Sight 19.04.1999 (1999)

Telecast №70915, 1 part, duration: 0:46:17
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Bodrov

Reel №1

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Visiting program Ohlobystin Ivan and Ksenia Alferov.

The story of the return of Eugene Zykina from Dagestan.

The history of the abduction, sale into slavery and escape.

Help Chairman of Khasavyurt Regional Charitable Foundation "Rescue" Umar Dzhavtaeva.

Statistics on kidnappings.

Eugene Zykin returned to the family.

Fragments of the film "The Foot" (1991, directed by N.G.Tyagunov).

I.I.Ohlobystin tells of encounters with people who have been through the war.

Discussion of the political situation in Yugoslavia.

Easter celebrations in Belgrade.

Compare unrest in Yugoslavia, the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Visiting program Andrei Kirisenko, rescuers MOE Vladimir Boreyko and Konstantin crack.


Boreyko of the delivery of humanitarian aid to Yugoslavia.

US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's childhood in Serbia.

The shooting in the village of Vrnjacka Banja: local resident tells Madeleine lives in his family.

A selection of family photos.

The letter remained unanswered.


Boreyko: what to do if patriotism is in conflict with his conscience.

Discussion bombing during religious holidays.

I.I.Ohlobystin of the American media.

Dubna, shooting at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research November 26, 1998: a report on the opening of the 114th element of the periodic table.

History of development (shots chronicle the different years).

Nuclear physicist Vladimir Utenkov talking on the phone with a colleague from Belgrade.

V.Utenkov talks about the experiment in the search for a stable program of heavy nuclei.

Poll grammar school № 8: what name to give the new element.

The impact of scientific discoveries in the life of the planet.

Comments V.Utenkova, presenters and guests of the program as an example R.D.Bredberi story "The Butterfly Effect."

The story of Andrei Latypov and his guardian Sergey Danilchenko.

Mayor brings the child for treatment in Paris.

Consultations with the French doctors.

The boy wrote a letter of thanks to Princess Leonida Romanova (Bagration-Mukhrani).


Ohlobystin II - Actor, director, screenwriter, journalist, writer, TV and radio. Alferov KA - Theater and film actress, TV presenter. Kirisenko AV - The director of television and documentary films, author and director of TV programs, master of sports of international class (MSIC) for practical shooting, Advisor to the General Director of Concern "Kalashnikov". Boreyko VY - Military radio engineer, Colonel, Director of the international activities of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Russian representative in the UNDAC (United Nations Group on the disaster assessment and coordination). Yaroshenko VN - Russian state and public figure, Russia's trade representative in France (1992-2001).

Calendar: 26.04.1996 09/05/1996 17.01.1997 24.07.1998 26.11.1998

Locations: The Republic of Dagestan [741] Mari El Republic [748] Yugoslavia [247] Serbia [984] Moscow region [788] St. Petersburg [814] France [77]

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