Sight 04.10.1996 (1996)

Telecast №70963, 1 part, duration: 0:39:41
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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In Novorossiysk officers of the 7th Airborne Division were settled in an apartment of an unfinished residential building.

Life under siege, without water, gas, sewerage and heating.

In an interview with an explanation of the situation involving the Majors Mikhail Titov, Andrei Glazkov, Nail Karimov, senior warrant officer Anatoly Volodya with his wife, Captain Valery Yegorov, Major-General Igor SOLONIN.

Comments Anatoly Solomatin Alexander Cherkasov and explaining the housing situation in the army as a whole.

Discussion of military personnel dissatisfaction with their situation and conditions of service.

Interview with the squadron commander Igor Malikov: Karelia soldiers 159-th Guards Aviation Regiment are not paid a salary.

Military towns are without heat and light.

Families of military evicted for debt for utility payments.

Irina Nenashev officer's wife sells in the street (excerpt from an interview about the impossibility of stable employment).

Employment aircrew on Potato and unloading wagons.

Comments A.V.Solomatina A.V.Cherkasova and part of the military on the side.

Army on the way to pre-strike due to lack of funding.

In Zelenograd widows of soldiers organized the Women's Club and Foundation for Children of soldiers killed in peacetime.

On the work of the club and the Foundation "Dmitry" says Irina Samorukova Olga Kapustina Oksana Dryukov Olga Baturina and the chairman of the fund Nora Kulikova.

Everyone chooses his own way to grieve.

Host and guests discuss the topic of the program to solve financial problems.

"Look," 9 years.

Alexander Lyubimov on awards for the documentary "New Year in Grozny" and "Dreams of War".

Memories of Vladislav Listyev plots: one of the characters - Peter Malyshev, whose horse had lived in the apartment.

Personnel programs V.N.Listevym.

Fragment of the program "Rush Hour" from November 28, 1994.

The further fate of P.Malysheva: volunteer soldiers killed in Bosnia.

Funeral V.N.Listeva.

Last aired featuring V.N.Listeva March 1, 1995.

P.Malysheva horse named Kid lives in KCK "Bitza".


Leaves VN - TV presenter, journalist, first Director General of ORT, a businessman. Solomatin AV - Colonel-General, the Deputy Minister of Defence, Chief of Construction and quartering of troops. Cherkasov AV - Candidate of Military Science, Major General, Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of Educational Work of the Defence Ministry.

Calendar: 1989 28.11.1994 03.1995

Locations: Krasnodar region [761] Republic of Karelia [746] Moscow region [788]

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