Sight 02.11.1998 (1998)

Telecast №70948, 1 part, duration: 0:52:15
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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Visiting program Ryazan journalist Yevgeny Zyzin.

Eugene talks about his desire to go to Antarctica.

Scenes from "The View" program on 19.10.1998: Saturday Cleaning Up in Ryazan.

E.Zyzin the organization work day and people's reactions to the event.

Release film magazine "News":

Expedition to Antarctica in the garbage collection includes a critical stage.

In the State Duma signed a sponsorship agreement.

The first participants, balloonist Philippe Mavrin and actor Alec Galiullin, hit the road.

The selection committee continues to receive applications.

The company "Coca-Cola" gives the equipment the children's clinic at the Institute of Urology.

Biologist Alexander Suvorov continues to lecture on floristic design in the furniture center "Grand".

Businessman anonymously handed over winter clothes for children and the elderly.

Ekaterinburg namesake Alexander Lyubimov - found in the sandbox straightened child's birth certificate.

E.Zyzin arranging regular shares of cleaning the city and suburban recreation areas.

Create a team of volunteers.

Shooting in Kosovo in October 1998: daily life in anticipation of the bombing.

Villagers to harvest.

Citizens having fun on holidays.

Two parallel world - the division of the city into zones of influence of the Serbs and Albanians.

Translator Irina Antonosievich about life under the bombardments and the lack of prospects for the family.

Reflections on the fun, is not the appropriate time.

Alexander Lyubimov parses letters spectators who have lost loved ones in wars over the years.

The names and photographs of the missing.

Statistics search people through television.

Holiday in Magas.

Interview with Aslan Maskhadov, the continuing problem of kidnapping.

President of Ichkeria going to curb crime.

After all gone through diplomacy is particularly important for the people.

Possible interests of Russia in the Caucasus.

Visiting program Yuri Shevchuk with the plot of the center of rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics, "House of Hope on the Hill".

Fragments of an interview with the creators and patients of the center of life.



Shevchuk with comments on the work of the support group in St.


Alcoholics Anonymous program on the American model.

Discussion of the problem of drug trafficking in Russia.

Contact Center.

The plot includes fragments charity rock concerts.

Debate about the changes in the outlook of the new generation.

Immunity young people to political ideas.

What is the policy and whether modern man to do without it.

A.M.Lyubimov Yu.


Shevchuk and respond to questions from the audience.


Maskhadov AA - Military and statesman of the unrecognized Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (CRI), the President of CRI (1997-2005). Shevchuk YY - Rock musician, songwriter, actor, artist, music producer, leader of "DDT" group, People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Garkusha OA - Actor, poet, musician, TV presenter, singer of the band "AuktYon". Shahin DV - An artist, a member of the creative group "Mitka", the chairman of the board of trustees of the rehabilitation center "House of Hope on the Hill".

Calendar: 10.1998

Locations: Ryazan region [799] Moscow region [788] Yekaterinburg [886] Republic of Ingushetia [742] Leningrad region [785] Serbia [984] Albania [3]

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