Sight 03/06/1998 (1998)

Telecast №71086, 1 part, duration: 0:43:23
Production: VID
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Bodrov

Reel №1

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The guest of the program actress Tatyana Drubich speaks about her life and work in the past 10 years.

The plot of the Ovechkin family, who tried to capture the plane in 1988.

Videorecording: taking off the plane, behind the scenes the retelling of the events happened and the fate of the convicted Ovechkin.

The funeral of stewardess Tamara Zharkoy in Irkutsk.

Burnt tail section of the aircraft.

The trial of the Ovechkin survivors, the faces of the defendants.

Amateur family newsreel Ovechkin, behind the scenes sounds a recording of a telephone conversation with Mikhail Ovechkin, who reached the age of majority.

Tatiana Drubich in the studio talks about adapting to a new life in the early 90s,

The guest of the program journalist Oksana Pushkina speaks about the return from the United States of Irina Rodnina and joint plans of work in Russia.

Fragment of the "Vzglyad" program of March 8, 1988: Tatyana Drubich talks with the editor-in-chief of the weekly "Family" Sergei Abramov about the problem of orphans in the USSR and the creation of children's boarding schools.

Alexander Lyubimov talks with Tatyana Drubich and Oksana Pushkina about the problem of increasing the number of orphans in Russia in the late 1990s, the adoption of children by foreigners and the shortcomings of the new Family Code.

Tatyana Drubich and Oksana Pushkina talk about the problems of finding employment and providing housing for boarding school graduates, charitable activities in favor of orphans.

A fragment from the film "State Children", the novel "The rehearsal of the orchestra".

The female conductor individually rehearses with the children-musicians of the brass band.

The orchestra during the rehearsal.

Performance of young musicians at a children's festival.

General view of the hall, children's choir performs the song "Maestro".

Tatiana Drubich in the studio talks about her daughter, new roles in the cinema.

Oksana Pushkina speaks about her creative plans.

The plot of the young man Alexei Kroshin looking for his mother.

Alexey talks about his desire to find a mother.

Alexei goes from Krasnoyarsk to Voronezh to meet with his mother.

Alexei in Moscow chooses a gift for his mother.


Drubich Tatyana Lucienna - actress of theater and cinema, doctor Pushkina Oksana Viktorovna - TV presenter, public figure

Calendar: 03/06/1998

Locations: Moscow [820]

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