Pages of Space Exploration Stages.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Setkina I.

Script writers: Ryabchikov E.

Operators: Kopalin I.

Composers: Sevastyanov A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


Major events of space exploration conquest.

Conquest of Space


Reel №1


Moscow Space Monument on Prospekt Mira.

Multrabota - opens the book "Pages space launches"

pages - drawings, is a dream of flying into space.

Portrait of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

Photography - the first rocket.

Newsreel 1927-32gg.:

Tsiolkovsky in his home in Kaluga, in the garden - reading, writing.

Tsiolkovsky in the studio working on a model airship.

Newsreel 1917. :

Passing trucks with soldiers and guards at the Smolny Institute, destruction on the railroad.

Photo - Lenin talking to Mr.


Skim Wells "Russia in the Shadows."

Newsreel of the 20's - the recovery of the economy, industrial construction - different.

Are first Stratonavtov: PF Fedosenko, AB Vasenko, ID Usykin.

Stratospheric balloon rises into the air.

Ticker-tape with the text: "reached the height of 22 km Fedoseenko, Vasenko ....."

Plaques on the Kremlin wall with the names of the dead Stratonavtov.

Akademik Vavilov and other scientists in the lab.

Photos followers Tsiolkovsky: Korolev, Glushko, N. Tikhomirov, J. T. Kleimenova, MK Tikhonravov V. Kondra bale Tsander.

The model of the first missile "GIRD-X".

A plaque with the inscription: "This mecte in 1933 launched

first missiles "09" and "GIRD-X."

Rocket Launching - shots from the film.

Missile launch - different.

Newsreel 1957.:

Build and launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.

Multrabota - The starry sky flying shining point (artificial satellite).

Newsreel (color)

Assembling the world's first space ship "Vostok".

Newsreel (B / W)

Dogs in a space capsule.

Newsreel (color)

A mannequin in a spacesuit.

Testing of special suits, designed to secure the astronaut: mannequin in a spacesuit is lowered into the water, swimming under water.

Bailout dummy and descent by parachute.

Newsreel (color)

Training future astronauts on the trampoline, sports equipment, in the chamber, the


Cosmonaut Titov in a centrifuge.

Cosmonaut Bykovskiy on tests in weightlessness.

Astronaut with sensors on the body in a vibrating chair.

Newsreel 1961.

First spacecraft "Vostok".

Members of the State Commission and cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, Pavel Popovich, Titov, Nikolaev, Bykovskiy the ship.

Meeting of the State Commission on the running of the first cosmonaut.

Acts HSU N. Kamanin (synchronously).

Present at the meeting of Yuri Gagarin and Titov.

Yuri Gagarin asleep before takeoff.

Sunrise, clouds in the sky.

Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and Titov dressed in suits.

Yuri Gagarin smiles, puts it in his pocket license.

Rides the bus.

Yuri Gagarin and Titov in the bus.

Yuri Gagarin gets off the bus, says goodbye to Nikolaev, V. Bykovsky, P. Popovich, goes to the rocket climbs to the elevator.

Elevator goes up to the cabin.

Yuri Gagarin in the spacecraft cabin.

Window, shield devices.

Newsreel documentary from 1930 po1940

Newsreel documentary from 1917 po1929

Newsreel documentary from 1946 po1959

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969

Newsreel art from 1960 po1969

Reel №2

Newsreel April 12, 1961.

The command post of the flight control center in Baikonur, various groups of services of the Centre in the workplace - are different.

The main design torus SP Korolev Yuri Gagarin talking to on the radio, announcing

minute availability (synchronously).

The launch.

Yuri Gagarin in space capsule, "East" (picture from space).


Moscow - LS. , Hitting the dome of the building of the Council of Ministers with the national flag.

Outside, people listen to the radio message about the launch of the world's first spacecraft to the

man aboard.

The astronauts, including Bykovskiy, watch TV.

Image from Space (B / W)

Yuri Gagarin during a flight from the tube eating breakfast, says that he sees through the window during the flight.

Earth from Space.

Taiga (the plane), clouds, water, the sun, the dam on the river.


Moscow, Moscow River, high-rise building on the waterfront of them.

Maurice Thorez (the plane).

Snow-capped mountains from the plane.

Spaceship "Vostok" with melted shell on the ground, people are fleeing the ship.

The slogan: "Gagarin, hurray!

Moscow-Space ".

CU. ups of jubilant youth.

Yuri Gagarin on the phone with the Kremlin.

The crowds in the streets.

Yuri Gagarin cosmonaut Titov Bykovskiy, A. Nikolayev and Pavel Popovich Zveznogo pass on the street of the town, talking.

The plane "IL-18", accompanied by honorary ekskorat in the air.

Meeting of Yuri Gagarin at Vnukovo airport.

Yuri Gagarin is coming from the plane on the red carpet.

Machine with Yuri Gagarin and occurs passing through the streets, Muscovites welcome the first cosmonaut.

The helicopter dropped leaflets.

Brezhnev gives Yuri Gagarin Order

Lenin and the Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

The rally in Red Square on the first manned flight into space.

Yuri Gagarin on the podium.

Interview Gagarin (synchronously).

Birch grove in Gzhatsk house where he was born Yuri Gagarin.

Photos of Yuri Gagarin in childhood and adolescence.

Mother AT Gagarin Gagarin in the garden.

Aircraft is in the air stunt.

Yuri Gagarin overseas - people welcome astronaut, give him flowers.

Gagarin meeting with workers in Denmark.

Yuri Gagarin in Egypt with Mr.

Nasser Gagarin at the Pyramids.

Japanese welcome Yuri Gagarin Gagarin with a little girl in her arms, a cosmonaut wear kimono.

Multrabota - Opens book "Seventeen space dawns."

August 1961. - Cosmonaut Titov in a space capsule, "Vostok-2".

Image from Space - Titov in the cockpit, removes camera.

Group services flight control center monitoring the flight of the ship.

Titov after the flight unfasten the strap chute takes off his gloves.

Titov and Yuri Gagarin are the meadow.

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1961

Reel №3

Multrabota open the book "Heavenly brothers."

Newsreel 1961-62gg. - Nikolaev training in the isolation chamber.

Popovich trains on special trainers.

SP Korolev report of the State Commission on the preparations for the launch of "Vostok-3" and "East 4" (synchronous).

Sit and listen cosmonauts Nikolayev, Popovich, Komarov, Bykovskiy,

B. Volynov.

SP Korolev and Keldysh congratulate A. Nikolayev and Popovich with the upcoming flight.

Popovich and Nikolaev in the spacecraft cabin (b / w image from space).

The command post of the Center upralenija flights.

Hug cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, Titov, Pavel Popovich and Nikolaev.

Popovich found in his native village with villagers, hugging their parents.

Birthplace Popovich.

Sunset over the river.

Shorshely Chuvash village, the birthplace of Nikolaev.

Nikolaev meeting with villagers, meeting.

Nikolaev teacher are the bread and salt, a wooden bucket with a drink.

By birch forest are Tereshkova with her mother, EF Tereshkova.

Valentina Tereshkova in the shop Yaroslavl textile factory "Red Perekop" where she used to work.

Multrabota - skim "The first woman in space."

Newsreel 1963. -

According to the Star City are Tereshkova, Titov, Bykovskiy, Nikolaev, P.

Popovich and Yuri Gagarin.

Valentina Tereshkova is engaged at his desk, the board listens to the calculations explain G.Titova.

Nikolaev in the spacecraft cabin explains Tereshkova technical device (synchronous).

Valentina Tereshkova in training in an isolation chamber and a centrifuge.

Valentina Tereshkova in hairdressing hairstyle.

Tereshkova gets off the bus, took place in the cabin of the spacecraft "Vostok-6", looks in the mirror, adjusts the helmet.

Image from Space - Valentina Tereshkova in the cabin, the cabin Bykovskiy "Vostok-5".

Tereshkova on the ground after landing.

The rally in Red Square, Valentina Tereshkova with Mausoleum welcomes Muscovites.

Brezhnev gives Tereshkova Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Valentina Tereshkova at the controls in the cockpit, down the ramp.

Travel Tereshkova and Bykovskiy to Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and other countries - the people welcomed the astronauts, Bulgarians presented fruit baskets.

Tereshkova and V.Bykovsky hold on children's hands.

Tereshkova and Yuri Gagarin in Mexico - talk to Mexicans wear sombreros.

Mexican musicians play and sing.

UN building in

New York.

Meeting Tereshkova and Yuri Gagarin with UN Secretary General U Thant at the meeting present and Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko.

Multrabota - opens the book "Star crew."

Newsreel 1964. -

Cosmonauts Vladimir Komarov, Boris Yegorov and K. Feoktis Comrade (no suits) in the space capsule (color and b / w images from space).

Earth, sky, clouds from space.

Nye foreign newspapers with pictures of astronauts.

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1962

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1964

Reel №4

Multrabota open the book "Swimmer vokeane universe."

Newsreel 1965.:

Cosmonauts Belyaev and Alexei Leonov

train before flying on a spaceship "Voskhod-2".

Belyaev and Alexei Leonov in the spacecraft cabin during the flight, Leonov makes sketches (b / w image from space).

The command post of the Mission Control Center.

Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov makes spacewalk (color and b / w shooting a movie camera mounted A. Leonov in the gateway).

Leonov returned to the ship.

Alarm on manual, due to the fact that by the end of the flight, "Voskhod-2" has not worked solar orientation.

Yuri Gagarin in microphone transmits the command to land manually.

Earth from Space (color and b / w plans) clouds.

The forest in the area of

Perm, where the astronauts landed.

Our people embrace, kiss the astronauts.

Cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev sit by the fire.

Leonov autographs.

Astronauts on skis out of the woods.

Meeting at Vnukovo airport cosmonauts Belyayev and Alexei Leonov.

At Baikonur launch site the rocket set a new spacecraft "Soyuz".

Portrait of Sergei Korolev, who died on 14 January 1966.

Photo - house in Zhytomyr, where he was born Korolev, photos Korolev in childhood, adolescence, etc.

Historical footage of the first aircraft flight, flight Utochkina.

Photos Korolev with komonavtami A. Nikolayev, Feoktistov, Valentina Tereshkova, Bykovskiy and Yuri Gagarin (B / W).

Rocket launch.

Cosmonaut Vladimir Yegorov with flowers in their hands.

Cosmonaut Boris Yegorov.

Sit cosmonauts Vladimir Komarov and Feoktistov.

Photos Komarov with his mother, with Yuri Gagarin, a group of astronauts (b / w).

1967. :

Close-ups of people who listen to radio report about the death of the landing cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov.

Portrait Komarova in mourning frame.

Yuri Gagarin stands (synchronous) at the memorial meeting on Red Square during the funeral of Vladimir Komarov.

Multrabota - opens the book "Space Test."

Pilot-Cosmonaut of the GT Coast Museum of Cosmonautics.

Photos Beregovo in his youth, a group of pilots at the front.

Newsreel 1941-1945.:

Are tanks, flying bombers dogfight.

Photo Beregovo, Medal Gold Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union.

Test pilot in the cockpit of the Coast G. jet, plane performs aerobatics.

Brezhnev gives Beregovo letter Honoured

Assembling the "Soyuz".

GT Coast in the cabin in training.

1968. - G. Coast while flying in a spaceship

"Union" is able nevesomomsti.

Earth from Space.

Descending parachute.

Photo - G. Coast with his wife.

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1965

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1967

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969

Reel №5

Trees, birds' nests in the trees.

Crows circling above the trees, a pond in the woods.

Photos of the funeral of Yuri Gagarin, who died 25 April 1965.

Pictures of his wife, parents, Yuri Gagarin.

The plaque on the Kremlin wall.

Photos of Yuri Gagarin: the mausoleum, with a dove in his hands, with his parents, with his daughters.

Multrabota - opens the book "Experimental Space Station."

Training of cosmonauts Vladimir Shatalov and Boris Volynov for the upcoming flight and creating space station in space.

Sit cosmonauts Alexei Leonov, Bykovskiy, P. Popovich, Nikolaev.

1969. - Docking of spacecraft "Soyuz-4" and "Soyuz-5" on the layout.

Cosmonauts Yevgeny Khrunov and Eliseev, who during the flight would have to move from ship to ship, discuss the transition from circuit boards with drawings.

E. Khrunov and Eliseev visiting Leonov view drawings of the astronaut.

By cosmodrome are Eliseev, B. Volynov, Shatalov, E. Khrunov.

Shatalov and Boris Volynov in the spacecraft cabin during the flight (taken from space color.

And b / w).

Docking of spacecraft "Soyuz-4" and "Soyuz-5".

Cosmonauts Alexei Yeliseyev and Yevgeny Khrunov wear suits to go from one ship to another.

Multrabota - docked ships, transfer of astronauts.

In the "Soyuz-4" hug Shatalov, Yevgeny Khrunov and Eliseev.

Eliseev and Yevgeny Khrunov reading V. Shatalov letter sent from friends.

Multrabota - opens the book "Seven in orbit."

October 1969. - Rocket prepared for flight.

Cosmonaut Shonin, Kubasov, Volkov, A. Filipchenko on the launch pad waving their hands.

Astronauts Gorbatko, V. Shatalov and Eliseev up the stairs, waving his hands.

Launch of "Soyuz-6", "Soyuz-7", "Soyuz-8".

Astronauts in flight (color and b / w images from space).

Volkov in a sleeping bag.


G. Shonin and Shatalov during flight.

Kubasov with welder "Volcano" weld in the cockpit of a spaceship.

22 October 1969.

Meeting at Vnukovo airport cosmonauts Vladimir Shatalov, G. Shonin, V. Kubasov, A.

Filipchenko, Volkova, Gorbatko A. Eliseev and after the flight.

Astronauts lifted the Xia to the podium, Shatalov reports on the execution of the task.

On the podium are Brezhnev, NV Podgorny, Kosygin, DS Polyansky, etc.

Multrabota - Opens book "Eighteen days of weightlessness."

Shop factory, where there is a build unmanned spacecraft, laboratories, "Soyuz-9".

Test in special cells that reproduce the conditions of space, components and devices


1 June 1970.

Rocket launch.

Pilots ¬ cosmonauts Nikolayev and V. Sevatyanov aboard "Soyuz-9" in a state of weightlessness fill logbook.

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1969

Newsreel documentary from 1970 po1979 Year: 1970

Reel №6

1970. - On board the spacecraft

"Soyuz-9" cosmonauts Vladimir Sevastyanov do exercises, shave, zavt CANCER (color and b / w images from space).

November 1963. -

Wedding cosmonauts Alexander Nikolayev and Valentina Tereshkova.

Yuri Gagarin congratulate the newlyweds.

Dance Tereshkova and Nikolayev, Bykovskiy with his wife.

1970. - House Nikolaev collected in flight, daughter Alena puts

his portfolio doll.

Valentina Tereshkova in the room.

Nikolaev and V. Sevastyanov in space.

Nikolaev of spacecraft cabin talking with family, wishes his daughter a happy birthday.

Valentina Tereshkova with her daughter at the command center MCC talk to Nikolaev and V. Sevastyanov (synchronously).

Nikolaev and B. Sevatyanov work on a ship filled with a logbook.

Flying helicopter search party.

Landing capsule with the astronauts.

Doctors and members of the search group at the capsule.

Cosmonauts Nikolayev and V. Sevastyanov stayed in space for 424 hours, are selected from the capsule sitting on the ground.

"Pravda" and other reports of the flight.

V. Nikolaev Sevastyanov and eat at the table.

Cosmonauts Vladimir Shatalov and Eliseev and N.

Rukavishnikov washed in the bath.

Multrabota - opens the book "The space station" Salyut ".

Night plans spaceport.

The crew of "Soyuz-10" Shatalov,

Eliseev and Nikolai Rukavishnikov at the spaceport.

Photo of the space station "Salyut".

April 1971. - The launch of a spacecraft "Soyuz-10".

The astronauts in the spacecraft cabin.

Undocking of "Soyuz-10" and "Salute"

(B / w image from space).

1971. - Rocket to space transport ship "Soyuz-11" at the spaceport.

June 1971. - Cosmonaut Dobrovolsky, Volkov and Vladimir Patsayev the ship.


The astronauts in the cabin of the work (b / w image from space).

Newspapers with TASS announcement of the death of the crew of a ship

"Soyuz-11" and portraits cosmonaut Dobrovolsky, Volkov and Vladimir Patsaeva.

The assembly of the spacecraft.

(B / W) - The hall of the Kremlin are Shatalov, A. Eliseev, N. Rukavishnikov.

The Kremlin are Nikolaev, V. Sevastyanov, Mikhail Suslov, Egyptian President Nasser.

Eliseev, V. Shatalov, G. Shonin, Volkov, E. Khrunov, A. Filipchenko, Kubasov applaud.

Belyaev, Leonov, Komarov, V. Tereshkova, Nikolayev, Titov, Pavel Popovich on the mausoleum.

Shatalov, Boris Volynov, Eliseev and others on the podium in the Kremlin

Palace of Congresses.

Momument space explorers.

Newsreel documentary from 1960 po1969 Year: 1963

Newsreel documentary from 1970 po1979 Year: 1970

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