The Fifth Congress Of Soviet Writers.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Karpov B.

Operators: Voroncov V., Serov G., Tsitron V.

Anouncers: Khlebnikov A.

Text writers: Grigorev V.


On the Fifth Congress of the Union of Soviet Writers.

Historical background

29/VI-2/VII in the Grand Kremlin Palace was held the 5th Congress of Soviet Writers. Been elected new members of the Union of Soviet Writers (Chairman Fedin, first secretary of the Board G. Markov). Unanimously adopted a resolution of 5-th Congress of Soviet Writers, as well as a declaration to end the war in Indochina, and for a lasting just peace in the Middle East. It was made public a letter of the Congress of the CPSU Central Committee.

Temporary description

City of Moscow. Kremlin. Opening and closing of the fifth congress of Soviet writers. Present: Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, and NV Podgorny, A. Kirilenko and others. Speakers: Tikhonov, G. Markov, T. Zadeh, S. Mikhalkov, M. Tank, I. Gribachev, A. Bieliauskas, I. Abashidze, D. Kugultinov, V. Kazachenko, C. Aitmatov, E. Evtushenko, S. Vasiliev, V. Fedorov, K. Fedin, A. Safronov, I. Andronnikov, foreign guests: from Poland, Bulgaria, South Vietnam, United States, Japan and others. Meeting delegates to the Muscovites in the Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Gorky. Speakers: S. Smirnov, R. Christmas, and others.

Reel №1

Moscow high-rise Embankment Building - LS.

Kremlin - LS. (From the Moskva River).

The Grand Kremlin Palace - LS., Hitting, MS.

Delegates to the Fifth Congress of Writers in the conference room of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR applaud - MS.

Come in and sit down, LI Brezhnev, AN Kosygin, NV Podgorny and others - MS.

Photojournalists are preparing to shoot - MS.

Congress opens the Hero of Socialist Labor writer Nikolai Tikhonov (synchronously) - MS.

Audience applause - LS.

A summary report serves Secretary of the Union of Writers of the USSR Georgy Markov (synchronous) - Various.

Listen to the Hall - CU.

PNRM. to the auditorium, camera in the room - LS.

The Bureau and the delegates applauded - MS.

Playing writers M. Tursunzade (Tajikistan), Sergei Mikhalkov, Maxim Tank (Belarus), N. Gribachev, A. Belyauskas (Lithuania), Irakli Abashidze (Georgia), D. Kugultinov Vasil Kozachenko (Ukraine), Chingiz Aitmatov (Kyrgyzstan), Yevgeny Yevtushenko - CU., MS.

Listens writer Marietta Shahinian - CU.

In the hall of the writers of India, Mongolian writer S. Udval - MS.

Writers meeting with the workers of Moscow in the Park of Culture and Rest named after Maxim Gorky (in Green Theatre) are the poets - LS., MS.

Persons students (mostly girls, women) - CU.

Playing poets SS Smirnov, Robert Rozhdestvensky and others.

The audience applauded - PNRM., MS.

Delegates and guests of the 5th Congress of Writers pass through the halls of the Kremlin Palace - different.

Among the participants of the congress - the poet Rasul Gamzatov, Andronicus I., Tikhonov, B. Field, director Yu Solntseva, Cuban poet Nicolas Guillen and others.

Delegates talk - MS.

Interview of the Congress of the poet Sergei Vasiliev and Vasily Fedorov (synchronous) - CU.

Lobby of the Kremlin Palace, chandeliers - LS.

Continuation of the Congress: Delegates listen to - MS.

Serve foreign guests: Jaroslav Ivashkevich (Poland), D. Gomikava (Japan), D. North (USA), G. Dzhagarov (Bulgaria), J. Es-Sibai (OAR), Thu Bon (Republic of South Vietnam), To Hoai (DRV) - MS.

Guest from Vietnam presents Soviet writers gift - dish - MS.

Delegates listen, applaud - MS.

On the podium A. Sofronov - LS.

Adoption of a resolution of the Congress: presidium vote, the delegates - MS.

Acts Irakli Andronicus (synchronous) - MS.

G. Markov covers Congress - MS.

Delegates applauded standing - LS.

Sculpture VI Lenin in the niche of the hall - CU.