Earth Holy Russian (2000)

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Scene №1 Earth Holy Russian

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Metropolitan Krutitsy and Kolomna Juvenal leads service, parishioners face.

Patriarch of All Russia Alexy II is surrounded by members of the metropolitans and Holy Council of Bishops, the clergy person.

Removal from the altar of the icon "New Cathedral of martyrs and confessors, for Christ suffered" and handing it Alexy II.

Alexis II blesses the icon of all those present in the temple, internal view of the church during the service, parishioners are holding the icon with the image of Nicholas II.

Laying the icons on the lectern in the center of the temple.

Patriarch applied to the icon, the choir performs Magnification of New Martyrs and Confessors Russian, Alexy II is before the icon, portraits of Nicholas II in the hands of the congregation, a person Alexy II.

Metropolitan Juvenal of the floor with the report on the results of the Commission on the canonization of the royal family and the offer of the canonization in the face of the Holy strastoteptsev.

Portrait of Nicholas II.

Newsreel 1915-1916 years: Nicholas II bypasses the formation of soldiers during their stay at Headquarters, kisses the cross.

Photos of Nicholas II and his family, interspersed with newsreel.

Metal cross over the grave, rural landscape.

Photos of Nicholas II and his family.

Newsreel, 1913: solemn procession of the royal family and officials of His Majesty Suites in the Kremlin, alternates with photographic portraits of the Empress and the daughters of Nicholas II.

Celebrations on the occasion of the canonization of St.

Seraphim of Sarov, newsreels alternates with photographs.

The icon with the image of Nicholas II, the fragments of icons.

Worshipers in the temple, the image of Nicholas II in Sretensky Monastery.

Doctor Belchenko OI wife are interviewed about mirotochaschey icon with the image of Nicholas II (synchronously).

Belchenko carries mirotochaschuyu icon to the church.

Letter with evidence miraculous help icon.

One of the parishioners gives an interview about the miracle that happened in Icons (synchronously).

People on the street are applied to the icon with the image of Nicholas II, the priest speaks of the necessary conditions for the glorification of the saint (synchronously), people kiss the icon.

View of the area of ​​the Holy Protection Monastery in Moscow, parishioners in the queue to the relics of St.


Icon Saint Matrona, lifetime photograph.

Parishioners are applied to the relics of St.

Matrona, a prayer near the shrine with the relics, those nuns.

Woman giving an interview to help her son Saint Matrona-addict (synchronously).

People are attached to cancer with the relics, abbess Feofania gives an interview about the wonders of St.

Matrona (synchronously).

Passenger ships and boats moor in the marina in Ryazan, on one of the ships - an icon of St.

Basil the Great.

The procession with the icon of St.


Assumption Cathedral in Ryazan.

Service in the church, the clergy and the congregation applied to cancer with the relics of St.


Interior view of the temple at the time of service.

People stand in a queue in front of the temple, view of the street.

The procession moves through the territory of the monastery.

Patriarch Alexy II took part in the procession, sprinkles parishioners with holy water.

Panorama of the territory of the monastery during the procession (from the top).


Alexy II (Alexis Riediger) - Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Juvenal (Poyarkov Vladimir Kirillovich) - leader of the Russian Orthodox Church Nicholas II - the Russian Emperor

Calendar: 1915-1916 2000

Locations: Moscow [820] Ryazan region [799]

Seasons: Summer [824]

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