The Handweel Is In Safe Hands.. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Ramenskiy V.

Script writers: Belikov U., Skoryatin V.

Operators: Epifanov G.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


This film tells about difficult and noble labour of a civil aviation pilot N. A. Usanov.

Temporary description

The crew climbs the ladder. Plane takes off. Airport waiting room. Airfield. The TU-154, Tu-144, AN-2, Tu-104. The meeting of commanders of aircraft and helicopters. Speaker Boris Bugaev. Techniques for inspecting the aircraft. Aircraft in the hangar. Locators. B Met. Map of weather. The aircraft took its place. Waitress. Passengers in the cabin. The commander of IL-62, NA Usanov at the airport, the plane in political studies. Aviators in the classroom. Devices, test your knowledge of aviators. Training flight. Pilot-instructor conducts classes. Members of the crew in the simulator. Post-flight analysis. Say: Chernyshev, Usanov (synchronously).

Reel №1

Along Leninsky Prospekt is Nicodemus A. Usanov - Commander airliner Il-62, Honored Pilot of the USSR - MS.

NA Usanov passes aerodrome Sheremetevsky Airport - MS., CU.

Crew climbs the ladder in the IL-62 - MS.

Flying IL-62 - MS., CU.

Looks NA Usanov - CU.

The passengers in the waiting rooms of airports Domodedovo and Vnukovo - LS., MS.

Air terminal "Sheremetyevo» - CU.

Pick up in IL-62 - MS., PNRM.

Trucks with lifting the container by the plane, the hatch opens with a cargo of container - MS.

An-2 plane flies over, spray fertilizer - CU.

An-2 takes place at the airport.

Meeting of commanders of aircraft and helicopters in civil aircraft: the Bureau, listening in the hall - different.

By Ministers of Civil Aviation BP Bulls - LS., CU.

Preparation of IL-62 for the next flight: technicians and engineers in the hangar to review all systems of an aircraft - CU., MS.

Operate radar devices - CU.

Lands Il-62 - CU.

Dispatching - MS.

Manager for remote control - CU.

The crew of the Tu-104 in flight - MS., CU.

The passengers in the cabin - MS., PNRM.

Landing Tu-104 - CU.

The crew is on the airfield.

The Tu-154 at the airport - CU., PNRM.

Cabin without people - CU., PNRM.

Flies Tu-144 - CU.

The Tu-144 at the airport - CU.

NA Usanov included in the chart - MS.

NA Usanov specify the route of flight, especially landing on the ground and alternate aerodromes, there copilot Ram Chernyshev, flight engineer Yuri Nazarov, Nicholas Suknev radio operator, navigator Eugene Dagaev - CU., PNRM.

NA Usanov and crew in the room are a summary of the weather service engineer forecaster - MS.

Weather map - MS., PNRM.

Commander NA Usanov and crew of Il-62 airliner inspected before flight - CU., MS.

Passengers climb the stairs to the plane, in the cabin - MS., PNRM.

NA Usanov and the crew in the cockpit - MS., CU.

NA Usanov at the helm - CU.

IL-62 takes off - CU.

Flight attendant in the cabin - CU.

The girl in the chair - CU.

Dog in her arms passenger plane - CU.

The steering wheel in his hands pilot devices - CU.

Reel №2

NA Usanov conducts political studies - CU.

Usanova plane crew and other pilots in the classroom - MS., LS.

Training pilots in the classes of the training squad in Bykovo - LS., MS.

NA Usanov in class - MS.

Training room, equipped with appliances - MS., PNRM.

Electronic machine - MS.

Activities: teacher's card - MS.

Listen to the pilots - CU., MS.

Flight school cadets in the classroom on the tarmac with a flight instructor Kazbekova - different.

Training flight on a plane An-2 - MS.

In the cockpit student and flight instructor - MS.

Fertilizing fields: over flying aircraft An-2 - MS.

As air rises IL-62 - CU.

The controls, NA Usanov - CU.; Near instructor - MS.

Training flight: NA Usanov leading aircraft instrument - MS.

The crew of the IL-62 in the classroom in a training squad on the simulator: worked through the action of the flight crew in especially difficult circumstances - CU., MS.

NA Usanov on the simulator at the controls - MS., CU.

The co-pilot at the controls of Ram Chernyshev - CU., MS.

Flight attendant in the cabin of the IL-62 offers passengers the water - MS.

NA Usanov leading aircraft landing - CU.

The passengers in the cabin - MS., CU.

IL-62 landing - MS.

Crew cab off appliances, NA Usanov secures the wheel - MS.

Passengers walk down the stairs - LS.

NA Usanov spends with the flight crew a short debriefing (synchronous) - MS.

Crew members answer questions from the commander.

Instruments in the cockpit - MS.

Landing aircraft TU-144 - LS.

TU-144 is set on the tarmac - MS., CU.

Fly Yak-40, IL-62 - CU., MS.