A Rendezvous With Hungary.. (1970)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Tikhonov V.


About the 25th Anniversary of the People's Republic of Hungary, about the life of modern Hungary, its people and achievements of the people's power.

Temporary description

Budapest. Monument on Gellert Hill. Memorial, the place of Soviet soldiers who liberated the city. Monument. Laying wreaths at the memorial to members of the delegation of the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Poland. Parade of troops on the square. At the podium: Leonid Brezhnev, J. Kadar. Streets. Life, Recreation citizens. Monuments of architecture. Production processes at the plant. Landscapes of Lake Balaton, the Danube River. Chronicle: destruction. Dead Soviet parliamentarians. Military action. Release of Budapest. Soviet soldiers on the streets of the city (1944-1945 GG). Photos of members of the clandestine organization of the Red Brigades.

Reel №1

Budapest in the haze of early morning of April - LS. plans, spring.

The bridge over the Danube - LS.

Monument monument "Liberation" sculpture Strobl, built on Gellert Hill in memory of the soldiers who died for the liberation of the Hungarian people from fascism - LS.

People go to the monument - LS.

People of all ages at the monument - CU. plans.

Cemetery of Soviet soldiers who fell in the battle for the liberation of Hungary, white tombstones with inscriptions on them: "Two men RED ARMY" and the names of the dead: Zakharkin - major, died in 1945, Vladimir Kuzmenko - Lieutenant, died in 1945, ER Danelyuk - The captain, died in 1945, Grebenshchikov YN - Soldier.

Died in 1945, Komarov AP - Lieutenant, died in 1945, Mamykin IA - Lieutenant, died in 1945 AD Vasiliev St. lieutenant, died in 1945, treaty to VN - The captain, died in 1945, Fedor Fomin - The captain, died in 1945, Shilo A. - Lieutenant, died in 1945, Boreznov IV - Lieutenant, died in 1945 - PNRM., CU. plans.

The honor guard at the monument - MS., CU.

Monument on Gellert Hill (woman with a palm branch) - LS., PNRM. from the foot up.

Parade of the Hungarian People's Army in honor of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Hungary by the Soviet Army from the fascist yoke - columns of troops Avenue Parade - LS., MS.

The soldiers in the ranks - CU. plans.

PNRM. for military flag with Ribbons - CU.

LI Brezhnev, leader of the Hungarian People's Republic of Kadar and others on the government platform.

On the area in front of the podium passing cavalry group of Red Army defenders of the Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919, the cavalry unit in clothes guerrillas, who helped the Soviet troops in 1945 in the defeat of the Nazis, teams of workers' militia.

By area, the troops are units of the Hungarian People's Army - motorized units.

Self-propelled missile - PNRM., LS., MS. plans.

The empty space are two women with prams - LS.

Preschool children, built in pairs, go to the monument to VI Lenin, pass by the monument.

General view of Budapest from the bridge over the Danube - LS., Spring.

Streets, leisurely walking pedestrians.

Walking along the promenade - several of them. plans.

The building of the old cathedral, rebuilt after the military collapse.

K / footage of World War II:

The destroyed building of the cathedral - LS.

Soviet envoys sent to Nazi garrison with a proposal to surrender and save the city from destructive fighting.

Nazis shoot Soviet envoys.

Killed Soviet envoys.

Monuments to Soviet TRUCE: Major IA Ostapenko - Ukrainians - LS., Captain NS Steinmetz - Hungary - LS., CU.

The inscription on the pedestal of the monument to Captain Steinmetz ... uli (in Hungarian).

Budapest in the spring of the year 1970: Cafe on the street, with a few tables sit visitors - LS.

Selling souvenirs on the streets of the city.

Residents of the city resting on a bench in the park.

Sits a couple of old people.

Old women sit quietly talking.

Freedom Square - LS.

Fotovitrina the devastation in Budapest during the war.

PNRM. at passersby.

K / footage of World War II:

Explosions in Budapest, plant explodes, collapsing factory chimneys.

German artillery fire on the building.

Street fighting in Budapest.

Advancing Soviet soldiers, shoot, run across to the new position.

Along the street are wounded Soviet officers and soldiers.

Soviet soldiers running down the street, one of them being undermined by a mine - freeze frame.

Reel №2

Monument "Liberation" on Gellert Hill - LS., With out fault.

Bridge over the Danube in Budapest (old) - LS., Rebuilt after war damage.

This - the bridge, which was destroyed during the war - LS.

Another bridge (more modern), rebuilt in the postwar period - LS.

This - the bridge, which was destroyed during the war - LS.

Destroyed buildings.

Faces of young Wenger (1970) - CU.

Document the Hungarian underground organization "Red Brigade» - CU.

Photos of members of the "Red Brigade" Eva Braun, Ron Franz and their comrades - CU.

Lovers sit in the park, kissing.

Resting woman with child.

Fishermen on the Danube (in the city).

Boy and girl on the beach - MS.

Slowly pass pedestrians on city streets - are different.

In liberated Budapest Soviet soldiers salute volley of rifle.

PNRM. - The flag of the liberation of Budapest.

Soviet troops pulled out of the basement of the building where the German soldiers hiding.

Budapest residents welcome Soviet soldiers - liberators.

Soviet tankers passing through the liberation of Budapest, residents greet them, Hungarian girls, pick up the tanks drive through with Soviet soldiers.

Hungarians talking to Soviet soldiers, sabotage German sign, hung a sign with the name of the city in Hungarian.

German officer, Nazi garrison commander, who refused to surrender to Soviet forces captured without a fight for the preservation of historical monuments of the city and people's lives, the killer of the Soviet envoys, who was captured in Budapest.

Soviet soldiers awarded the medal "For the liberation of Budapest."

Medal "For the liberation of Budapest» - CU.

The captured German officer looks at the Soviet soldiers, a Soviet soldier wrote on the chalkboard "Budapest".

Former captain Alexander Roth, who took part in the battles for the liberation of Budapest, in the battle for the Budapest Conservatory, from which the Germans fired, passes through the streets of the restored city of Budapest.

K / footage and photographs of 1945.

Street fighting in Budapest.

Alexander Roth in combat.

Killed by Soviet cameraman with camera in hand - MS.

Another Soviet cameraman shoots street fighting in Budapest.

Alexander Roth, now a professor, department head at the Uzhgorod University (he knows 22 languages) in a group of Hungarian children.


Captain A. Roth (1945).

Professor A. Roth, who was invited to lecture in Budapest, in the audience tells the students about the battles for the liberation of Budapest, on the battles for the Conservatory (synchronously in Hungarian with voice-over translation).

Scenes of street fighting for conservatives - are different.

The building of the Budapest Conservatory and the hall after the city's liberation from the Nazis.

Piano in the hall.

The building in the restored Conservatory Budapest.

Budapest - LS., From a helicopter.

Spring 1970.

The meeting of Soviet and Hungarian leaders - LI Brezhnev, NV Booster greet J. Kadar.

Kadar welcomes leaders of the socialist countries.

Hungarian people welcome Ulbricht (c / shooting from different years) to / slime.

Budapest, the surrounding areas, taken from a helicopter.

Herd of horses grazing.

It takes a freight train (from the tank).

Large steel plants, taken from a helicopter - LS.

Construction of power plants, high voltage transmission lines - MS., CU.

High-voltage line, PNRM. the Danube from the helicopter - LS.

Place your boat in the water in Hungarian shipyard.

Building resorts on the shores of Lake Balaton.

Workers rest at Lake Balaton, treated a man water skiing, sunbathing on the beach, swim in the lake - LS.

Firework display in Budapest in honor of the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Hungary from the Nazis.

Tomb with the NDP at the plate, two unidentified Red Army, illuminated glow of fireworks.

The boy's face lit by the light of fireworks - CU.

Monument with the NDP on the stove, "Hero of the Soviet Union, Private Burmistrov Yuri fell Smet brave when the job command 1934-24/H-1956 GG

Plate on the monument with the NDP "Guard Captain Arbekov IA Belmeev PM, Bokzhevnikov I."

Fireworks over the area - LS.