"YAKs" in the Air. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Soloveva N.

Script writers: Markusha A.

Operators: Khavchin A., Savin A.

Composers: Marutaev M.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film is about the history of establishment of the Design Bureau under the supervision of A.S. Yakovlev, a Russian aircraft designer.

Discoveries | Institutions of science | Air force

Science | Defense and internal security | Army

Reel №1

The air link jets perform aerobatics.

Earth through airplane window, clouds.

Plane lands, grass slopes, the plane abruptly goes into the thick clouds.

At the airport taxis aircraft.

Commander PF Tumas on the plane responds to questions

correspondent (synchronously).

Guinean pilots at the Moscow airport talk about studying in the USSR (synchronously).

Taxis plane "IL-18" Guinean airline.

Indian aircraft taxis.

PNRM. aerodrome for aircraft of different makes.

The pilots are dressed in costumes for the high-rise and high-speed flight

talk about their first flights (synchronously).

In the air at high speed flying "Yak", the trace of the plane in the sky.

The garden is aircraft Yakovlev.

Newsreel 1966. - AS Yakovlev 60 - anniversary congratulate Aviakom nstruktor Mikoyan, etc.

The first aircraft designed by Yakovlev, created in 1927.


Yakovlev aircraft engine starts, rotating propeller.

AS Yakovlev Design Bureau.

Aircraft designers for drawing boards.

Deputy chief designer of SG Kulagin talking to the office staff.

Deputy chief designer of SG Mordovin working drawing.

Masters make parts for a small copy of the new aircraft designs.

OK Gajewski directs the work of the masters.

Workers KB in lofting Hall rascherchivayut delineator drawings.

Ready delineator aircraft parts.

Assembly shop of the prototype of the new aircraft.

Leading designer R. Petrov in the shop runs a plywood assembly layout of the new aircraft


Yakovlev and representatives of "Aeroflot" (airline customer) examine the layout.

Assembly of the first instance - the prototype.

Working on different parts of the assembly.

Chief Engineer LI Masha checks assembling aircraft.

Checking instruments and aircraft equipment in the chamber in the artificially created

conditions stratospheric altitude, low pressure, the Arctic


Verification of the chassis under varying loads.

Office staff prepare the aircraft for testing under high loads.

Reel №2

Testing of the first copy of the new aircraft on strength with load devices in

Laboratory of statistical tests.

Sotrudnki KB at work on time trials.

Yakovlev is overseeing the trials.

The plane "Yak-40" leaves the hangar, flight test.

Earth, clouds, taken from an airplane.

Newsreel 1900-1917 gg.:

Moscow area in the central part of the city, trams, cabs, pedestrians, market.

Entrance to the cinema "Illusion".

Balloon with people in the air.

The people at the Khodynka.

Poster "Flying Rossinsky" against public (multrabota).

The audience at the cabs arrive on Khodynka.

The plane was taxiing, flying over the field.

Photos of the first Russian pilots: S. Utochkina, Efimova, N. Popov.

Rossinsky sits on a plane in the cockpit.

Plane flies.

Books Yakovlev "Stories aviakonstrukto ra", "The purpose of life."

Newsreel 1920-1929 gg.:

Workers work on a building site, a brass band plays, start the blast furnace, the rally.

The first tractor in the village, passing convoy of cars.

The street is a detachment osoviahimovtsev masks.

Descent hydroplane on the water, the inscription on board the "Red Army forge proletarian victories."

The balloon rises in the air, a farmer in sandals is on the wing.

Airplane "Presnya."

Photos - Red Army Parade on the Red Square, Lenin and Sverdlov and others on the Red Square.

Over Red Square plane flies pass demonstrators.

Newsreel 1924:

At the Moscow Central Airport representatives of the Friends of the fleet passed the Air Force esadrilyu "Lenin".

At the ceremony are the MI Kalinin.


On the area of ​​play accordion.

Group flies airplanes.

Attendees at the Air Force Academy at the plane at Khodynka.

Canvas roll out of the hangar the aircraft ("whatnot").

Home Aircraft Construction in the USSR - in the shop of the factory workers set air engine.

Photo young Yakovlev.

Newsreel 1927:

Komsomol members of Moscow, as the shop collect aircraft.

Old aircraft in a landfill.

Komsomol members are selected in a pile of broken planes

parts to build his plane.

Planes built Members of the circle on a design-builder Yakovlev.

Yakovlev at the airport at the plane.

Yakovlev and pilot Yu Piontkovsky board the plane for a test flight.

A pilot in the cockpit, the plane was taxiing, taking off.

The building of the Air Force Academy.


Photo - James A. Leo - Student Academy.

Yakovlev in sports plane on its design.

Newsreel 1929:

Pioneers rally participants at the airport.

At the airport the plane is built pokonstruktsii Yakovlev funds

collected pioneers of the country, the plane takes off, the plane in the air.

Marsh are graduates Academy.


In 1931, he graduated from Yakovlev.

Newsreel 1930 - 1939's.:

Fly fighter "I-5", the plane "I-7".

Yakovlev at the plane "I-7".

Earth, taken from an airplane.

Heavy rain, wind rip the leaves outside the window the rain.

Take off, landing aircraft designed by Yakovlev.

Reel №3

Newsreel - 1938-39gg. ::

People go on to train aviaparada in Tushino.

Spectators at the airfield.

Aircraft before the flight to aviaparada.

Flying airplanes.

Stalin, Voroshilov, A. Andreev,

Yakovlev and pilot studies pytatel Yu Piontkovsky on the podium during aviaparada.

Planes fly over Red Square.

Plane flies "Maxim Gorky" designed by Tupolev.

AN Tu Polev watches the flight of the aircraft.

Flying aircraft designed by Ilyushin.

The air plane Polikarpov.

B. Kokkinaki pilot sits in the plane, the pilot sits in the Gromov plane

B. Grizodubova pilot in the aircraft.

Pilot Chkalov and his wife and son rides in the car poulitsam Moscow meeting day

its crew after the trip to the United States via the North Pole.

Fly training aircraft design Yakovlev.

MI Kalinin presents the Order of Yakovlev and Yu Piontkovsky.

Yakovlev serves a reply.

Newsreel 1937.:

The Kremlin, the hotel "Moscow", the Council of Ministers, the people on the streets, and transport.

Yakovlev in his office talking to the designer NNPolikarpov about creating

Bomber "BB-22" fighter "UC-1" shows a model airplane.

Closeups - Yakovlev and Nikolai Polikarpov.

Aircraft designers Mikoyan, Gurevich and others

working drawings of the new fighter "Moment."

Aircraft SA Lavochkin in office.

SV Ilyushin aircraft operating in the design office.

The test model of the new aircraft Yakovlev in a wind tunnel.

Maiden flight of military aircraft grade "Yak".

Photos pilot test SP Suprun.

Newsreel 1941.:

Cloudy sky, dawn over Moscow.

Rangefinder, soldiers have radios.

Fighters "Yak" in the air.

Poster "The Motherland Calls."

Militias receive weapons, pass on the street.

Evacuation of children.

Workers loaded machines for evacuation.

Passing train with equipment industry.

Work on the evacuated factories - workers set machines, assembly of aircraft, conveyor.

Fighters "Yak" at the airport and in the air.

Pilots take the oath (synchronously).

Dive bombers "Pe-2" flying bombs, burning railway junction.

The air attack aircraft Ilyushin design, dubbed by the Germans the "Black Death"

attack aircraft at the airport, the air battle.

Peasant FM Holovaty transmits pilots plane

acquired on personal savings.

Railwaymen give pilots the plane "Rtischevsky railroader."

Photo - Yakovlev transmits pilot PA Pokryshev his plane.

Fighter "Yak" in the air.

German newsreel:

German troops on the positions, German planes in the air.

In the air, a Soviet fighter in the cockpit - the pilot PA Pokryshev.

An excerpt from the documentary of the war years - a dogfight

Pokryshev pilot for "Jake" to the German fighter.

Burns and falls German plane.

General PA Pokryshev passes the airfield, talks about aircraft "Yak".

Photo by P. Pokryshev during the war.

Landscape of Crimea.

A bronze bust of a pilot C. Amet-Khan in Alupka.

C. Amet-Khan with his son in the boat passes through the streets of Alupka,

contains information about their departures during WWII (synchronously).

Hero of the Soviet Union pilot Glinka

recalls his airplane flights "Yak" in the war years (synchronously).

Photo - Pilot Glinka.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Pilots and B. Glinka Glinka in combat aircraft.

Broken German military equipment, burning German planes.

Reel №4

Newsreel 1943.:

Fireworks in Moscow in honor of the liberation of

Orel and Belgorod.

Joyous people in the square.

Fighting artillery and aircraft

Bryansk, Western and Central fronts for the liberation of


Shoot "Katyusha".

Massive attack tanks Steppe and Voronezh fronts near Belgorod.

In the air, "Yaki".

Soviet pilots and French pilots Squadron "Normandie-Niemen" at the airport.

Dogfight "Yak" with German aircraft.

Rewarding French pilots.

French pilots on airplanes max "Yak-3" fly away home, seeing off at the airport.


Paris, Notre Dame,

flowers at the memorial in memory of French pilots.

The plaque on the wall of the French mission in Moscow

with the names of French pilots who died in the war.

Newsreel 1945:

Joyous people on Red Square on May 9, 1945.

Inscriptions on the Reichstag, left by Soviet soldiers stormed Shimi Berlin.

1944. - Mikhail Kalinin presenting the Order of Suvorov Aviakonstruktora

S. Ilyushin, SA Lavochkin, A. Tupolev and Yakovlev.

Recovery of the economy after the war, the crane moves

unexploded bomb, workers are clearing the mine, plant industry.

Newsreel 1946-1949.

Yakovlev Design Bureau in an interview with the employee about the

a jet plane.

Mikoyan in the garden on a bench taking notes calculations of the new aircraft.

Tupolev in KB.

Flight testing experimental aircraft with a jet engine Bolohovitinova.

G. Bahchivanzhi pilot sits in a plane,

plane takes off, landing cleanly, jerks.

Duty poaerodromu flee to a place of landing the plane.

Pilot Bahchivanzhi after successful test flights.

Photo by G. Bahchivanzhi, who died during the 9 th test flight.

Pilot on VHS conducts a test flight in a jet "Jake."

Portrait Ivanova, who was killed in a test flight.

Flying the first jet aircraft, "MiG-9", "Yak-15" in the summer of 1946.

Links jets fly over Red Square.

1947 - aviaparada in Tushino, spectators in the stands.

Planes perform aerobatics, the first jet "Yak" in

Air performs aerobatics.

Close-ups of the pilots in the cockpits of jets of different brands.

AS Yakovlev Design Bureau in talks with employees.

A helicopter with two propellers and "Flying car", created in KB

Yakovlev, air, land.

Unloading helicopter - leave people derive horse leaves the machine.

The helicopter lifted into the air.

Sadat's glider pilots "Yak-14" (cargo glider, capable

silently cross the lines)

Loading the glider machine gun.

Plane takes off with the glider in tow.

Four planes in the air "Yak-18" advanced trainer aircraft "UT-2."

Flies "Yak-18" model designed and built by a group of young designers:

Yakovlev (son Yakovlev), Yu Yankevich,

B. Prishkolnikovym, S. Neunylovym.

Designers Yakovlev, Yu Yankevich, V. Prishkolnikov,

S. Neunylov in KB at work.

Designers to prepare the aircraft pilot Martemyanova

"Yak-18" for the world championship in aerobatics.

Martemyanov in the cockpit, the plane in the air.

Planes of different brands from different countries at the airport before

World championship in aerobatics.

Championship participants tsya preparing for performances.

Soviet pilots in the air on a plane

"Yak-18" stunt.

The judges, participants and spectators watch the flight.

Journalists and photographers at the airport.

Winners of the Soviet pilots B. Martemyanov

and G. Korchuganova.

Reel №5

The plane "Yak-18 PM" on the Moscow airport.

French pilot,

Party chiempionata World Aerobatics M. Charolais says plane (synchronously).

Spanish pilot in the cockpit Kostanve "Yak-18 PM."

Entries in the guest book, made by pilots of different countries,

from the excellent qualities of the Yak-18 PM.

Yakovlev and former commander of the squadron "Normandie-Niemen" Kyuffo talk at the airport.

Paris - a view from the Eiffel Tower.

The plane "Yak-3"

which is stored in the Paris Air Museum.

Yakovlev and Kyuffo at Moscow airport

during the championship in aerobatics suited to the new sports

Jet plane "Yak-32", inspect the aircraft.

A pilot Bogorodsky sits in the cockpit.

Aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev Yakovlev and the plane "Yak 32" at the airport.

Aircraft during flight performs aerobatics.

In KB deputy general designer MG Bendersky receives representatives of the Air Force.

Assembly of different aircraft models at the plant - different plans.

Lab size.

Head of the scientific research work ¬ KS Kildisheva at the instruments.

¬ test pilot Mukhin in laboratory conditions the pilots the new model airplane.

Electronic computers, fixing traffic pilot.

Yakovlev talking to the office staff.

Pilot Mukhin a dummy pilot.

Dummy pilots prepare for ejection.

Pilot to wear a suit for a flight in a supersonic airplane

pilot in the suit in the cockpit.

The test flight of the new aircraft Yak, the plane performs aerobatics, landing with brake parachute.

Aircraft designer Alexander Yakovlev and S. Ilyushin rest in the country.

Plane takes off.

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