Sight 23.04.2001 (2001)

Telecast №70979, 1 part, duration: 0:39:16
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov

Reel №1

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Documentary telefilm "Soldiers of Love", shot by the TV program "Sight".

Newsreel 1968: the entry of Soviet troops in Prague.

Airborne landing.

Types of the Hungarian city of Nagymarash in the spring of 1998.

A resident of Nagymarash Maria tells about her Russian father (synchronously).

Former commandant of the Hungarian city of Nagymarash, Sergei Pavlovich Serezhenko at his home in the city of Engels, Saratov region.

Serezhenko talks about the attempt in 1945 to marry the Hungarian girl Margaret and the problems that have arisen with him.

Maria speaks about her Russian father (synchronously).

Serezhenko at home talks about the first phone call to his daughter from Hungary.

My relatives and neighbors accompany Serezhenko to Hungary.

A meeting of Serezhenko with his daughter Maria and her mother Margit at the airport in Budapest.

Serozhenko at home with Mary with her granddaughter in her arms speaks on the phone with her family in Engels.

Photos of children and grandchildren of Mary.

Serezhenko talks to Maria and Margit, walks with them along the banks of the Danube.

Photos of Margit in his youth.

Serezhenko, Maria and Margit walk through the streets of Nagymarash, they enter the building of the former Soviet commandant's office.

Serezhenko gives Margaret a bouquet of lilac from the garden of the former commandant's office.

Serezhenko in the house near Budapest, where Margit lives.

Margit tells about his life (synchronously).

Photos of the military interpreter Yuri Yakovlevich Almazov during his service in Vienna.

Almazov buys a wrist watch on the market in Yekaterinburg in 1998.

Letters from Almazov's son Georg to his father in Yekaterinburg.

Arrival of Almazov to Vienna airport and meeting with his son.

Diamonds with his son are walking along the streets of Vienna, they are sitting in a cafe.

Photos of Georg.

Diamonds with his son at the grave of Georg's mother.

A farewell to Almazov with his son at the airport.

A newsreel of 1968: Soviet troops on the streets of Prague.

Airborne transport planes are flying.

Protests of the inhabitants of Prague against the entry of Soviet troops.

View of part of Prague (from above).

The Soviet tanks burning on the Prague street.

Photos of the sergeant of the medical service of Nikolai Babkin.

Babkin after his arrival in Prague in 29 years.

Babkin tells the story of his love for the Czech girl Vera (synchronously), bypasses the place of meetings with her.

Newsreel events in Prague in 1968.

Babkin remembers the development of relations with Vera.

Babkin on the streets of Prague talking with people, asking questions to residents of the house where Vera lived in 1968.

Babkin talks about his future destiny and an involuntary attempt at suicide.

Babkin in the streets of Prague.

The Czech journalist in the hotel room shows Babkin a photo of Vera, Babkin recognizes her.

Babkin walks the streets of Prague before a meeting with Vera, buys flowers, shoots alternate with the newsreel of the Prague events of 1968.

Babkin is sitting on a bench with a bouquet in his hands.

Meeting Babkin with Vera.

Nikolai Babkin and Vera say goodbye at the airport.

Calendar: 23.04.2001

Locations: Moscow [820] Hungary [100] Vienna [913] Prague [879]

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