Riddle Krylov (1968)

Film №70960, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:12
Production: Lennauchfilm (LNF)
Director:B. Shrejber
Screenwriters:F.Gordin, M.Gordin
Camera operators:N.Sergeev, O.Ivanov
Sound mixer:G.Gudkov


The transformation of I. Krylov's creativity from drama and satire to writing fables. Causes and consequences.

Reel №1

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Views of St.

Petersburg on engravings of the 18th century.

Portrait of the director of the imperial theaters, General Salmonov, against the background of a drawing of the cabinet of the 18th century.

On the same background is a portrait of a young I. Krylov.

Animation: I. Krylov's transformation from a civilian to an official appearance.

Krylov's note on the background of Salmonov's portrait.

Alternation of the title pages to the plays written by I. Krylov for the theater, and refused to be staged.

Portrait of Krylov in an official uniform.

Portrait of Salmonov.

Animation: transformation of the portrait of I. Krylov from an official to a civilian image.

Alternation of engravings with views of St.

Petersburg of the 18th century.

The title page of the magazine "Mail of Spirits", founded by I. Krylov in 1789.

Animation: flipping through the pages of the magazine.

Alternation of caricatures of texts published in the magazine.

A page with text from the magazine "Mail of spirits".

The image of the crossed out title page of the magazine.

The title page of the new magazine "Spectator" in 1792.

Text from the Spectator magazine.

Alternation of caricatures of human vices described in the satirical texts of the Spectator magazine.

A page from the magazine.

Flipping through the pages of the magazine.

An engraving of the 18th century.

A drawing depicting a search in the printing house of I. Krylov.

An engraving with a view of the Winter Palace.

Engravings with the interior of the Winter Palace.

Portrait of Catherine the Great.

Portrait of I. Krylov.

Portrait of Radishchev.

The title page of Radishchev's book "Journey from St.

Petersburg to Moscow.

Engraving of St.


Alternating portraits of Krylov and Catherine, depicting a dialogue.

Engravings with views of St.


Drawing - view of the Moscow Kremlin.

Engravings with a view of an inn, working people.

View from the Moskva River to the Kremlin.

View of the manor of the 18th century.

Portrait of Ivan Krylov.

An engraving with a view of St.


The St.

Petersburg Imperial Public Library is the new place of work of I. Krylov.

Drawing with a view of the house in which I. Krylov lived in St.


The interior of the apartment of I.Krylov.

View of the English club where I. Krylov spent his free time.

The interior of the club.

Portrait of Krylov.

The living rooms that Krylov visited.

Reel №2

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Picture: Krylov with friends in an English club.

Portrait of I. Krylov.

The alternation of Krylov's portraits from old to young.

A satirical story by Krylov, written in his youth, signed with the changed name Navi Volyrk (Ivan Krylov - on the contrary).

The title page of the publication "Dramatic Bulletin".

Inside the edition of I. Krylov's fables.

The title pages of various editions of Krylov's fables.

A painting depicting a parade on the Field of Mars, among the honored guests invited by the tsar I. Krylov.

Krylov at the ball in a fancy dress.

A caricature of a masquerade.

Animation is the transformation of people participating in the masquerade into animals, heroes of I. Krylov's fables.

The animation is accompanied by quotes from Krylov's fables.

Animation shots are interspersed with portraits of Krylov at a masquerade.

Collage of the official portrait of Tsar Nkolai I and the portrait of Krylov at the masquerade.

Portrait of Nicholas I.

Portrait of I. Krylov.

Alternation of illustrations to Krylov's fables with the most famous quotes from them.

Portrait of Krylov.

Memorial medal to I. Krylov in honor of the 50th anniversary of his literary activity.


Petersburg street.

Portrait of Krylov walking down the street.

Types of Neva.

Views of St.


Drawing - Krylov feeds birds at the window.

Illustrations for the fable "The Cat and the Nightingale".

Krylov and birds.

Heroes of Krylov's fables, carved on the pedestal of the monument to I. Krylov in the summer garden.

Monument to Ivan Krylov.

Movie №1

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