To Army, Aviation and Fleet.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Boykov V.

Script writers: Mamaev A., Shatunov G.

Operators: Babadzhan A., Istomin A., Korovkin U., Mukhin E., Popova M.

Anouncers: Vygodskiy R.


A film about the history and the present day of the Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Aviation and Fleet.

Temporary description

Film about preparing young people to defend the homeland, which is carried out by the Komsomol, Society for the Promotion voluntary Army, Air Force and Navy, other social and sports societies. The soldiers on maneuvers. Tanks, planes on maneuvers. Cruisers at sea, firing rockets.

Reel №1

Locator - medium, large plans.

Military aircraft in the air - the average, the overall plan.

Military ship in the sea - the average plan.

Military radar equipment in - the average plan.

Eyes - close-up.

Military exercises involving: aircraft, tanks, infantry, and artillery.

Explosions - medium, the overall plan.

Tanks on military exercises - on land, crossing water mark - the average, the overall plan.

Warship, shoot guns - close-up, launch missiles from the ship - the average plan.

Aircraft dropped bomb - the general plan.

Attack of tanks, infantry - different plans.

Paratroopers in the air and landing.

Helicopters - Panorama.

Soldiers on maneuvers, control technology - medium, large plans.

Animation: the words "important to train young people to defend the homeland, which is held the Komsomol, Voluntary Society of Assistance Army, Air Force and Navy, as well as other organizations and sports associations" (from the Central Committee Report XXIV Congress of the Party).

Athletic parade on Red Square, the athletes are banners, a banner with the words "strengthen defense of the Motherland".

On the podium of the Mausoleum of VI Lenin: NV Podgorny, LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, MA Suslov - the average plan.

Rally on Red Square - an outline, removed from the top point.


Universal education troops in Red Square - the overall plan.

VI stands Lenin in Red Square - medium, large plans.

Newsreel from the Civil War:

Youth young Soviet Republic learns to shoot - different plans.

Volunteers are recorded in the Red Army - the average plan; systems are Red - medium shot.

Carriages with Red - medium shot.

Monument to the heroes of the Civil War - the panorama.

Photo - a monument to VI Chapaev in

Kuibyshev - medium, large plans.

Restoration work on the railroad, in an industrial installation, put the logs are loaded with bread bags on carts, carry them - the general plan.

Workers, farmers (men and women), voluntarily entered into by the initiative of the party's defense organization, which in 1927 merged into a single military-patriotic society - Osoaviakhim, engaged in military training,

shooting, learning machine gun, machine gun - different plans.

Gun - a close-up.

Launching a boat, carrying the inscription "In the fight for the world to strengthen the defense of the USSR" - the average, the overall plan.

Protesters carrying a banner-caricature with the words "peaceful face of Chamberlain," "All the young workers - the ranks Osoaviahima" etc.

The people in the area - the overall plan.

The aircraft "Red Man" - close-up.

The first Soviet aircraft (Osoaviakhim) at the airport - a general plan, and fly in the air - the average plan.

The first aircraft in the country - the people running for the plane - a common, average plans, the plane, watching, board the plane - medium, large plans.

Feet in sandals - close-up.

Peasant - close-up (winter).

The first model airplanes, go to the models they have - different plans.

The first pilot - Komsomol who responded to the battle cry: "Komsomolets, the plane!" The plane, get in the aircraft - the average plan.

Taxiing, taking off the plane and in the air - the average plan.

Spectators at the air show in Tushino - watching and applauding - a common, medium, large plans.

Close-up of a boy.

The government platform KE Voroshilov.

Group of aircraft in the air systems shows the word "Lenin", a sign of aviation, the five-pointed star.

Parachutists in the air - the general plan.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Explosions in the world - close-up.

Pass the volunteers signed up to the Red Army - medium, close-up, get the rifle - medium, large plans.

Panorama of Red Army soldiers standing

Fighting against the Nazi invaders (tanks, infantry in action, firing a machine gun) - different plans.

Lyudmila Pavlichenko sniper shoots at the front to the enemy - medium, large plans.

Killed by a German - the average plan (summer).

In the air, the Soviet planes, piloted, flying clubs Osoaviahima pupils - a common, medium, large plans.

Close-ups of Alexander Pokryshkin, Ivan Kozhedub, Alexei Maresyev in airplanes.

Aircraft fire from enemy positions - close-up, the shells hit the target - an outline (removed from the aircraft).

Pilot Boris Safonov and others at the aircraft - the average plan.

Putilov District Council chairman Simon Osoaviahima Rudnev, who became commissioner partisan, with a group of soldiers - the general panorama of the plan.

Soldiers in the trenches, and shoot machine guns at the enemy positions - medium, large plans.

Burning tank - close-up.

The onset of tanks, infantry, artillery.

Dogfight, falls downed aircraft.

Certificate awarding Osoaviahima Red Banner - the average plan.

Order of the Red Banner - close-up.

Banner with the image of VI Lenin - close-up.

Director of the 65th Minsk school Gregory Tikhonovich Sivakov classes in a high school - the general plan, talking to the guys sitting at the table, the students are searching for the place of death plan pilot who repeated near Minsk in the summer of 1944 feat Nikolai Gastello - medium, close-up .

The boy listens - close-up.

Photos of the Hero of the Soviet Union pilot Boris Akrestsin - close-up.

Council of Ministers of the Byelorussian SSR on assignment school number '65

Minsk name of the hero - the general plan (photo).

Reel №2

Monument pilot Boris Okrestin garden 65th Minsk school. - Average, common, panorama of the inscription on the monument to the "Hero of the Soviet Union, BS Okrestin 1923-1944 years. "

Room of military glory in the school № 65, where the red rangers collected unearthed personal effects of soldiers, documents, weapons from aircraft - a common, medium, large plans.

Pupils at a fire in the forest (during the trip to places of military glory) - total, average plans.

A few photos: Students with engineers excavated on the site of the death of the Soviet aircraft, review articles found in which know the name of the hero.

Photo by Vladimir Gorbunov - close-up.

New YCL tickets that district Komsomol ordered to fallen heroes and ever enrolled their names in the lists of the school Komsomol organization - A panorama.

Director of the 65th Minsk school captain stock GT Sivakov office - middle distance, shot through the window, close-up.

Landscape - an outline, removed from the top point.

Sculptural composition of the memorial complex "Khatyn" - the old man with the child - the average plan, the obelisk on the site of the burnt house - "The Bell" - the average plan.

The people at the Brest fortress walls - the average plan.

Wall of the Brest Fortress - A panorama.

Look guys - close-up.

Hill of Glory in the Belarusian land - on the 28th kilometer of the highway Moscow - a common, middle ground.

Young people go to the sacred monument to those killed in the war years

Mamaev Kurgan.

Hall of Military Glory on Mamaev Hill, in

Volgograd in the center of the room with the fire torch of eternal glory, are students.

Union rally Ranger - the general plan.

Medium close-up of participants of a meeting.

Animation: the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers, which refers to the basic problem DOSAAF.

Meeting of the Presidium of the Central Committee DOSAAF - the overall plan.

Medium close-up of the meeting.

The building of the Tula Regional Committee DOSAAF is young - a common, middle ground.

The people in the lobby of the Tula regional committee DOSAAF - the overall plan.

Chairman of the Regional Committee of the Tula DOSAAF Hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel Leonid Pavlovich Tihmyanov in the lobby talking to young people - medium, large plans.

Shop Tula Armory - general view.

Chairman of the Works Committee DOSAAF, a former military pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union Alexei Arsentievich Rogozhin in the shop talking with the workers - young activists society DOSAAF - medium, close-up, the average view.

Department of the Minsk Tractor Plant - general view.

Committee Chairman DOSAAF Minsk Tractor Plant, the former commander of the partisan brigade Mikhail Koreshkov talking to workers - the average, the overall plan.

MI Roots - close-up.

Ufa - the general plan.

The monument - a bust pupil Ufa Aeroclub Hero of the Soviet Union, the famed pilot of attack aircraft - Musa Gareyeva in

Ufa - the average, the overall plan.

The building committee DOSAAF Bashkortostan - the overall plan.

Sign Committee DOSAAF - close-up.

The meeting of the Committee, chaired by Musa DOSAAF Gaysinovicha Gareeva - average, common, big plans.

Committee Chairman DOSAAF Bashkiria MG Gareev - close-up.

Aircraft (monument) near Aviation Institute.

Ordzhonikidze Ufa - the average plan.

M.Gareev in the audience speaks to the students of the Institute - the general plan.

Moussa Gareev - close-up.

Large, medium plans listening and cheering students.

"Honour DOSAAF", which was awarded the primary organization DOSAAF Institute - close-up.

Physical training of students - run in the park - the general view.

Classes of members in the circle DOSAAF aircraft modeling - average, common, big plans.

Boy with model airplane - close-up.

Large panorama from the hands to the face of youth.

The student design bureau future engineers working on the project of the new sport aircraft - average, common, big plans.

Drawing - close-up.

Ufa Aviation Institute students in the classroom at the flying club - the general plan.

Closeups of girls and boys.

The youth of the plane - the average plan.

Kiev - the overall plan.

The building of the factory "Arsenal" named Lenin monument - the overall plan.

A sign on the gate of the factory in the Ukrainian language - the average plan.

Wall with bullet holes (the memory of the days when "arsenaltsy" fought for Soviet power) - close-up, with out - bas-relief with an inscription on the wall - a large pan.

Museum of the Revolution and labor glory of the plant "Arsenal", where exhibits tell the story of how hard and fought against the enemies of the homeland pupils plant - young plant introduces the exposition old Bolshevik VE Vasiliev.

The meeting of the party committee of the plant, which reports on the work of the factory committee Chairman DOSAAF DOSAAF AG Chursinov.

Reel №3

On military training young workers paragraph factory "Arsenal" in Kiev engaged in military training class, the class motorcycle riders learn motorcycle "IL-49", in the class of radio radiodelu familiar with - the average plan.

Ham radio at the device (synchronous - Kama I Dnepr, do you copy?

Receive) - the average plan.

In the class of parachute training young "arsenaltsy" in the classroom by placing parachutes for jumping from a plane.

Classes in the dash - the average plan, the overall view.

Target - close-up.

Closeups shooting boys and girls.

At the Kiev Sea train paddlers yalah - general view, close-up.

Factory riders, boys, girls - harrier in memory of Ostrovsky - at the start - large, medium, general plans, in the foreground garden flowers.

Ostrovsky monument - close-up, the inscription on the monument, "N. Ostrovsky, 1904-1936. "

Harrier at a distance - panorama.

Paratroopers on the Kiev aero board the plane "Chaika-2" - the overall plan.

Jumping from a plane, paratroopers in the air and landing - different plans.

Photo Guards "Arsenalskoy" company in one of the Airborne Regiment in the classroom - a common, medium, large plans.

Minsk - total, average plans.

Youth Minsk Tractor Plant in the training section DOSAAF, where they are introduced to the history and organization of the Soviet armed forces - a common, medium, close-up, the young men learn weapon - the middle distance.

Visit to a military unit conscripts - different plans.

Military sports camp - tents in the woods - the overall plan.

Guys do physical exercises - total, close-up, engaged in the exercise equipment - a common, average plans, overcome obstacles - view, close-up, running in gas masks - a common, big plans.

Guys have radio sets - a large pan.

Large panorama of guys with rifles.

Camp for young sailors on the Pacific coast - young sailors (in naval uniform) give a signal - the average plan, the guys running the stairs, jumping into the water, in the water - the general plan.

Young sailors in the system - a common, big plans.

Theoretical classes of young sailors in the class - the general view.

The boy at the vehicle model - the average plan.

Boy - a close-up.

Boy meets at the board - the average plan.

The guys on the boat in the sea - A panorama.

Boy - a young sailor - with binoculars - close-up.

Militarized game future sailors - rise to the ship - the general plan.

Ships at sea - the general plan.

Explosion - A panorama.

Guys in armored personnel carriers in the sea, the car out of the water, the guys jump out, run to the attack, running with the flag.

Motor Club building in

Kaunas - a common, average plans.

The inscription "Kaunas automotor" - close-up.

Future soldiers awarded the right drivers - large panorama from the boys on his hands, in the hands of a driver's license - close-up.

Guys consider license - medium shot.

Classes at the school - the boys are studying engines, knots.

Diesel cars - different plans.

The building of the Radio Club - A panorama.

Classes at the school, where they train radio operators, radar operators - different plans for different plans.

Reel №4

Hero-City Sevastopol - the overall plan.

Nautical Club building - the average plan.

Lessons to future sailors in one of the classes Nautical Club - A panorama.

Close-up of a teacher and a youth card in the device.

Ocean - close-up.

DOSAAF boat in the sea - the average plan.

Panorama of the wheel at the youth - the average plan.

Divers jump on board the boat in the water and swim under water - panorama.

Divers preparing to work under water, down to the water - panorama, close-up.

Diver to weld under water - a common, big plans.

Helicopter Training Centre DOSAAF in the Vladimir region, in the woods instructors conduct preparatory classes explain how to control the helicopter, the helicopter model flying show.

Cargo special car with the flag in the woods - the overall plan.

Helicopters in the field prior to departure - general view, removed from the top point.

Helicopter take off - large, medium plans.

Helicopters in the air - the panorama.

A pilot in the cockpit - a close-up.

Aeroklubovskie pilots - a large panorama, the pilots sit in a reactive sport aircraft - medium, large plans.

Planes in the air - a common, A panorama, two aircraft in flight - the average plan.

Photos cosmonauts: Yuri Gagarin Valery Bykov, Valentina Tereshkova, Pavel Popovich, the Coastal Georgia, Vladislav Volkov - big plans.

Photo of Yuri Gagarin and Sergei Korolev - close-up.

A sign with the words "Central Aviation Club of the USSR. VP Chkalov "- close-up.

The Central Aero Club of the USSR. VP Chkalov, descends the stairs a group of young people - the overall plan.

Skydivers jumping from an airplane - the general plan (shot ton aircraft), the average view, paratroopers in the air - the general plan, landing - A panorama.

Cost parachutist - close-up.

Parachute - close-up.

Photos of Soviet athletes - world record for parachute jumping - the general plan, the influx of a close-up.

Photos of Honored Master of Sports of the USSR Leonid Yachmeneva, who won in 1970, the title of absolute world champion.

Training flights of the USSR team sport airplane - aircraft at the airport - a general plan, the plane in the air - the general view, different plans.

Pilot-athletes at the airport - the overall plan.

Pilots in the plane-athletes during training - the average plan.

Spectators watch - medium, large plans.

Photo Moscow student Svetlana Savitskaya and Honored Master of Sports of the Kuibyshev engineer Igor Yegorov, who won the title in England, World champion in 1970 in aerobatics - medium shot, close-ups.

Close-up of father S. Savitskaya twice Hero of the Soviet Union, now Marshal Evgeni Savitsky, shot in the cockpit (1948 est.).

Five-speed aircraft flying - the average plan.

Hero of Socialist Labor, the designer Alexander Yakovlev works at his desk at home - the average plan.

Frames k / hr. 20's - the first aircraft built by AS Yakovlev - medium, large plans, the designer of the plane - close-up.

Pilot sits in the cockpit, the plane was taxiing - the average plan.


AS Yakovlev home with his son Sergei, involved models - the average, the overall view.

Sergey - close-up.

Alexander S. and Sergei Yakovlev design bureau with sports pilots C. Savitsky and Egorova, who won the title of World champion in a sports car, created with the participation of Sergey Yakovlev aircraft - a common, medium, large plans.

Lions - a common, average plans.

A resident of Lviv, one of the oldest radio short wave, Vladimir Nikolaevich Goncharsky the transmitter is another station, talks to his son (the radio operator of a military unit) (synchronous) - close to departure.

Transmitter - close-up.

VA Goncharsky son listens to answer - big, medium plans.

Reel №5

Head of child radioshkoly at Lviv radio club Miriam G. Bassina - Master of Sports, Honored Coach of the Republic, talks with a group of students - the average, close-up.

Closeups listening guys

Practical training on the transmission on a key in the class, classes were held MG Bassina (synchronous) - an outline.

Young radio operators at the transmitter, lead transmission (synchronous) - large, medium plans.

Hams collect, redesigning circuit radio - large, medium plans.

Exhibition hall art enthusiasts.

Now exhibits different radios.

Electronic textbooks, a remote control, a unique transistor radio with a miniature TV, and a variety of instruments in action. - A general plan for the panorama of the exhibits.

Exhibits - large, medium plans.

Street of the village, passing car.

Education of young drivers of freight car - big, medium plans.

Trucks going around - general view.

Guys look - close-up.

The driver is driving - close-up.

Trucks traveling on a bad forest road - panorama.

Youth training theory and practice of driving cotton harvesters in state farm "October 50" Andijan region of Uzbekistan.

Preparation of rural youth to drive a tractor, combine harvester.

Young radio engineering in the classroom television - the general plan.

Guys gather TV - A panorama, close-up.

Donetsk - the overall plan.

Large inscription "DOSAAF."

Donetsk regional school electronics.

Engineers and technicians in the classroom, where he studied electronics and gain additional knowledge needed in their practical work in the factories, in the mines - a common, medium, large plans.

The device - a close-up.

Electronic equipment - the average plan.

Competition for technical sport - at the start, "Fox Hunters" - A panorama.

They run the "hunters", armed receivers-finder, made with his own hands, search for "Fox" (disguised in a forest station) - medium, large panoramas, different plans.

Finish "Hunter Fox" - A panorama.

Hand of a judge with a stopwatch - close-up.

Athletes shoot in the dash - medium, large plans.

Target - close-up.

An athlete runs at a distance - A panorama.

Competitions on yachts - a common, average plans.

In the basin of competing swimmers - jumping into the water at a distance - a general plan, a swimmer finishes - the average plan.

Competitions sea yalah - the general plan.

Competitions Ship Modeling Championship - starting models for water model in water - medium, large plans.

Athlete with a radio control device - the average plan.

Driven model, to obey the will of the athlete on the water - a large panorama of the plan.

Start the water cord models - the average, the total panorama.

Cord model aircraft in the air - the average, the overall panorama.

Athlete - the average plan.

The audience - the average plan.

Reel №6

Group of students sitting with a teacher - the average plan.

Large panorama of sitting boys.

Guys in karting - close-up.

Start competitors karts - the general view.

Young athletes - participants of the competition during the race - the average, the total panorama, different plans; karts finish - the average plan.

The audience applauded, children - general view, large, medium plans, adult audience - the average plan (summer nature).

Competitions Ice Racing - the general plan (shot from the top point), general view.

Number three is Gabdrakhman Kadyrov - a close-up.

Finish - is a judge with a flag.

Awarding of winners of the competition, world champion Mr.

Kadyrov - a close-up.

The audience - a common, average plans (evening, winter nature).

Competition avtosportsmenov DOSAAF - in cars (on the highway) - general view from the top point, on trucks to complex routes - different plans.

The driver of the cab car - close-up.

Road in the mountains - filmed from a moving car, ride cars - the average plan.

Racing karts - the average plan.

Rodeo - the start, the riders on difficult routes - different plans.

The audience - a close-up.

Watch the children - the average plan.

Competitions on scooters on the river in the city of Voronezh

Lipetsk - average, the overall panorama of the plan.

Framing plans:

Helicopters in the air - the general plan, swim underwater divers - middle distance, long jump parachute - middle distance, two aircraft in the sky - the average plan, paratroopers in the air - the average plan.

Hall of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses during the session XXIV Congress of the CPSU - the general plan.

Acts Defense Minister Marshal AA Grechko (synchronous) - general, close-up.

Members of the Congress are listening - a common, average plans; applauded - A panorama.

Mamaev Kurgan in

Volgograd and the main monument memorial ensemble "Motherland" - the overall plan.

Rally on Mamaev Hill in connection with wires conscripts in the Soviet Army. - General, close-up.

Serves regional military commissar, Hero of the Soviet Union, Major General AM Ovcharov - the average plan.

Participants in the rally down the stairs - a common, average plans.