Guerilla Paths Of Angola. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Komarov V.

Script writers: Ignatev O.

Operators: Egorov YU., Komarov V.

Composers: Meerovich M.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.


A film about the struggle of guerillas of Angola anainst Portugese colonizers.

Historical background

Angolan patriots under the leadership of the MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola) have been fighting with the Portuguese colonizers.

Temporary description

People's liberation struggle of the Angolan people with the Portuguese colonizers. Soviet cameramen, journalists in the liberated areas of Angola, as a partisan; life, fighting unit.

Reel №1

Angolan guerrilla group laying mines at night, set fire to the cord and blow up the bridge.

The explosion on the bridge - LS. (Night).

Burning grass.

Burning machine Portuguese colonizers set fire Angolan guerrillas.

Guerrillas night campfire sing song (synchronously).

The head of the MPLA, the national poet Agostinho Neto of Angola, together with the commanders of guerrilla units of the card dismantle the operation.

Map of Africa - MS.

Group of partisans, and with them the Soviet cameramen to walk through the narrow sandy paths on torrid jungles.

Pass commander Dezabu guerrilla group, guerrilla Commissioner Junior, commanding intelligence Kilimanjaro, board member of the MPLA Spartacus Monimambu.

Things yaufy guerrillas and cameramen on the bank of the river.

Guerrillas loaded things into the boat and the boat floating on the river under the overhanging trees, the reeds, then go on foot to the guerrilla base.

In wire fence base hourly checks documents guerrillas pass them on the base, next to one of the villages liberated areas of Angola.

Men, women, children happily greeted come to them guerrillas.

Angolan women face - CU.

A woman with a child in her arms, the child reaches for the machine partisan, stoke.

Guerrillas in the line repeat the words of the oath to fight for the liberation of their homeland.

Men play on tom-tom.

Women and men dance.

Dancing woman in national ornaments.

Men with rifles on their shoulders dancing.

Scenery of dry areas.

Men are killed in the camp of a mountain goat.

Angolan woman smokes a cigarette - CU.

Woman combing a child.

Men and women harvested cassava - are different.

Baby sitting on the ground, the woman clears cassava.

Carry baskets of cassava from the field.

A woman carrying a child on the head is a basket of cassava.

Women in their huts are pounded in a mortar, cassava, make flour, knead the dough.

Partizan eats.

Partizan smokes - CU.

Paramedic Bazadio guerrilla group, who studied in the Soviet Union, bandaging a wounded comrade, singing Soviet song (synchronously).

Bazadio medical center in a tent on the taking of sick children.

A woman with a sick child waits for.

The meeting of the local organizing committee of Angolan women in the guerrilla base.

Chairman of the Committee on 27-year-old Serta, which came in the squad with two children, teaches girls shooting machine.

Girls shoot at a target - CU.

Paper target hanging on a branch - CU.

Hands play on tom-tom.

Pass the boys who have a partisan unit.

The old woman rubs Nasapatu boys foreheads of cassava flour that according to popular belief gives man strength and courage.

Women sing a song.

Serta presents a towel boy.

The young men who joined the partisans, say goodbye to the camp residents before a long journey.

Reel №2

Young guerrillas in the ranks.

Detachment commander Dezabu teaches young guerrillas firing guns at targets, conducting political instruction.

Guerrillas listen.

Map of Angola.

The card carries Dezabu politbesedu.

Partisan in the ranks - CU.

Braganza guerrillas in a tent a lesson with the children.

Pupils chorus repeat the words of a teacher (synchronously).

Dezabu reading book, Dmitry Medvedev, "It was exactly a» - CU., MS.

Guerrillas based resting.

Dezabu learn to read 12 years of Mozambique, the son of the regiment: he dictates, check book.

Mozambique before the teacher reads the ABC.


PNRM. on the machine - CU.

Mozambique learns to shoot a rifle model 1903, taking an exam Dezabu shooting.

Mozambique shows boys machine, smokes - CU.

Dezabu guerrilla group prepares for a new operation - fired Portuguese fort Kayanda: military exercises guerrillas.

From the order is sent to the fort under the command of intelligence Kilimanjaro.

The scouts are on burnt colonial village.

Charred poles in the village, broken utensils.

Women with small baggage leaving the village.

Says a woman named mat, left his home near Fort Kayanda: tells how the soldiers of the garrison took Portuguese girls in the village, among the girls was her 14-year-old daughter (synchronously).

Kilimanjaro guerrillas from the ashes of the burnt leaf lifts ABC - CU.

A former teacher looks at Kilimanjaro charred ruins of the village.

Guerrillas approached the fort Kayanda, are watching from the shelter.

Kilimanjaro looks through binoculars.

Fort Kayanda.

Detachment commander said guerrillas fired plan colonial garrison.

A squad of guerrilla base at night goes to the firing of the fort.

The bombardment of the fort: shoot machine guns, flamethrowers, machine guns.

Guerrillas in service after the fight.

Are Dezabu, Junior.

Guerrillas in the line uttered an oath before a new fight.

Guerrilla group on trails in the jungle makes his way to a fighting position.

Above the water surface of the sun rises.