural machinery is moving along the embankment of the Moskva River.

General view of the conference room 15 Congress of the CPSU (b) in December 1927.

The congress delegates listen to the speaker.

IV Stalin He performs with the Congress rostrum.

Delegates listen to Stalin.

AI Mikoyan He performs with the Congress rostrum.

Delegates listen Mikoyan.

NK Krupskaya He performs with the Congress rostrum.

The delegates applauded.

She performs at the village meeting.

Farmers voted for the creation of a collective farm.

Working in the shop of the plant get directions to the village to help build the organization of collective farms.

The sheet with the signatures of the workers.

Plowing boundaries tractors.

Farmers in Central Asia receive new farming equipment.

Farmers working for threshing grain.

View of the building of Moscow State University.

Lecture on rabfak.

Students of workers' school during class.

Gorky AM in the office behind a desk.

Portrait of KA Timiryazev Newsreel 1927: Professor Bekhterev VM acts Face Michurin.

Tsiolkovsky explains the design of the airship in the early 1930s.

Academician Pavlov, IP during one of his experiments.

Bekhterev lecturing.

The steamer "Chelyuskin" goes on the ice.

OY Schmidt It is the aircraft with pilots polar aviation after landing on an ice floe in 1937.

Participants drifting expedition of 1937 in the Arctic.

Flying the aircraft.

VP Chkalov and Bajdukov GF the plane after the flight over the North Pole.

Demolition of the old building in Moscow, by explosion.

The construction of the Moscow metro in 1933.

The stations of the Moscow metro after opening.

General view of the Dnieper and the rally on the occasion of its opening.

Industrial landscape (top).

Working excavator.

Tractors harvesting.

View steam locomotive going on rails (top).

The production process at a textile factory.

Work shoemaker at work.

Production at factories.

Those workers.

Miner AG Stakhanov He is working in the mine in 1935 year.

Stakhanov Brigade comes from the bottom after setting the record for coal mining.

People applaud.

Stakhanov with a bouquet of flowers.

Persons stahanovok - tractor driver P. Angelina and agronomist Demchenko M. Krivonos PF driver He climbs into the cab of the locomotive.

Weaver Vinogradov sisters at work.

View the Order of Lenin.

Newsreel, 1934: a general view of the meeting room 17th Congress of the CPSU (b).

VV Kuibyshev of the floor.

Congress delegates vote.

SM Kirov vote as part of the Leningrad delegation.

The delegates in the hall applauded.

Tukhachevsky MN and SM Budyonny watching the actions of the troops during maneuvers.

Tanks go through the forest.

Dropping paratroopers on the maneuvers of the Kiev military district in 1930.

Tanks on Red Square during the May Day parade, the square flying aircraft "Maxim Gorky".

Rural feast.

The smiling faces of the peasants.

Children with flags during a May Day demonstration in Moscow.

Sportswoman with a banner on the model of the globe.

There is a column of athletes.

They're coming athletes with banners sporting societies.

They're coming athletes with bouquets of flowers.


Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich [842] - a state and political figure Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan - state and political figure Krupskaya Krupskaya - a revolutionary, social and political activist Gorky (Peshkov) Gorky - writer, playwright Ivan Vladimirovich Michurin - biologist, breeder Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev - a psychiatrist, neurologist Tsiolkovsky Tsiolkovsky - the scientist and inventor Ivan Petrovich Pavlov - scientist-physiologist Schmidt Schmidt - scientist, geographer, polar explorer Valery Chkalov - test pilot Bajdukov George Filippovich - test pilot Kuibyshev Valerian Vladimirovich - state and political figure Sergei Kirov Myronovych - state and political figure Tukhachevsky Mikhail Nikolayevich - commander Budyonny Semyon Mikhailovich - commander


1925 12.1927 1928 1930 1933 1934 1935 1937


Moscow Ukraine Magnitogorsk USSR Arctic


Winter [823] Summer [824] Spring [825]

Congress of the CPSU; CPSU activity; Political figures; Figures of science; Army; Industry; Construction; Agriculture; Trains; Education